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Writing wrongs.

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Quoth the Futa Cadence:

Let me fuck your ass Shiny!


Side note: favorite EAP story was the Telltale heart.....or that one about the mansion and incest.

You may add two to your kill count, sir, as this and the last one made me die laughing and I'm posting from the double afterlife.

My Conqueror Worm is erect.

On a more serious note, I love how you kept faithful to the original patterns and rhythms and ideas of the Raven, in addition to matching the rhyme scheme. Props to you, and mad respect.

Thank you! It was a fun challenge.

Oh no! I guess I'll have to bury your body under my floor... again.

I love how much effort you've put into this. It's really quite something :pinkiehappy:

I find this quite hilarious and very well made....... I like it

Those who had downvoted this just couldn't appreciate true genius.

This futa/Poe style story is like fruitcake to me.
I like fruit.
I like cake.
Put them together and the result tastes like garbage.

Well, the intent was indeed to combine two things that don't go together for the silliness and fun of it, so I guess I will take this as a compliment. Most people seemed to have been able to set aside their seriousness and laugh at it, sorry that it couldn't do the same for you despite accomplishing exactly what was intended short of earning a laugh.

You magnificent bastard. :rainbowlaugh:

Oh hey, that name looks familia- holy crap you wrote Reset Harder. Now, before I let out a manly fangirl squee, I'll just say I'm honored and glad you liked it.

Like it — are you kidding? Oh lord this is right up my alley.

Loving effort poured into a ridiculous crack idea. And the rhyme and meter are far better than I had any right to expect from the topic. (That trochaic tetrameter triple-rhyme is not easy to keep fresh, and it repeatedly made me smile.) This may even surpass The Regexp as the best pony Raven parody I've read.

… oh, hell, have a follow. :pinkiecrazy:

(Speaking of HR2, I did name-drop it in my most recent blog post.)

Uh, sir, I'm concerned by the fact that this is an Edgar Allen Poe story, but I'm going to read it anyways because Edgar Allen Poe was fucking cool in the way that he was creepy and weird.

You get a follow for this.

a work of futa-art

I think Edgar Allan Poe would be proud that his legacy has lead to this absolute masterpiece of Futa fuckery

+1 for insanity and a great idea as well as execution.
As clop? Certainly no.

Really do I really have to say that that this story Edgar was my favorite arthor but you fucked up

fantastic you sir have earned a follow, good day

While Poe might find the subject matter leery, something seeming much too cheery,
I doubt that he’d oppose to your skillful use of prose.
But, with your incessant rhyming, and your nifty knack for timing,
Even Poe might come to like the Futa mares... I suppose
Ok, you’re much better at this than I.

But this was good, good enough for me to attempt to do poetry again (even if it resulted in colossal failure).

Majin Syeekoh
Story Approver

Quoth the Majin, “shit’s lit, fam”

Author Interviewer

Bonus challenge: read this in Weird Al's voice while imagining a sprightly polka beat.

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