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Writing wrongs.


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This better have anal

This was lovely! I think a lot of people could stand to go the route of the narrator.

But Green Eggs and Ham only has 50 words...

True, but consider this: I'm trash.

This is a work of art

This was everything I wanted it to be.


After giving the title and description some thought,
I came in expecting a lot.
I clicked the link,
reading this story, I did not blink.

My depression at an all time low,
your tale was great, this I know.
Thank you for giving me a healthy chuckle,
even though my pants, I did not unbuckle.

My pitiful attempt at a comment in the theme of the story 😂 Amazing job!


well this is a thing
a thing i did not know I wanted
but oh I do like this thing

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

I do like this fic ‘bout futa mares

Author Interviewer

God bless.

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