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The Farmer & The God - DanishDash

Applejack is happy for her brother and Rainbow Dash getting together, but when will she find love? Will she find it in a strange Pony that appears one stormy afternoon?

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Chapter 8: The Date

Chapter 8: The Date

A new day dawned on the apple farm, Celestia's sun graced the green apple trees with it's rays as it signaled a new day had begun. True to form, Big Mac was the first pony up, once again sitting on the porch of the farm house and enjoyed a nice mug of black coffee. This was his normal morning routine before he started up with morning chores, however, now there was a change. With the arrival of Astral, a stallion stronger than himself and eager to be of use, work had become much easier.

Sure, Astral did not have the experience like the rest of them had, in fact, Astral probably knew as much as Apple Bloom. However, he was an adult, strong and eager to learn, Big Mac could work with that. Throughout the month Big Mac had, along with Applejack, mentored him and put him to good use. He never complained, he asked a lot of questions, but he never once complained.

Big Mac would lie if he said he did not feel some sort of affection for their new helper, it was almost like having a new brother as Apple Bloom had pointed out yesterday. It was nice having someone around that could handle the more physical demanding jobs, now, that was not to say Applejack was not strong, she was. However, there was some things only Big Mac could do, but now that Astral was here they were two.

It did not only mean they could get more done in one day, but it also meant that the harvest had gone over much faster! Of course they were not quite done, and Astral was not allowed to go apple bucking. He had the strength, for sure, but he still had a hard time controlling it at times. They had let him try apple bucking one time and the tree ended up being snapped in two like a twig. Astral had kept apologizing over and over again, promising he would do extra work to hopefully make it up to them.

They had of course told him to forget about it, told him it was okay, but he had stubbornly kept working after sundown, determined to make it up to them. It took a wack from Granny's cane to make him stop, she had even gone so far to pull him back to the house by the ear, scolding him all the way back.

That was something he and AJ both admired, he had shown he could take responsibility for his actions and do what he could to make it up to his friends. It was a quality the Apple family admired and lived by. Though, Big Mac knew the closer they got to him, the harder the impact would be if he had to leave. Once his memory returned he would probably be a different pony, he could have a family, a home and friends that waited for his return. He kind of hoped when his memories returned that there was a chance he kept working with them, maybe he did not need or want to live with them, but maybe he would continue to come see them.

Big Mac heard hoof steps behind him, he knew who it was. It was the same Pony who had been on his mind these past 10 minutes, the one who had gotten so close to them in such a short amount of time, the one they might have to say goodbye to.

"Morning." Astral said behind him with a warm smile.


The morning was pretty simple, feed the animals, check the fence and otherwise simply preparing what needed to be ready for today's work. With the two of them it did not take them very long to get it all done, so what better way to pass the extra time than to take the long route back to the farm and enjoy the weather? The two stallions walked towards the farmhouse, enjoying the wind that had become a little colder during the month, signalling the end of summer.

Suddenly something caught Astral's attention in the sky, Big Mac seemed to have noticed it too and simply let out a small chuckle. Rainbow Dash came to a stop in front of the two of them, smiling softly as she rubbed her eyes with a big yawn. "Morning gents.." She sat and gently floated to the ground.

"Morning Rainbow." Astral greeted having learned NOT to call her lady Dash.

"Mawnin darlin." Big Mac smirked as the two of them shared a nuzzle. "Ah thought you did not have work today? What ya doing up so early?"

Rainbow sighed. "I promised Flutters i would help her today.. So she has invited me for breakfast... I could use some pancakes.." She mumbled, not thrilled about being up so early, but she always wanted to help her friends if she could, it did not mean she was happy about waking up early.

Big Mac chuckled and gave her a quick peck on the cheek. He saw how she blushed and tried to hide it by looking away. "Well be sure to give miss Fluttershy my best."

