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The Farmer & The God - DanishDash

Applejack is happy for her brother and Rainbow Dash getting together, but when will she find love? Will she find it in a strange Pony that appears one stormy afternoon?

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Chapter 6: The Party

Chapter 6: The Party

After the shocking event with the tree and then some light work cleaning up the orchard, Astral could relax a bit in the bath before the party. He did not stay for very long, but it did give him the time to reflect a bit, the looks of shock on the others faces. Had they truly never seen anypony do what he did without the use of magic? It kind of scared him that he was so different, it put so many thoughts into his head, like how, why and what.

Twilight said she would look into it, but he had already gone over some possibilities. Maybe he came from a far away land? Then again, if he did then surely they had to have some records on what this land was, not to mention which land used these symbols on his cutie mark. Another possibility was he was maybe a time traveler? Somehow he doubted that, he did have chainmail, something that had not been used for a long time, but still, he did not buy it.

He sank a little into the tub, the warm water moving up and above his muzzle. He blew some bubbles while trying to think of an answer, he got none, not even a memory, nothing. Astral let out a sigh and got out, it would not be long before they had to go and he did not want to be late.

Half an hour later he walked towards Ponyville with Applejack, Rainbow Dash and of course Big Macintosh. The four of them were in high spirits, Rainbow Dash seemed excited and pumped as she hovered above them. "Of course, i should get a hero party too for being so awesome all the time!" Sure it sounded arrogant, but she had a spark in her eye telling Astral she knew that and it was all in good fun.

Applejack asked Big Mac about Granny Smith looking after Apple Bloom, Big Mac confirmed this with his trademark. "Eeyup." Apparently there was gonna be alcohol at this party, so foals were not allowed to come, much to the annoyance of the Cutie Mark Crusaders.

"How do you feel?" Applejack suddenly asked as she turned her attention back to Astral. "If you are not feeling up to it you don't have to go.." Applejack knew that would disappoint Pinkie, but she was sure she would understand if she told her Astral did not feel up to it.

Astral however shook his head. "No, thank you, but i am okay. I feel fine and i am honored Lady Pinkie Pie has invited me to a feast in my honor." Once again his choice of words were strange, but Rainbow Dash loved it.

"Ha! That's the spirit! I like that, a feast!" She seemed to love the sound of that, Applejack and Big Mac already suspected she wanted such a feast when she finally joined the Wonderbolts.

"Well.. If you are sure about this." Applejack smiled as her concerns faded away. "I'm sure you will have fun, if anyone can throw a proper, uhm, feast, it is Pinkie Pie, except maybe for the Apple Family." She smirked a little knowing maybe the term feast was better suited for the Apple family's get togethers


The four friends reached their destination, but when they did Astral took a moment to marvel at the building in front of him. Golden Oak Library was one thing, but this simply looked insane. Surgarcube Corner looked like a small cake castle, it even had what looked like a small tower in the middle that resembled some kind of cake, though which kind he had no idea.

"That's strange." Applejack said. "I was pretty sure the party would be here." All the windows were dark, it seemed nopony was home. Of course Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Big Mac all knew Pinkie was waiting inside with the others ready to spring their surprise. Applejack just figured it would be nice to play the part so Astral could get the full experience.

"Well what are we waiting for? We won't find out if we keep standing out here!" Rainbow's raspy voice said from behind Astral. "Why don't you go knock?" Astral felt her hooves push him towards the door.

"Uhm, as you wish?" Astral was a little confused, but he did not protest it. Making his way towards the door he sort of sensed that his three companions were moving back. He was just about to reach the doorknob with his hoof when suddenly the door burst open! A tornado of colors surrounded him, small papers moving all around him in a great force that also forced him to fly back and land on his back!

"Surprise!" Pinkie's cheerful voice said from the door.

In truth Applejack and the others had not really expected that, they had expected her to wait until he was inside. "Uhm Pinkie, maybe that is a little much?" Twilight said as she walked up behind Pinkie.

"What do you mean?" Pinkie asked and started to push her confetti canon to the side so Astral and the others could come inside.

"Astral, are you alright there buddy?" Rainbow Dash asked as she landed on the ground beside him. Applejack was quick to trot over as well along with Big Mac.

Astral sat up, freeing most of his body from the mountain of confetti that had buried him. His eyes looked unfocused for a few seconds, but with shaking his head a few times seemed to fix that problem. "What happened?"

"I'm sorry." Twilight said as she walked out. "I told her it would probably not be the best way to greet a newcomer."

