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The Farmer & The God - DanishDash

Applejack is happy for her brother and Rainbow Dash getting together, but when will she find love? Will she find it in a strange Pony that appears one stormy afternoon?

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Chapter 3: Astral Thunder

Chapter 3: Astral Thunder

She smiled to herself. "Well ah cannot deny you're handsome sugarcube."

His eye shot open, looking at her and her eyes widened.



Both of them let out as the strange stallion suddenly sat up by reflex.



They both exclaimed as their heads smashed together. Applejack was knocked back on her flank and the stallion laid back down. Applejack rubbed her hoof to her forehead mumbling small curses under her breath. "Oww, you have a thick head.." she finally said and stood up on all four hoofs.

The stallion was also rubbing his forehead with his hoof before he sat up again looking at her. "Are you alright?"

Her eyes widened a little, not in shock, but in almost awe. His voice was deep, had a sense of command and rawness, like thunder itself. It had a hint of an accent, though she could not really put a hoof on which kind it was. It sounded good, very masculine and-

"My lady?"

Her thoughts were interrupted by his deep voice yet again and this time she had to catch up on everything he said. "Uhm.." was the first thing she spoke, not really a thrilling start to a conversation. Then she shook her head, as if trying to get her thoughts back in line.

"My lady?" Applejack repeated as if trying to see if she heard him right. "I have been called many things, but never a lady. You can call me Applejack." She chuckled and trotted up to the bed. "Besides, i should be asking you that, you saved me after all." she tilted her head. "Who are you anyway?" her green eyes narrowed. "Did you make that gosh darn storm?"

Her voice was not angry, but what Rainbow Dash said yesterday did make sense. He just happened to show up during the storm, she needed to know who he was, now that he was finally awake.

"I.." The stallion closed his eyes in hopes of focusing his mind. "I'm.." It seemed like he was struggling, but he finally opened his eyes and sighed. "I'm sorry.. I cannot remember.."

This surprised her. "What? You can't remember? Are you pulling my leg here to escape trouble?"

The stallion shook his head. "I am sorry, but i woke up at the edge of a forest.. Then i heard your screams for help and i-"

She held up a hoof. "Yeah, i know that part." Applejack blushed. "Just don't go and tell everypony about me screaming and all..." She said and looked down at the floor.

The muscular stallion looked at her for a few seconds before he gave her a small smile and nodded. "You have my word.."

Applejack looked back at him and smiled. "Thank you kindly." The two of them smiled at each other for a few moments before Applejack let out a sigh, mostly to break the silence. "So i guess if you can't remember that, then what about your name?"

Once again, the colt took a few seconds to search his memory, only to sigh and shake his head. "I'm sorry, i can't remember.."

"Don't be sorry!" Applejack said quickly. "We will have to figure this out, but how about we get you cleaned up before we go downstairs to eat?" The stallion looked over his muddy body and saw how some of the dry mud had messed up the bed. He was about to apologize again, but was stopped by Applejack. "Don't you worry about that, now c’mon pardner"

The stallion got out of the bed, showing off his muscular body in all it's glory. Applejack found herself staring, now this was a stallion.. Her eyes moved over his body when suddenly she noticed the cutie mark, it looked, strange.

It was round, two silver circles, the bigger one surrounding the smaller circle and in between them was strange black symbols, letters she had never seen before. Then inside the smallest circle, in the middle of it was a detailed look of a strange looking hammer, the details were amazing. It was not that the hammer was drawn in great detail, in fact, the outline was pretty simple. It was more the artwork inside the hammer, lines moving in and out one another, another strange symbol here and there. Applejack had never seen such a detailed cutie mark before, if it even was a cutie mark. The last detail of it was six small lightning bolts, three on each side of it, seeming to come out from the hammer itself, that certainly planted the suspicion back on him.

"That's a mighty fine cutie mark you got there." she said in the hopes of tricking a memory.

"Hm?" The stallion looked down at his flank. "A cutie mark? What's that?"

Applejack was about to gasp, but she bit her lips and nodded a little. "Guess if you can't remember anything you can't remember what it is. Don't you worry though! We are gonna see what we can do, after breakfast." she grinned.


After cleaning up and getting the mud out of his fur, he and Applejack then made their way down the stairs. The smell of pancakes hitting their noses. "Mawnin everypony!" Applejack greeted.

Her sister Apple Bloom looked up from her pancakes and smiled. Granny Smith stood by the stow and nodded their way. "Mawnin sis!" Apple Bloom said and looked at the stallion. "Oh he's up, mawnin!"

Granny Smith turned the pancakes with the spatula she had in her mouth before she let it drop to the kitchen table. She turned to the stallion with a warm smile. "Ah see ya are rested up sonny, what's ya name?"

"Uhm.." The stallion hesitated a bit, not sure what to answer.

"He doesn't remember Granny." Applejack cut in, saving him from the awkward moment. "He's lost his memories."

