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My stories have a 1/1000 chance of teleporting you back in time to the Siege of Leningrad.


After making a terrible mistake with time travel, Twilight Sparkle begins to fade from existence.

But not before using the opportunity to advance the cause of science.

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I am confusion.
Who are you?
Are you confusion too?

Actually I'm A Mixed State of Mind. Confusion is my distant cousin.

Huh. Weird. How'd you submit a blank story?

(Bizarre, amusing, and more than a little tragic. Thank you for it. Plus, now I want to learn about this timeline where Spike apparently saved Equestria multiple times single-clawedly.)

I have a changeling for a cousin? That is awesome, but it raises many questions about my family tree.

...There are no words I can use to describe my thought process after reading this story. Have a thumbs up and fave anyways.

TDASA #6 · 1 week ago · · ·

...It's actually horrifying if you think about it.

..and that children, is how you walk into a room and forget what you’re doing. Am I crazy? No mister Walter Mellon I’m not.

In an air of finality, Twilight leaned down to Spike. "Spike, record this for all future generations. To any pony that would use time magic. Whatever you do, do NOT—"

Do not what? I NEED TO KNOW

Sometimes you need to commit not exist

Props for the Johnny Cash reference.

I'm not quite sure this completely earned that comedy tag, but it definitely earned that random tag. Personally, I gotta side with 9397892--this was actually kind of creepy/depressing. Especially when you start thinking about all the ramifications following this. Six ponies just ceased to exist because of one mistake, but it can't be corrected because nobody remembers those six had ever existed. :applecry:


Yeah, I think it warrants an addition of the Dark tag, if nothing else.

Well, the use of timeline indicates that they are still fine in their ORIGINAL timeline, just that this one kinda... kicked them out, or even moved them to other locations. In other words, as Scootaloo might say: “Aw, youre okay.”

Id be interested in seeing how this could expand into a full fic, but overall, an interesting vignette! Dunno why the notes didnt vanish with everything else though. PLOT CONVENIENCE AND/OR DESTINY???

Dammit Twi START with the whatever you do line.

Well, this has been a short, amusing and, eh, thoughtful read, though I think it needs more mooses :raritywink: I like how casual all of them were about just vanishing.

I’m really curious what Twilight did in the past to mess up everything like this... I bet she just stepped on a butterfly or something.

"Spike, take some notes. I may be fading from the timeline, but I can at the very least record the process. And write down some warnings to any pony that would repeat my mistakes."

Silly Twilight, unless you have invented a spacetime-change-resistant ink, these notes are going to fade from history along with you, because you never existed in the first place to dictate them!

Bok #18 · 1 week ago · · ·


The solution is obvious and necessary:

Write a sequel fic stretching over 500k words, writing long after interest has faded, and long after any reasonable person would've tied up the story.

*spacetime shifts*

Why did you post an empty quote box?

Huh, empty quote box? I’m pretty sure that cannot exist. I see there a new recipe for Spike’s cake, as she jotted it down in the story! Are you sure we are talking about the same thing? :rainbowwild:

Well that was dark.

i dont think this needs a comedy tag if anything this would need a dark, tragedy and/or sad tag

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