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Twilight and Luna: two mares made for each other


Nightmare Moon beat her sister and now the night lasts forever. She couldn't be more than happy. When she finds out a fatherless foal, Nightmare Moon decides to adopt her.

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Decent start, can't wait to see Nightmare to find & adopt little Twilight

Next ponies are: Applejack, Pinkie Pie, and Fluttershy
I can't wait to see Twilight being adopted

Nightmare Moon has a soft spot for foals

Awwww, Little Twilight was so adorable!

There is something that bothers me, it's that this storry is to traight forward, it reads like you working dowen a checklist.
Get Rainbow check
Introduce Twilight check
(Bad example I know)
What I want to say is there are no organic events, ethry thing is hapening as planed.

This is all just too precious!

The story is moving way too fast, and while Nightmare Moon would definitely need a slightly different personality to match the theme of the story. She still feels way to out of character.

Holy shit it’s back!:pinkiegasp:

Shorter than usual, but still good chapter.

I dont want to do this but I must.
A. Story, while enjoyable in premise, is FAST
B. English is a second language I take it?
C. There's no detail to really anything. It's just boom, boom, boom with events.
I wont leave a dislike as I hope to see improvement but I cant say story is great... I'm sorry.

I swear, their bonding moments get sweeter and sweeter

“Yes!! I accept!!” exclaimed Rainbow Dash excitedly. She may not have joined the Wonderbolts, but she joined a group similar to the Wonderbolts.

If not better.

Nightmare Moon is like me. As much as I want to deny it, cuteness gets to me.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cuteness Overload! *THUMP*

R.I.P. here lies Nightflight406.
Died of Cuteness.
Last words: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! Cuteness Overload!

Nightmare Moon is going to turn back into Luna, and Twilight won't recognize her.

I began reading this one. And I like it. However, you have only Rainbow, Rarity and Twi in Nightmare Moon's castle. Maybe she should have Fluttershy tame the animals, Applejack be her cook, and Pinkie (who is Pinkamena right now) become her party thrower (that brightens Pinkie up with joy).

Pfft...snerk...HA HA HA HA!

R.I.P. here lies God who fallen
Died of Cuteness.
Last words: my heart

oh please tell me there's going to be more

Your guess is as good as mine.

Not trying to be rude, but will this story ever continue again someday in the future?

The story will continue yes. The problem is that I'm out of ideas

That’s okay. Please take all the time you need. No rush.

How about asking your fan's for help.

I'm sure you'll receive plenty of ideas.

Yes. I just blogged about it

Do not worry. I posted it now:twilightsmile:

Let's hope you get some to work with.

Good luck, my friend.

Nice work. Definitely worth the wait.

I forgot this story existed

I really love this story.

Nicely done. But there are some spelling mistakes.

Anyone wanna bet, that Moondancer will be the Sunset Shimmer of the story?

Thanks for pointing. I just corrected

Not bad, though I think Rarity would be a little afraid.

New chapter soon? Please update.

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