• Published 18th Mar 2019
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Twilight Sparkle Goes For An Alternate Timeline - Twilight Star

Twilight Sparkle feels a desire to know and study alternative timelines. She uses the time travel spell to get her to travel. But when it arrives in an opposite universe of yours, she simply can't understand.

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Daybreaker and return home

Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and her friends were on the train on the way to Canterlot. All less Twilight Sparkle were using their elements of harmony. They realized that suddenly it was daylight. Was this one of Luna’s reasons for calling them?

“Why do you think the princess called us to Canterlot, and go with the elements of harmony?” asked Indigo Zap to Sunset Shimmer.

“I don't know, Indigo”, replied Sunset Shimmer before looking up at the sky. “But with the sun coming in the middle of the night, I fear that our enemy has returned”

Twilight Sparkle raised an eyebrow. What enemies were these ponies talking about?

Luna was in Celestia’s room. She had put a shield around Daybreaker so that Daybreaker wouldn't escape and attack her.

“Release me, sister!” exclaimed Daybreaker angrily.

“No! It’s for your own good, sister“, said Luna sadly.

Luna couldn't understand. Why Celestia had become Daybreaker again? Sunset Shimmer and her friends had defeated her, right?

Luna was walking in the corridor of the castle until she heard the voice of her sister from the room, “no, please, I don't want to be that monster again! Nooo!” exclaimed Celestia in a panic before silence.

Luna entered the room and saw Celestia on the floor as if unconscious, she went to her sister, “Celestia?” asked Luna worried.

Celestia’s voice came, but low, “haha ... There is no Celestia ...”

Luna began to panic, “Sister, please ...”

“... Just Daybreaker!” Celestia’s mane turned to flames and her eyes became draconic.

Luna wasted no time, and wrapped a shield around Daybreaker so she wouldn't attack. Luna left the room running and went to her room to write a letter, “my dear student, bring your friends and the elements of harmony as soon as possible to the castle, signed Luna”

That done, she sent the letter with her magic to her student and waited for them in the throne room.

Sunset Shimmer, Twilight Sparkle and the friends of Sunset Shimmer were taken by a Luna guard to the throne room.

Sunset Shimmer opened the door to the throne room and saw Luna waiting for them, “Luna!” exclaimed Sunset Shimmer cheerfully before rushing to embrace her mentor.

“Sunset Shimmer, how nice that you and your friends arrived with the elements of harmony, it’s my sister", said Luna as she hugged Sunset Shimmer.

Sunset Shimmer came out of the hug, “what happened to her?” asked Sunset Shimmer.

“She became Daybreaker again", said Luna sadly.

“Oh no”, said Sunset Shimmer.

Twilight Sparkle tensed. Celestia had a bad side, just like Luna has Nightmare Moon? This can't be true.

“Does Celestia have a bad side?” asked Twilight Sparkle carefully.

“Yeah, why?” asked Luna looking at Twilight Sparkle confused.

Twilight Sparkle didn't know what to say, “It’s that ... Celestia would never become evil, right?” asked Twilight Sparkle nervously.

Sunset Shimmer approached Twilight Sparkle, “Look Twilight, maybe on your timeline she’ll never become bad, but here she’s already turned bad once and turned bad again”, said Sunset Shimmer.

“But ... But ... Wait, how come she’s already turned bad ?!” Twilight Sparkle panicked. “What made her turn bad?!”

“Twilight, it’s a long story,” said Luna. “We don't have time…”

“Let me go, sister!” Shouted Daybreaker who was still in the room with the shield.

“Celestia!” exclaimed Twilight Sparkle before running to where Daybreaker’s voice was.

“Twilight, no!” exclaimed Luna.

Twilight Sparkle ran as far as the voice could be. She realized the voice was coming from a door with crescent moon. She opened the door and found Daybreaker on the shield trying everything to escape.

Daybreaker stopped what she was doing and looked at Twilight Sparkle with curiosity, “who are you?” asked Daybreaker.

“I’m am Twilight Sparkle, and I came to save you,” replied Twilight Sparkle before going up to the shield and trying to take the shield off with its magic, but failing.

