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I am a brony. I like warhammer. I play vidya games. I read frequently. Guess what? I also hate talking about myself.

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All of my yes!

Also, love the idea behind 'Micro' and 'Macro'. It's so simple, yet I wish I could say I came up with that...

You have caught my interest, I don’t usually read stories like this but ill give it a shot, great chapter so far! 👍

I'm glad you think so Jerry! Happy to entertain.

Who are these characters?

Well Micro and Macro are a pilot and titan from Titanfall 2. From the best faction cdalled the Apex Predators. In lore it's a mercenary group that only invites you if you beat their own pilots.

Nice. Good job dude.

Ooooh. ok.I knew it was that game but neve heard of these characters or mercs, sorry heard of the game but never played it.

It has enough lore to satisfy me and makes you feel like superman. I'd say its the best shooter of this gen.

Hi I read some of what you said in the comments about the characters being from Titanfall, you need a crossover tag for this story if that is the case because of site rules

Shit, totally forgot. Thank you, I dumbed.

Well this dude sounds like a fun guy, I thoroughly enjoyed the guessing game as I tried to figure out what he was.

Epic start. Makes me want to work on my own TF2 story.

I demand Macro, somehow, get an android body, and give Micro that wholesome smutt.

I turned around, looking to see my beautiful baby. A Vanguard-class titan, with the Marauder markings, scratched off, replaced with the beautiful Apex Predator skull. I spread my arms wide. "Macro, baby! I've missed you. Everything quiet on the western front?"

Not sure if the last part was a reference but I got it.

A) I demand more last Sunset. B) I am absolutely atrocious at writing smut. It is a blind spot I am happy to keep, as down that path lay commissioned pornos and I'm not ready for that. C) I love it when an author I recognize comments on my stories. Thank you!

Well, my family is English majors from the south. That means constant references to classical literature mixed with southernisms. I try not to let it infect my writing constantly, but Damnit I will keep referencing old books while I write.

You dont know how happy this makes me. The book and movie were great!

A) Working on the next ch right now. B) I'm getting practice in through anonymous accounts on other sites. C) :pinkiegasp::pinkiehappy:

There's nothing that tickles my fancy more on this site than warfare and bloodshed.

May I ask how much knowledge of the source material will I need for this story
It seems good but I know nothing of TF

Next to none, I summed up the important stuff in the comments but all you need to know is Apex Predators are a mercenary group, and titans are hella tough. Past that I'm trying to explain everything in writing over expecting people to know stuff.

I know! I normally hate historical stuff in stories, but I deeply enjoyed it. Some part of me really likes writing old scholars, but I've only really done it once.

I just never had the urge to write smut. It's not in my wheelhouse and I'm pretty happy that way. Of course, there are a couple plot threads in a couple of my stories that may require it, but I dread those chapters.

Huh, do you know wich story

Inn at the end of Equestria, but he doesn't have a ton of references to old literature in it.

you have me intrigued. :trixieshiftright:

Oh alright. Hey I just wanted to you to know i am a huge fan of your work, even before I had an account. Have a good day/night.

Thanks! I know Im eclectic with a hundred irons in the fire, but I'm glad you enjoy them.

This is awesome! I can't wait to see what more you do!

Though I have to question you on Celestia, yes they were combatant's on opposite sides of the war, but the War has been over for a long time now. So unless he killed Civilians (which his actions and way of acting has not pointed to) or any other war-crimes then why is she so addiment on keeping him locked up?

He has served (likely twice over) his time for his participation in the war and to hold him any more would be a Crime. I am sorry to say that killing enemy COMBATANTS (those actively fighting in a war) is not a Crime as they signed away their lives the moment they picked up arms and took the field.

Hmm. Not usually the kind of story I read but something about it peaks my interest. I think I'll stay for a while. See what this is all about.

That is going to be explored a bit later, answers do exist though

I'm glad, and hope you enjoy.


Most people likely already know my.....would Hate be to strong of a word? Dissatisfaction? Meh I guess you get my point. I may Respect her, but some times she takes things to far or too to much of an Extreme when it shouldn't go that far.

He has stated he is Tired, not just Tired from lack of sleep but Tired from all the shit he has gone though. I would suspect Celestia, a Thousand plus year old being, would understand the meanings behind what he said, but I guess not.

I can't wait for the explanations to come either way :pinkiehappy:

Congratz, you got featured. 5/17/2019, for your reference.

R.I.P. BT-7274, a hero forever missed...

Rip robro, your sacrifice meant much, especially the second time

It's going to drive me nuts calling her Macro, when her callsign screams Marco.

That... was a typo. Thank you for catching it.

Ah! Well, alright then! (I really thought it was just a Titanfall 2 reference.)

Now now now. No need to pull back the curtain that far. Just wave your hands and say, "Ooooo. Authorial intent. Ooooooooo."

How do you write such good stories?
That's another fav from me, btw.

A few too many spelling and grammatical errors. It's jarring.

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