Pinkie Pie jumped outside with a big grin. "Well i told you it was a surprise party! Were you surprised?" She asked excitedly seeming to have no worry she just shot Astral in the face with a canon.

"Yeah, i guess you can call it that.." Astral confirmed as he stood back up, shaking his body a little to get all of the confetti off.

"Yay!" Was Pinkie Pie's only reply.

Twilight smiled gently. "Come inside, the others are excited to meet you."

Astral smiled and followed, however he, or rather Applejack did not expect to find what she was about to find. Her eyes went wide with horror as right there, at the end of the main room was a massive banner that said.


"WHAT IN TARNATION IS THAT??!" Applejack roared and looked at Pinkie who suddenly appeared behind her.

"It's a banner silly." Pinkie smiled innocently while the whole room full of ponies Astral had never met chuckled a little.

Applejack face hoofed. "I know that, but i mean why did you write that last part?"

"What? You told me he was not your coltfriend!" She asked and tilted her head.

"Yes but now ponies will think that..." Applejack blushed, though it was hard to see if it was out of anger or embarrassment.

"Anyway." Twilight said as she walked over to the side with Astral. Two mares waited for them, a white one and a light yellow one. "Astral this is Rarity and Fluttershy."

"Greetings." Astral said and bowed a little in greeting.

"My, what a gentlecolt. We heard about you saving our Applejack and we simply had to show up to thank you darling!" Rarity said with a charming smile.

Fluttershy was more timid in her greeting, but she did send him a small smile. "H-hello.. Thank you for saving Applejack.."

"It is an honor to meet you both, Lady Rarity, Lady Fluttershy. A friend of Lady Applejack is a friend of mine." Astral replied with a warm handsome smile.

"Well i be, seems like Applejack got herself quite the stallion. Tell me darling, what is your relationship to our Applejack?" Rarity asked.

Astral was not quite sure what she was going for, but he could see she was trying to dig for something. "She has been so kind to help me, her and her family had kindly taken me in until i get my memories back."

"Oh my.." Fluttershy exclaimed. "I hope you will get your memories back soon, it must be hard.."

Astral shrugged. "It can be, but thanks to the Apple family i am not nervous. In the meantime i hope to be of some use to repay their kindness."

Before the conversation had a chance to continue Pinkie Pie called out. "Alright everypony, let's get this party started, let's show Astral how we do it in Ponyville!" All the guests cheered and Venyl started the music!


Astral spend some time at first to shake hoofs with a lot of ponies happy to meet him. There was a lot of questions, like where he was from or how he saved Applejack. Soon enough though it died down and ponies started to dance, eat, drink and chat.

Pinkie made sure Astral tasted a lot of the cupcakes she had prepared for the party, she had learned he had no idea what they were and so she made sure he tried one of each! Other than that he talked a lot with the six friends, hearing about them, learning about their adventures. Once again he soaked everything up like a sponge hungry for water.

At one point Rainbow dragged Big Mac out onto the dance floor, insisting on dancing with her stallion. As far as he could understand from the others, Rainbow was not one who liked to be all feely feely and all that fluff. It seemed Big Mac had made her change in that regard, at least in some way or another.

Soon enough however Applejack smirked and looked at Astral. "Well come on there pardner, don't think you can get away by sitting here. Come on out with me and let me see what you can do." She winked at him which made Astral's heart beat two extra times. Her friends started to cheer and waved them off towards the dance floor.

Laughing a bit to himself Astral smiled and nodded. "It would be my honor lady Applejack." She smiled back to him, feeling her heart beat a little faster as well. Soon enough they were both out there dancing to the beat.

Astral could already see Applejack had more experience in this, her movements were more fluent, elegant and upbeat. His were more clumsy and stiff, but he did his best and Applejack seemed to have fun. He figured his best option was just to let go and just do what felt fun and right, as a result he did loosen up and the whole dancing thing became much more enjoyable.

The party lights moved all around them, the base could be felt through their bodies, the dark room only added to the excitement. The lights moved over Applejack's body, they made her green eyes sparkle and soon enough her eyes was the only thing Astral could look at. By the gods she was beautiful, her blonde mane flowing and almost sparkling in all the different lights, it was like everything happened in slow motion.

Applejack suddenly looked past him, she nodded to someone and then with a hint of playfulness in her eyes she looked back at him. She moved close, very close, so close Astral for a moment thought she was going to kiss him.


