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The Elusive Badgerpony

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If you liked this fic, please leave a comment telling me what you liked about it! I can't get any better if I don't have any feedback to work off of, after all. Thank you in advance!

I like the implicit backstory here, though I wonder if you plan to explore it further.

Oh, and Party? Might go hit up Feather Bangs for a little fun at least. :-p

This was a captivating read, to be sure.
Very suspenseful, at times.

Nice job on the cover art.

“I knew.”

And with those two words, this went from good to GREAT!

Not a huge fan of the anthro, but everything else was superdly done. Great job, Badger!

Pretty darn good.
I could have more to say but I'm several shots in and don't wanna put on my editor hat like that. I'll tell ya more later.


I look forward to that follow-up. :derpytongue2:

Really loved it! Especially that you build on the love they have for each other, and how into each other sexually they are, and the implication that they escaped here and subjected themselves to Starlight's procedure so that they could be together.

There was a bitterness to the air that was palpable, like the bite of a bottom-shelf gin, a touch of juniper that assaulted his senses

He wanted to be literally anywhere else. On the highest peaks above the wasteland that surrounded them. At the lowest depths of the seas that seemed so far away.

I like the purple prose here.

“Genealogy records. Starlight was detailed, I’ll say that much. Wasn’t just our cutie marks she took away. She took away our pasts, our feelings, our thoughts and desires. And now we’re gonna get them back.

That does not sound like Party Favor to me really.

Also, I understand that this is like the entire conceit of this fic, but why would there be genealogical records? After all

Starlight wasn’t here that long…

“You gotta tell her,” Party Favor said.

“And what then, dude?” Double Diamond snapped. “Hey hon, did you, like, have a nice day?! Mine went great! Me and Party Favor dug through Starlight Glimmer’s archives and I found out that you’re my sister! That’s right! I’ve been fucking my sister! Oh, she’ll love that, dude!”

Dude, literally the worst thing you could do is lie about it, and then fuck her while you know and she doesn't. The worst.

(Very tense and emotionally moving, I like this scene!)

“I knew.”


That's fucked up. And it's just shrugged off?

Our Town was cold. Uniquely cold. But in at least one house that winter’s night, there was an impossible warmth, and a glorious comfort. And for Double Diamond, that was the absolute best thing he could have asked for.

You are clearly making it a metaphor for something and I cannot for the life of me figure out what it is.

Jun 24th,2020
It's a great story. I've read it more than ten times. I hope you can continue

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