Rainbow looked up at him with a grin. "Will do. You two play nice while i'm gone." She smirked and moved back into the air. "See ya!" She gave Big Mac a quick kiss before she finally took off.

Astral and Big Mac watched her go, when she had disappeared Astral smiled seeing the big stallion stand there with a big blush and a huge smile. "You two really love each other."

"Eeyup." Big Mac confirmed with a large smile before they started to walk again.

"How did the two of you meet? Childhood friends?" Astral asked. In all the time he had lived with the Apples he had never really gotten to know the story about their relationship. They sometimes seemed like an odd pair, Rainbow being so energetic, loud and charged ahead with everything she did. Big Mac was calm, quiet and took everything as it came with a calm mind.

As far as he had gathered from Applejack, Big Mac used to be more quiet than before and Rainbow more stubborn. The two seem to make each other happy, they were maybe even making each other complete. It was beautiful in a way, they seemed happy and somehow they complimented each other very well.

"Well, she crashed into me." Big Mac said, which coursed Astral's eyes to widen a little. Then again, after what he had seen of Rainbow, that did sound very likely. Big Mac then shook his head. "And no, we did not really know each other before she became friends with mah sister. Even then we did not talk much."

"But Applejack said you talk more now thanks to Rainbow, she must have changed you." Astral said and smiled when he saw Big Mac do the same.

"She sure did.. Well i tell you about it sometime." They came to a stop in front of the house. "But another time. Applejack told me you two had plans, so i'll see you later."


After a nice and wholesome breakfast, Applejack took Astral out into the orchard. She had to admit she felt excited about taking him out later, she knew it was maybe early and maybe this was not a date date, but this would be a great opportunity to at least try something similar.

Having stayed with them for a month now, Applejack had plenty of time to get to know Astral. Though she knew with his loss of memories that the pony he was now, was maybe not the pony he would be once his memories had returned. The thought scared her a little, Astral was kind, strong, stubborn, but in a good way. He wanted to do right by them, to show them his gratitude.

It was all qualities Applejack admired, besides, he was handsome, really handsome. Those muscles and that nice fla-. "Lady Applejack?"

Astral's voice cut through her thoughts and brought her back to him. "Huh? What? Uhm...i.."

"You have been staring at me for five minutes now, uhm where are we going?" Astral asked with a small concerned look, but also with a hint of a blush.

His blush however was nothing compared to Applejack's, if it was possible she would have probably turned as red as her brother. "Uhm, nothing! I was just...Uhm..Lost in thought." Applejack never lied and this was technically not a lie. "Sorry, nothing is wrong.." She put on a small smile. "This way."

Applejack led Astral down another dirt path and down to some of the last apple trees that needed to be bucked. Of course there were other places, but if they took this area and Big Mac took the other, they should be quite alone for some time. Astral and Big Mac had already gotten the buckets and cart down here and to the other area, it was part of their morning chores and now they could start working right away!

"Now, don't you worry sugarcube." She said with a teasing wink. "I won't let you break more trees, so you get to carry the apples."

The two of them shared a small laugh, at first he had been upset with himself, snapping a tree in two, but with some scolding words from Granny Smith and the encouragement from the rest of the Apple family, he found himself to relax and loosen up.

They started working and they both found themselves wanting to get it over with fast. Astral found himself glancing over at Applejack a lot, he was mesmerized by the force and yet grace she could buck a tree. Her muscles working to deliver a precise hit at the exact spot, doing it all in one movement, a glimmer in her eyes as she focused her mind. Maybe others would find it strange, but he found himself drawn to her strength, her spirit and her eyes.

Applejack in the meantime found her mind racing like a river, her heart was pounding faster today. Sure, she had worked with Astral in the orchard plenty of times by now, but it was rare it was only the two of them alone. It was like she was suddenly aware of every muscle in her body, like every time she caught him glancing at her she would feel her whole body tickle in delight.