Granny nodded a little. "Well.." She started. "Why don't you sit down next to Applejack and i fix you a plate?" She suggested before turning back to the stove and got the spatula back in her mouth to turn the pancakes again.

"Thank you, it is very kind of you." The stallion said with a little smile before he followed Applejack over to the table. When both of them sat down, Applejack could not help but to smile and blush a little. She knew he was not her coltfriend, but it was almost like she had her very own special somepony to the table, just like Big Mac had Rainbow Dash.

It did not take long for Granny Smith to work her magic. She fixed them two plates with pancakes, the nice smelling flat cakes soon stood before them both and the stallion could not help but to smile. "A plate worthy of a hero." she grinned.

"Hero?" the stallion looked confused.

Apple Bloom was more than happy to fill him in. "Yeah you saved my sister here from certain doom!" She said in an overly dramatic voice. Then she took a moment to think. "I think that there is what's called a damsel in distress thing.."

Applejack gasped, making the pancakes in her muzzle to be sucked in. She coughed violently for a few seconds before being able to swallow them, once she had she looked to her little sister. "Apple Bloom! I am NOT! A damsel in distress!"

"Who's a damsel?" Rainbow asked as she walked into the kitchen yawning.

"No one!" Applejack insisted.

Rainbow Dash only smirked as she sat down. "Oh i get it.. Well you have to admit, he did save your butt." Rainbow and Apple Bloom giggled, well, Apple Bloom giggled, Rainbow Dash did not giggle! She chuckled or laughed!

The door went up and in came Big Mac. "Mawnin everypony." he greeted and noticed the stallion. "Glad to see you're up." he said as he trotted over and sat in the chair next to Rainbow. She gave him a peck on the cheek and he blushed wanting to give one back but Rainbow was already digging in.

Before Big Mac could ask the stallion anything, Apple Bloom was once again one step ahead. "He's lost his memories!"

"Oh?" Big Mac looked at Applejack and she confirmed this with a nod. "I see, well what do you remember?"

The stallion swallowed his food before he replied. "Well.. The first thing i remember was waking up in the rain, there was a storm on, so i wanted to find shelter. That's when i found lady Applejack.. I don't know what happened before that.." He frowned.

Rainbow snickered. "Heh, lady Applejack.."

"Shut up Rainbow." Applejack mumbled with a small glare.

"Then i suppose you don't have a name or know where you're from?" Big Mac asked to which the stallion nodded in confirmation. "Well ya need a name so we can call ya something."

"Oh what about Thunder Sparkle!" Apple Bloom suggested.

Rainbow snorted before she burst out laughing thinking this masculine stallion having such a name. "Ha! That be great! Ahahaha!"

"Uhm.." Applejack thought for a moment, the thunder part sounded right as he arrived during a thunder storm. "Thunder Flash?"

"Sky Thunder? He came out of nowhere, he might just have fallen out of the sky!" Granny Smith laughed a bit and took a sip of her coffee.

"A fallen star.." Apple Bloom sighed with a dreaming gaze, then suddenly she had it. "Oh! How about Astral Thunder?!" They all looked surprised at her. "What?"

"Now where did you learn such a fancy word?" Big Mac asked.

"Twahlight said it once she tried to teach us about them stars." Apple Bloom explained.

"Astral Thunder.. That sounds good." The stallion smiled. They all smiled back at him and it seemed he had gotten himself a name.

"Well, uhm, Astral.." Big Mac said trying out the name. "We gotta need to get you some help, you're welcome to stay here as long you need until you regain ya memories."

"Thank you, but are you sure it won't be a bother?" Astral asked and looked worried. "I hate to be of any trouble."

Granny Smith shook her head. "No trouble at all sonny. We Apples always help our friends, you saved Applejack, so we help you."

Applejack nodded to him. "Don't worry.." She felt her cheeks warm up again, but she did not look away, not this time.

Astral smiled and nodded. "Thank you, i hope i can prove useful in the meantime."

Everypony nodded, then laughed a bit before continuing a pleasant breakfast. When they were near done Big Mac looked to his sister. "Applejack, when we're done, why don't you take Astral to Ponyville to see Twahlight. I reckon she can help him out."

Applejack finished her apple juice before she answered. "Mighty fine idea Big Mac, what do you say pardner?"

Astral looked at her with a small smile. "Uhm sure, but what is Ponyville? Is it a village?"

"More of a town, but yeah. Our family helped found it back in the good old days!" Applejack said proudly. Astral actually looked impressed and she could not help but to enjoy the way he looked at her, made her face heat up.

"It be a date." Rainbow said casually, but with a small grin.

The casual tone caught Applejack off guard as she confirmed. "Yes a daa......da...date? N-no!" Applejack glared at Rainbow Dash who simply winked and tried to hold back her laughter at seeing Applejack's fur almost turn as red as her brother. Astral did not really have any idea what they were talking about, but he hoped this could be helpful and besides, he did not mind spending some time with Lady Applejack.

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