Suddenly, hoof sounds were heard until it stopped. Twilight Sparkle turned her head to look at the seven ponies before her. Twilight Sparkle went to Luna, “release her!” exclaimed Twilight Sparkle angrily. “Now!”

“Twilight, she’s not Celestia, she's Daybreaker!” exclaimed Sunset Shimmer approaching Twilight Sparkle.

“She’s Celestia!” exclaimed Twilight Sparkle. “Release her now, Luna, or I swear ...”

“Twilight, you can't threaten the princess like that,” said Sunset Shimmer with a panicked tone. “And besides, she’s not Celestia ...”

“She’s Celestia!” exclaimed Twilight Sparkle more irritably.

“Twilight, this Celestia isn't Celestia from your timeline, it’s from our timeline and your Celestia is still there in your Equestria!" exclaimed Sunset Shimmer.

Twilight Sparkle thought for a moment to reflect what Sunset Shimmer said, “but ...” tried to say Twilight Sparkle but was interrupted by Sunset Shimmer.

“We will not ban her, if that’s what you’re thinking,” Sunset Shimmer approached Twilight Sparkle, who had tears in her eyes. “We will only save Celestia from the evil influence that is in Celestia”

“Alright ...” said Twilight Sparkle before embracing Sunset Shimmer.

Twilight Sparkle went out of the way and allowed Sunset Shimmer and her friends to use the elements. The elements shone and were coming together to form the rainbow. Luna knowing that, took out Daybreaker’s shield.

“Free at last!” Daybreaker was about to laugh, but a rainbow formed around her as she shouted, "Nooooo! Not again!"

Suddenly, a white glare covered the room, after that,Celestia opened her eyes weakly, “thank you” thanked Celestia before falling asleep.

“Thank you so much Sunset Shimmer and so do you", thanked Luna to Sunset Shimmer and her friends.

Luna took Celestia with her magic and laid her on the bed so she could rest.

Sunset Shimmer looked at Twilight Sparkle, “So, Twilight, are you leaving now?”

Twilight Sparkle looked at Sunset Shimmer, “yes”, replied Twilight Sparkle.

“Well then, goodbye”, Sunset Shimmer gave a good-bye hug.

Twilight Sparkle took the time travel spell, wind began to appear and a hole appeared on the ceiling.

“Goodbye, Twilight", said Luna.

“Goodbye, Twilight”, said the friends of Sunset Shimmer.

The wind carried Twilight Sparkle to the hole. Twilight Sparkle went through the same timelines she’d gone through before.

When Twilight Sparkle returned to her castle she heard a door opening, “Twilight, where were you? I looked for you all over the castle“, said Spike.

“Hi, Spike,” greeted Twilight Sparkle. “I just traveled for an alternate timeline”

“But you had traveled without telling me, i was already worried”, replied Spike.

“I know, Spike,” said Twilight Sparkle. “And I’m sorry for not letting you know, would you like to hear how it went?”

“Sure, Twilight”, replied Spike with a grin.

Twilight Sparkle and Spike went to a room they had in the castle, they sat on a couch and Twilight Sparkle told Spike how her adventure was.

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Comments ( 9 )

Wow, that was great.

Great story, but I felt that this ended too quickly.

Great. But a little rushed ;)

Ok, I'll emit that this is a great ide buuuuut...

The exicution is absolut rubish.

1. You are going WAY to fast. Slowdown and let the ponis talk and allso disgribe the enviroment so to betteer show the difrences between the timelines.
2. Why is every one so quick to exapt that Twilight is from another timeline? Have they delt whit it before? Extrapolat or let there be some dissbelif.
3. Why did Celestia turn back in to Daybreaker?

My sugestion is that you make a tottal rewright and use this as a rough timline for the story and how some of the scens go and I say ther is a great story to be had.

// DarkFeather

I'm working on a story where the portal in the quicksand in "EQG: Spring Breakdown" leads to Nazi-occupied Ukraine and history accidentally gets altered. The three must do whatever it takes to restore the original timeline. How does that sound?

And is there a particular reason for that?

No. It's just a timeline where it's the opposite of the original universe

The thing that needs to be done here is encapsulated in the question: why?
Everything is mere bullet points with no explanation behind anything. A little expiration can go a long way.

Sure, sure, but that is only ever assumed. We never see it.

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