She sometimes felt bad, like she should not be having a crush on this stallion, not because she did not want to, but because of his memory loss. Would he be the same stallion when he got them back? What if he did not get them back? Would it then be okay? What if he had a fillyfriend already? A loving family waiting for him to return?? She knew it was selfish, but she hoped he would stay with them for some time, she hoped with all her heart that he had no romantic relationship. She hated such feelings, it made her feel bad, feel selfish.

Though she could not lie to herself, she wanted to know more, wanted to know him, all of him. She wanted to let herself be taken, to love and be loved in return, to-. "Whoa!?!" Applejack missed the target and simply graced the apple tree with her ankle. She let out a yelp as a sharp pain ran up through her leg before she landed in the dirt.

Astral looked up, he saw Applejack laying on the ground, curling into a ball as she placed a hoof on her right hind leg. "Applejack!" Astral put everything down and ran to her side. She did not look injured or anything, but the way that she was curled up and held on her hoof told him she may have broken her ankle. "That does not look good." He could see it had already started to swell.

"Ermmh, horsefeathers!" She let out as she tried not to whine. The way she was breathing, clenched her teeth and narrowed her eyes told him she was doing everything not to scream out. Her muscles tensed and the corners of her eyes had small tears.

"Don't worry, i will get you back to the farm house. It's gonna be okay." His heart was pounding and even though he knew she was not in any mortal danger, he still felt the need to get her back home as fast as possible. Before she could protest, he placed her on her back, her head was beside his while her forelegs moved around his neck. "Just hold on tight okay?" She did not say anything, but he felt her forelegs tighten ever so slightly around his thick neck.

It was all the confirmation he needed before he sped off down the dirt paths and towards the farm house. Applejack knew the pain would go away, she knew she was not seriously injured and in all honesty she was pretty sure her ankle was not broken. It just felt...Good. Not the leg, but it felt good to have a stallion race to her side, to lift her up when she needed it and get her help.

Astral felt how she moved her muzzle into his neck a little, he could feel the warm tears in her eyes leak into his fur. What he didn't see however, was Applejack's small smile and blush.


It did not take long for them to get to the farm house, when they did Granny wasted no time on tending to her granddaughter. She had instructed Astral to take her to her room and lay her in her bed, after he had done as asked Granny asked him to leave.

He waited outside her room, he knew she would be okay, he knew everything was gonna be alright, but he felt nervous. It was like a knot in his stomach, turning and squeezing until he got any news. Finally after what seemed like hours the door opened. Granny Smith walked out and winked at him. "Now don't ya worry sonny, Applejack is gonna be as right as rain. She just need ta rest for a few weeks, go in and see her."

Granny left the relieved stallion as he trotted inside. Applejack laid on her bed, her leg had been bandaged and patched, but she did not look happy, not in the least. Though as soon as she spotted Astral she seemed to perk up a little. "..Hi.." She said in a small voice, it was not often she used that form of greeting, her energy was low too, but she continued to smile as he made his way over to her side.

"How are you feeling..?" Astral asked, though judging by her expression she could have been better.

She shrugged as she looked up at him. "I've felt better.." Applejack sighed. "Listen sugarcube, i'm sorry.."

"For what?" Astral asked taken a little aback.

"It's seems we won't be going on that date after work.." Her breath was shaky for a moment, like she tried to hold back the hurt that laid behind that fact.

"H-hey, it's okay, we just go another time.. Okay..?" He said with a small smile and Applejack nodded a bit.

"Sure..." She blushed and hesitated for just a moment. "Uhm, Astral, would you mind staying for a bit?" Applejack's smile grew a little as Astral nodded to her with a warm expression. The two stayed in the room for a bit, the silence was not uncomfortable, they just relaxed. Biting her lips Applejack asked. "Astral..? Tell me about your life.. Here i mean.."

"Hm.." Astral thought for a moment. "Well, i am not sure how to explain it.. It's different from my.. Other life, from before, i know that much.."

