Futa Mares: A Dr. Seuss Story

by WhatDidIJustRead

First published

A story about futa mares, told in the style of Green Eggs and Ham.

A story about futa mares,
In a style that is quite rare.
Hellbound friends, come grab your noose,
And read some futa Dr. Seuss.

Cover art is by alittleofsomething.

Green eggs and dicks

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Pinkie Pie, her member firm,
Called my name and made me turn.
I looked at her, and then she smiled,
And asked if we could talk a while.
I said "Okay, what do you need?"
And this is what she said to me.

"I have something I must say,
It will brighten up your day.
When you're feeling sad or down,
There's an answer here in town.
You can find us here or there,
You can find a futa mare."

"Thank you, Pinkie," I said with care,
"But I don't care for futa mares.
Some may like them, that is fair,
But my desire isn't there."

"Your desire isn't there?
I must say that's very rare.
Once you try a futa mare,
You will like them, this I swear."

"I will not," I said and glared.
"I will not like futa mares."

"Maybe you just need a dick,
Sliding in you, long and thick.
If you had that, you might care,
And you'd love us futa mares."

"A dick's a dick, and I'm not gay.
It may be thick, but still I say,
I do not think that I would care,
I would not like a futa mare."

Pinkie Pie then stroked her cock,
Nestled within her fetlock.
A wicked smile graced her lips,
Precum trickled from her tip.
"Do you like us now?" she asked.
"Do you like my turgid mast?
You can have it if you dare,
To try liking futa mares."

I shook my head, then growled and said,
"I cannot, please! Put this to bed!
You're free to stroke your cock right there,
But I still don't like futa mares."

"I could put it in your butt,
I could even bust a nut,
Pump my seed inside your gut.
Do you want that? Shall we rut?
Stallions cannot compare,
To a sexy futa mare."

"I do not want you in my butt,
busting a nut inside my gut.
I've laid the truth out, clear and bare
I do not want a futa mare."

"You can take me in your mouth,
While I lick you, too, down south.
I can fill your mouth with cum,
On your tongue and on your gums.
I must empty out my balls.
Would you, could you, take it all?
I'm so horny, it's not fair.
Can't you help this futa mare?"

"I cannot help," I told her, "see,
It's simply not my cup of tea.
I do not want to taste your cum,
I do not want it on my gums.
I would not like it in my mouth,
I would not want your mouth down south.
I'm sorry if your balls are blue,
But that is not a thing I do.
Now may I please rest in this chair?
Left to forget these futa mares?"

"You are stubborn, but I bet,
I can still convince you yet.
I have lots of time to spare,
To make you love futa mares."

I tried to rest, I closed my eyes,
But I could still hear Pinkie Pie,
Talking on and on non-stop,
Making my head want to pop.
Dicks and cum and pubic hair,
Balls and sheaths and sexy wear,
All the things she'd love to share,
All the pros of futa mares.

"Enough!" I said, "What will it take
To make you stop, for Luna's sake?
I tried to tell you, I said no!
Now why can't you just let this go?"

A gleeful grin came to her face,
And she stepped forward, took her place.

"Want me, need me, ask and beg,
For the thing between my legs.
Put your face between my thighs,
Then I'll let you rest your eyes.
Try it, I think you'll agree,
It's a thing of much beauty.
Suck it, lick it, smell its musk,
Then you'll want it, dawn to dusk.
Let it fill your pony rump,
With an energetic hump,
Pushing in until you're stuffed,
Pulling back out, swift and rough,
Going back in with a thrust,
Then repeat, it is a must!
Try this and, I do declare,
You will soon like futa mares."

"Never!" I cried, "you make me sick!
I cannot, will not, like your dick!
I do not want it in my mouth,
I do not want your mouth down south,
I do not want to taste your cum,
Not on my tongue or on my gums,
Or feel your cock inside my ass,
Or filling me with all its mass,
Or let you rut and bust a nut,
And pump your cum inside my gut.
I will not ask, I will not beg,
To have the thing between your legs.
I'll never want your futa cock,
Not even if you're wearing socks!
Now let me sit and eat this pear,
And never speak of futa mares."

Pinkie Pie was sad, and frowned,
Eyes were wet and head was down.
"Okay," she said, full of pain,
"I guess it was all in vain.
All I wanted was to share,
My deep love of futa mares.
Sorry if I was too brash,
I will go see Rainbow Dash."

Then as she turned to leave, I felt,
A throbbing thing against my pelt.
As hard as stone, my cock sprung free,
It slapped my belly, taunted me.
I realized, then, with a smirk,
That it was I who'd been the jerk.
"Hey Pinkie, wait!" I said, "Don't flee!
I changed my mind, I want the D!"

Pink blurs filled my eyes, and then,
There she was, with me again.
"Really? This is not a trick?
You want to try my futa dick?"

I nodded and gave her a hug,
I touched her rod, gave it a tug.
I felt it, warm and tender there,
The firm cock of a futa mare.

She moaned and said "That feels good,
Please keep rubbing at my wood.
If you keep it up I'll cum,"
She said, then I heard her hum.
With a twitch and moan, she came,
Some of it got in my mane.
Wet with sweat, and clinging scent,
Her cock softened, down it went,
It retracted back inside,
In her sheath where it could hide.

I expected to feel disgust,
After giving in to lust.
I felt her semen everywhere,
It matted down my mane and hair.
I noticed, then, I didn't care,
I kind of liked this futa mare.