She bumped his side with her rear, pushing him back towards the table. Applejack laughed a little. "Sorry to disappoint you sugarcube, but i need to rest my tired hooves." She smirked walking past him and back to the table with her friends. For a moment Astral was confused, how long had they been dancing? To be honest he had lost track and it was only now he realized how tired his hooves actually were.

They all sat down once again and hardly a minute afterwards they were joined by Rainbow Dash and Big Mac. "Well you two seemed to enjoy yourselves." Applejack remarked with a grin as she got herself a drink.

"Well of course we had fun, but look who's talking. You two kept staring at each other for almost an entire hour." Rainbow replied with a small laugh as she too got one of the drinks on the table. Big Mac got a mug full of cider, he needed it, he was panting as it was always hard to keep up with his Rainbow Dash.

"Urgh..." A small voice suddenly whined. They all looked to Twilight who was resting her head on the table. "No more.."

"Twilight, are you alright?" Astral asked with a worried look.

"Oh don't worry darling." Rarity said. "Twilight has just had one to many."

"Yeah right." Rainbow snorted with a small grin. "Twilight can't handle her drinks to well, a few glasses and she is out for the count, she is such a light weight."

"I think i should take her home, i'm a bit tired anyway.." Fluttershy said and moved closer to Twilight. "Come on then, time to get you back to bed.."

"Urgh..." Twilight groaned in response.

Fluttershy looked at the others. "Sorry for leaving, but thank you for inviting me Pinkie Pie..." She said with a small smile before looking back to Astral. "It was nice meeting you Astral.."

Astral nodded. "You too, it was an honor."

They watched for a moment as Fluttershy helped the poor lavender mare outside. Rainbow laughed a bit before looking at Astral. "So Astral, what about you? Do you drink?"

"Hm, i don't know, i don't mind what i have tried so far." He moved a hoof over and pulled a bottle of beer closer.

Rainbow smirked. "Me and Big Mac sometimes compete who can drink the most, but of course i am always the winner."

Big Mac nodded. "Eeyup."

"And you always end up sleeping until noon!" Applejack cut in, sure she could drink more, but Big Mac could at least get up and work the next day...Well..Most times..

"So what do you say?" Rainbow continued, ignoring her friend's point. "A little friendly drinking game?" Her eyes narrowed, her muscles seemed to tense up, it was clear she was already gearing up to compete.

Astral considered for a moment, then smiled. "Sure, that sounds fun. I accept your challenge Lady Dash."

"Great! Let's get the drinks!" Rainbow announced and just like that Pinkie had got a whole trolley filled with mugs containing beer. Rarity rolled her eyes and excused herself, she did not want to bear witness to such a vulgar competition.


One must always look forward, to be a better pony today than you were yesterday. To keep up the fight, seek strength from your friends so you can fight on. Tonight however, neither spirit, heart or the magic of friendship had helped Rainbow Dash in her hour of need. She had lost, big time, first Big Mac had gone down and then several mugs of beer later Rainbow had finally given up. Now the two ponies were laying in a wagon and being pulled home by their new rival. "Urrrghh...." She groaned. "How are you...Hic!.. Still standing...?" Rainbow mumbled as she scooted closer to seek comfort in her coltfriend who laid knocked out beside her.

Applejack rolled her eyes, but then looked at Astral with a small smirk. "How did you do it?" Applejack asked with a small laugh as she walked beside Astral. She was amazed he had not collapsed from the insane amount of beer he had consumed, he barely acted drunk.

Astral shrugged as he continued to march on. "I have no idea, i just kept drinking.." He laughed a little barely feeling the buzz or the cart with the two sleeping ponies he was dragging along.

Applejack chuckled and moved closer to him. With Applejack walking close beside him he felt his heart beat faster, a small smile moved to his face. "Well i suppose that will keep her from any drinking games for some time.. Though i think they will both be out for the count tomorrow. You will need to help out since this is partly your fault." Applejack smirked knowing full well this was Rainbow Dash's mess, but she would be in no condition to help out tomorrow.

"Just show me what to do lady Applejack, i be happy to work by your side.." Astral smiled warmly to her and Applejack smiled back. Applejack could not help but be glad the trip would be slower with the cart, it meant she would spend just a little more time walking in Luna's moonlight with Astral.

What a night... What a party... Hopefully they would not reach the farm for a little while...

Author's Note:


To be honest i was looking forward to getting this chapter over with, i had not planned for it to be longer than the last one, i actually thought it would be one of the shorter ones! XD

Anyway, i hope you enjoyed reading it, as always leave a like if you did enjoy it and if you have time leave some feedback, helps me grow ;)