Applejack frowned a bit. "How's that?"

"I don't know how, i just know that is it is.."

"Is that a good thing?"

Her voice was careful, much more than he was used to. Applejack was the sort of pony that faced life head on, through honesty and hard work. "Well.." Astral continued. "I'm not sure to be honest.."


"But i do know i am happy here, you and your family has made me feel welcome, a part of you.. For that i will always be grateful.." Astral noticed how Applejack's smile grew a little.

"I'm glad to hear it.." She said in almost a whisper.

Astral hesitated a little, but he sat down on the floor and moved close enough to lay his head down on the mattress. Applejack blushed, but she did not protest, she simply turned to lay on her side so they could look at each other. His deep blue eyes stared into her beautiful green emerald eyes.

There was a bit of silence, but they did not need to speak, somehow they both knew they be fine, just staying like this. However after a few minutes she smiled softly. "I'm happy you are here Astral.." And with that she closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Astral watched her for a minute or two, she was so beautiful, so peaceful while sleeping. Smiling a bit he leaned down and took off her hat and placed it on the nightstand next to the bed. "Rest well, Applejack..." He whispered before he left. Though when he closed the door he felt bad, he saw how disappointed she was that they would not be going on a date. He could not help but to feel disappointed to, but what could he do?

For a few moments he just stood in the hallway, wishing he could do something for her, something to cheer her up. Then suddenly an idea popped into his head. "That might do it.." He said under his breath.


The sun had been lowered and Luna's moon once again rose, Applejack had slept longer than she had wished, but when she did awoke she let out a small sigh. Astral was not in her room, why would he be? He still had chores, besides she had fallen asleep.. She was disappointed, not only had she embarrassed herself out in the orchard, but she missed the chance to go on her first ever real date.

All the others had gone out on dates, granted only Rainbow Dash was in a relationship, but everypony else, even Pinkie Pie had been on a date. She loved her family, she loved the farm, she loved doing what she did, but.. Was this really what she was gonna do for the rest of her life, alone? She always had to work and never really pursued any stallion, or mare for that matter. Before she hardly cared, in fact it was only after Rainbow Dash and her brother got together she started to feel.. Lonely? She had her friends and they were great, but she wanted something, somepony, someone that made her feel all warm and giddy like Rainbow Dash, no matter how much she denied that fact.

Letting out a sigh she knew she could not mope around, her stomach growled and dinner was probably already over. She noticed the small lamp on the desk was on, so Granny had probably been up to check on her. Just as she was about to try and get out she heard someone knock on her door lightly. "Y-yes?"

The door slowly opened and to her delight, it was Astral. Standing there with a sheepish look he smiled and trotted over to her. "Heya.." he said and Applejack could not help but giggle, the greeting was not something he used and was probably something he had learned from Apple Bloom. Astral smiled at her giggle. "Feeling better..?"

Applejack nodded. "Yeah, still sore, but mostly hungry.."

"Well i thought so, so i made sure to make what you call , reservations." He said cheerfully.

"What do you mean?"

"Well I've come to pick you up for our..Uhm.." He blushed. "Dinner date.."

Applejack started to blush too as she stammered. "W-what d-do you mean? I can't go anywhere, i'm supposed to stay and, well you would have to.. to.."

Astral shook his head. "It's okay, we won't be going that far, trust me, okay?" He turned and motioned with his head for her to get on.

She hesitated for a bit, but she soon scooted over and very carefully got onto his back, moving her forelegs around his neck. Applejack held her breath, was this really happening? Had Astral really come here to whisk her away as Rarity would say. They moved downstairs, Applejack noted the lack of noise, but then again it was a little late, so perhaps Rainbow and Big Mac went out for the evening.

