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The Farmer & The God - DanishDash

Applejack is happy for her brother and Rainbow Dash getting together, but when will she find love? Will she find it in a strange Pony that appears one stormy afternoon?

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Chapter 5: Work & Play.

Chapter 5: Work & Play.

Carousel Boutique

Rarity stood in her round shop surrounded by mannequins and fabrics. Normally this would have been a great day to work on some of her orders, but today she had gotten a visit from a certain pink pony. Pinkie Pie had suddenly burst through the door and had simply started to go on and on about, something? Rarity could hardly get a word in other than small attempts to get an idea of what she was talking about! Pinkie seemed to insist on talking faster and faster whenever she was excited about something, she was like a little filly who had just eaten an entire shop worth of sweets. "And that's why i think we should have a super duper hero welcome party!" Pinkie Pie finally finished.

Taking a deep breath, the white mare put on a patient smile for her friend and said. "Pinkie, darling, would you care to explain it again." She held up a hoof just before Pinkie could start her rant off again. "Slowly please. Now, who's a hero?"

"Applejack's new coltfriend who's not her coltfriend, but still her hero because he saved her!" Pinkie repeated all giddy like a filly excited to see her favorite coltband play live. However this certainly got Rarity's attention.

"Applejack was saved by a colt?" Rarity asked and Pinkie Pie nodded. "Well, do you know the details dear?" Truth be told she was quite interested in the fact Applejack, her friend, might have gotten herself a coltfriend.

"Yes, he saved her during the storm! It is also his first time in Ponyville, so i am throwing him a Hero/Welcome to Ponyville party!" Pinkie squealed excitedly.

Rarity took a step back as it seemed this squeal was even higher in pitch this time. "Darling please." Rarity begged before Pinkie finally finished. "So what do you need from me?"

"Oh!" Pinkie let out, like if she was just now remembering the reason she came bursting through the doors and nearly tore it off it's hinches in the process. "I just came by to give you the invitation and the story!" Pinkie smiled and pulled out an envelope seemingly out of nowhere. "Gotta dash! I have to kidnap Venyl Scratch so she can do the music! Laters!" And with that she was gone.

Rarity was left with a surprised and confused look on her face, but after a few seconds she just shrugged. Pinkie was just being Pinkie, however this colt she mentioned, had he really saved Applejack? More importantly was he really her coltfriend? Really? Applejack? She was not exactly the classic damsel in distress type, nor a very feminine mare. She certainly had her charms and when she really wanted to be she could be very feminine. She would need to see for herself tonight and- Wait... Did Pinkie Pie say kidnap?


Sweet Apple Acres

The day had been interesting to say the least, Astral had a good time in Ponyville and it was nice to meet some of Applejack's friends. When they had gotten back she had given him a tour of the farm, explaining what they did and how they worked. Once again Astral found himself impressed and interested in everything Applejack told him, they really had a nice life here it seemed.

They walked down the small dirt paths between the apple trees, it was incredible. So this was Applejack's world, it was an amazing range of colors. The green leaves above them, the many colors of the apples, all around and above them. It was like they were in their own little world, a world only a few could see or even notice.

She noticed the way he looked around, the sense of wonder that sparkled in his eyes, something that mostly only the Apple family could see he was now seeing. Applejack stopped, not really at a specific place, but it did not matter, they were surrounded by beauty. "So, what do you think?" She asked not really needing the answer as she already knew it.

Astral stopped and took a moment to take it all in, then after maybe 12 seconds of silence he let out a deep sigh. "It's amazing.. You have a beautiful home.." He had said that before, but this time he had seen a world not many could see. No matter how many times her friends spend out here they never saw what she saw. "I can see why you love this place so much.." He continued. "It must be nice."

Applejack smiled gently and nodded. "It's my home, everything here is something my family has worked at for years.. A lot of blood sweat and tears has gone into making this place our own, it's a part of us.." She blushed a little as she was not really used to being so serious and deep, especially not with a stranger! Still, she could not help it.. She knew she had not really been acting like herself lately, and with Astral she felt relaxed, like she could share with him without fear of humiliation. Applejack was strong and just like Rainbow Dash it was never easy to feel vulnerable, though maybe it was what Ma and Pa felt, they had just clicked too.

"Well." Applejack smirked. "How about we help out a little pardner?" She suggested and started to walk again. "The storm made some apples fall to the ground, let's see what we can salvage!" And with that she started to run. "Come on then Astral!"

He was a little taken aback by her sudden change, but he did not mind, he laughed and started to run after her. "Right behind you lady Applejack!" The two of them galloped down the small dirt paths, the dust building up behind them as they picked up speed.

Astral got closer and closer to the galloping mare, but she simply smirked and took a sharp turn to the left. She managed to throw Astral off for now, but she did not run away, she stayed just within his sight. "Come on then slow pony, my granny moves faster than you!" She laughed and started to run away.

Astral had managed to come to a stop when she yelled that, he smirked and started to run after her again, this time moving faster than before. Applejack was not sure what was coming over her, but she felt a like a little filly again. The sudden playfulness had taken her by surprise, each time Astral came close to finally touch her tail she let out a giddy squeal and took a sharp turn to avoid him.

They ran and ran, their hearts beating faster and faster until finally he got close enough to get her tail. Applejack didn't mind, she wanted him to catch her. Moving up a small hill Astral moved closer and closer until!