Granny however sat in her rocking chair in the living room, she was knitting something she could not make out. When Astral went over to the door and opened it, Applejack for a brief moment locked eyes with her Granny, she, she winked at her?! She felt her cheeks warm as they went out into Luna's night, did Granny know? If that was the case did she approve and support it? Oh sweet Celestia, she was probably thinking grandfoals, she had made a big fuss about it when Rainbow Dash and Big Mac got together. Was that what she expected?!

Her thoughts were interrupted as Astral's voice reached her. "Close your eyes."


"Close your eyes, i want this to be a surprise." He smiled and Applejack felt her heart flutter for a bit. She whispered an almost unheard okay and proceeded to close her eyes shut.

She felt the stallion move, at first she did not know the direction, but it hardly mattered. With her eyes closed all her other senses seemed to sharpen, she felt his muscles beneath her, working, flexing, stretching and all the other things she had noted many times before. She heard his breath, his deep warm breath that she had felt in her bedroom hitting her so gently. She even started to sense his heart beat, his powerful heart, a heart that seemed to beat hard and firm, like a work pony...Or a warrior.

She felt him coming to a stop, then turn a little. "Okay, open your eyes.." Astral said softly.

Applejack took a deep breath, not knowing what he had done, but she already felt excited. She slowly opened her eyes, but as soon as she realized what it was, her eyes shut open wide. "You.." Was all she managed to say at first.

Astral had taken them to the swimming hole, around the water he had placed small candles here and there, lighting up the spot in a gentle glow. Under the big willow he had placed a checkered picnic blanket and of course on top of it was a basket. She spend a moment to enjoy the sight, there, under the night sky was a beautiful lit picnic, the stars reflecting in the water and it would just be the two of them.

The stallion let her soak it in for a moment before he broke the trance. "I know this isn't what you had planned, but i wanted to go on that date.." He said quietly. "Is it okay..?"

"You big dolt.." He heard Applejack sniffle and he quickly looked back at her to make sure she was alright. She instead just smiled, wiping a few tears away. "It's perfect."

Astral was careful as he moved over to the blanket, Applejack got down from his back and sat down carefully on the soft fabric. Astral took a seat right next to her, from here they had a nice view of the star filled sky and the beautiful reflection of the moon in the water.

"I can't believe you did this.." She said softly and looked on as he took out some sandwiches and some pie.

"Well, Granny helped me with the food and where to find all of this.. She seemed eager to help." Astral said with a hint of gratefulness and a little bit of confusion.

"I bet she did.." She mumbled with a small smirk.

"Also." He pulled up a bottle and Applejack laughed a little.

"Apple cider, you thought of everything it seems." She could not help, but think, if this was her first date, then how was the next gonna be? Could he or anypony top this?


The two of them enjoyed their meal, they chatted about this and that, looked up at the sky, laughing and blushing as the evening went on. None of them noticed how close they were sitting to each other yet, not until their hoofs suddenly touched.

Both of them looked down, but none of them removed them. It took a moment before they slowly turned their heads up and looked into each others eyes. Astral blushed as it felt like her beautiful eyes stared onto his very soul and heart. He felt it beat faster and faster, his cheeks burning red. "Uhm so..Did...did you enjoy our first, uhm...date?"

Applejack felt his hot breath tickle her lips, his deep blue eyes never once looked away, never breaking the contact. Here was a stallion that made an effort, worked hard, wanted to make her happy, he had done all of this for her. Right when she thought she would miss her first date he had fixed this little setup for them, the most romantic thing she had ever tried in her life.

"It's perfect... You made this night the best night in my life.." She whispered.

None of them knew who started it, but it did not matter. They found each other's lips, closing their eyes as they closed the distance between them. Their lips moved against one another, only breaking for an inch when they needed air. The wet sounds of the kiss and the occasional moan was the only thing breaking the silence of this night.

His memories did not matter to him anymore, he did not know his past, he only knew what his heart told him, he wanted his future to be with Applejack. As they laid down onto the blanket they both knew in this so precious moment, they both wanted the same, they both wanted each other, they both wanted, love...

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