Applejack let out a gasp as she felt him finally getting her, she let herself fall into the grass with Astral suddenly finding himself falling with her. They slided and rolled down the grassy hill laughing like playing foals. Applejack finally landed on her back, but before she had a chance to open her eyes and get up she felt something above her.

She could feel him, his heavy hot breath tickling her, she could even swear she could hear his fast heartbeat. She slowly opened her eyes, his face come into view, his snout only inches from hers. Astral had managed not to land directly on her by stopping his fall with his forelegs, the result was she was right under him, looking up into his blue eyes. They were looking straight into hers, they did not speak, the only thing breaking the silence was their heavy panting.

"Ahem.." a voice suddenly coughed lightly.




Their heads slammed together as Applejack tried to sit up in a panic. Astral fell down onto his flank and held his head with his hoof, Applejack did the same only laying down on her back. When the pain had vanished she turned her head, only for her cheeks to light up once again as she saw her sister, her friends and her brother all standing there looking at them.

Applejack quickly got up on her hooves and tried to look as natural as possible, she failed.. "Howdy y'all!" she said with an awkward smile. The group suddenly burst out laughing as it was such a strange display. "Hey! what y'all laughing about!?" She yelled out feeling her cheeks becoming warmer.

"Your face!" Apple Bloom replied rolling around on the grass, holding her tummy with her front legs.

Astral stood up looking confused for a few seconds, but then smiled. "You have a thick head." he gave her the exact same line she had given him when they first headbutted each other. The line only added fuel to the fire as even her stoic older brother started to laugh even more, soon followed by the cutie mark crusaders. Applejack was so embarrassed, but she was not mad, she knew she would have reacted the exact same way if it had been Rainbow Dash and Big Mac, so she started to laugh as well.

It took a minute, maybe two before the laughter died out. "So.." Big Mac was the first to talk. "Did you get to see Twalight?"

Astral nodded, this time speaking for himself. "Yes, she was a very kind mare, smart, just like Lady Applejack had said.. Though she had no idea about my cutie mark or what could have happened.. She has promised to look into it however, so i will put my faith in her."

"Eyup." Applejack continued. "In the meantime we ran into Pinkie Pie, she seems bent on throwing a party in his honor this evening."

"She seems nice, i look forward to see what she has planned. Can she even organize a party that fast?" Astral asked which earned him a few chuckled from the others.

"Pinkie Pie is always ready to throw all sorts of parties!" Apple Bloom said with a big smile.

"Yeah!" Continued Scootaloo. "She has that big party canon on standby, ready to throw any kind of party!"

"Honestly, you should see what she can make when she has a lot longer to plan it out." Applejack said with a shudder. "That mare is as eager to party as a bee is for honey."

They all shared another little laugh before Big Mac once again took lead on the conversation. Honestly he had been a lot more talkative since he and Rainbow Dash got together, it was nice to see. "So what brings you two out here?"

"We thought we could help clean up the fields a little." Applejack smiled.

Big mac nodded and walked towards some of the empty baskets. "Much appreciated. Astral, i assume you are not one to shy away from a little hard work."

Astral shook his head and followed Big Mac. "Not at all, just tell me what to do."

"Well.." Big Mac walked past the baskets and over to a knocked over apple tree a few meters away. Astral knew that tree, it was the one Applejack had been pinned under, the one he had moved. "Ah need ya help moving this, though if Applejack is right then you can do it by yourself." Astral could hear the skepticism in his voice, maybe even a slight teasing. It was not mocking or anything like that and in all honesty Astral could understand why he had a hard time believing it, a simple earth pony moving this during a stormy weather, that just sounded insane.

Applejack in the meantime looked at the baskets, it was the ones she carried the other night. She raised an eyebrow as something seemed wired, the leather straps that was around her had not been opened like she would have done normally. Picking the thick leather up she took a closer look. Her eyes went wide.... They had been bitten over..

"So anyway." Big Mac continued. "I have already tied some rope around it, i just need to find another yoke for you to use, then we can drag it away." He turned around. "In the meantime you can help the girls picking up some of the apples." Big Mac started to walk away, he did however not get very far.


He could hear leafs rustling, branches and sticks twisting and snapping. He then heard the girls gasp and so he turned around, only to gasp himself! Only a meter behind him was Astral, hooked up to his yoke, pulling the tree by himself!? Now this was not some normal average little apple tree, if it was then sure Big Mac could have taken it by himself, but this one was one of the bigger ones.

Applejack and the cutie mark crusaders all stood to the side, their mouths hanging open. Astral looked up at Big Mac. "Shall i just follow you?"

"E...E-eeyup.." Big Mac said in shock as he started to walk away with Astral not far behind him. Dragging the tree like he was pulling a simple cart, Astral had figured out this was not possible for a normal earth pony. If their expressions was anything to go by, then it seemed they had never seen anyone doing this before. It only cemented the fact in him that he was not like them, but then, who was he?

Author's Note:

Yay finally, my fifth chapter!

I had to rewrite it all the time as i was not happy with how the first draft turned out. This chapter was shorter that i would have wanted it, but i wrote until i found a place i was happy to end the chapter.

I am also aware about apple trees not being that big and not so heavy for a pony, so i will just admit to the plot hole and hope you wont hang me for it ;)

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