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Hey nice story so far! It's pretty good. But if I can make a sugestion, then here is an idea. Challeges / acheiments. They give buffs if the criteria is met.

pls use Grammarly it helps

plus I think it would be better if said achievements were hidden till the criteria were met and then a buff pertaining to said achievement would be awarded

1. Speed typing on my phone
2. Good point
3. There always needs to be a third point



Thanks for checking out the story! Those are some really cool ideas. I’ll try to see if I can come up with anything interesting with them!

Luck is the only way to go in this type of game. Also it might be important to note if every NPC will have a pipboy or not. I'm leaning towards not and if Dale is using said pipboy no one else notices.

No prob dude. You'll go far!

"What the fuck is happening!" Dale yelled into the now dark blue sky.

I ask that everyday

Nah with the talk command this is looking very smt right now.
Our hero better prepare for the difficulty spike

I would improve intelligence first cause in most games that increases how many exp you would normally get

Interesting, but will they like the answer?

Without giving too much away, there is still a lot I need to cover about the game mechanics. I don't want to overwhelm people with all of the different ways stats can change through armour and weapons, as well as the way the in battle buffs and debuffs work. There may or may not be a function Dale can unlock that will provide a passive boost to EXP gain.

It depends on their perspective by the time it's revealed.

Current Alignment: Chaos

What are the alignment he can have?
Example: lawful evil, chaotic good

"Good job, now we just need you to learn how to recruit a monster into your party and you'll be set,"

Does monster in party can evolve? And can he recruit unique monster like a skeleton with a slime that act like his skin?

It's based on the Alignments from Shin Megami Tensei which are Law, Chaos, and Neutral. Rather than representing good or evil, they represent the characters ideals. Without going too much into it (because that would be a major spoiler) the alignment for a character is really important in this story.

Some monsters can evolve and there will be monsters with their own unique skills, but I have yet to decide what they will be.

Thank you for responding my question.
The story is good! Keep going

Hey when it says chaotic does it mean chaotic nuetruel or evil?

Never mind just read the over comment...

" Was what just happened the end of the world? Then how did I survive? " Dale thought as he wiped his mouth with his black jacket sleeve. Dale hears a beeping noise coming from his left arm. Once he looks over he sees something that wasn't there before, there's a white arm brace on his jacket. It's a bit bulky and has a screen on it. The screen is flashing in time with the beeps. Dale stands on the stone floor and holds his arm up to his face to look at the screen. He cautiously taps the screen to see what will happen.

Like a white pipboy 3000 ?

Imagine it being a bit slimmer than a pip boy (With zero buttons and switches) with a holographic display that is controlled by a touchscreen. The hologram appears in front of you and you use the screen on the arm brace to swipe through the menus and select options.

Yes! I bloody love this story!

I've been a fan of SMT for a long time, and Nocturne is one of my personal favorites (even though I didn't finish it yet), so it's nice to see a story inspired by it.

Don't worry about the chapter's lenght, I'm sure everyone else will understand. Just, take your time so you can be at your best.


The filly came to about the top of Dale's kneecap, her main and tale were neatly curled at the end.

It's 'mane and tail'. Just a friendly heads up.

Thanks for the correction, I didn't even notice I did that haha.

Thank you for checking out the story and I'm glad that a fellow SMT fan enjoys it!

Yee yeee more book read have in stock at future date

Benevolent = good
Malevolent = bad

You need to change it to the second one.

Suddenly, Dale was lifted from his balcony by a strong force and began to slowly fly towards the black sun in the sky. Fear enveloped him as he flew higher and higher above the city. Just when he thought that his life officially began as he graduated college, it slowly began to seem like it was coming to an end already. Why was this happening to him? Was this some benevolent god getting their revenge on mankind for their ignorance? Did we cause this from being too careless with the planet? Dale would never find the answers to these questions as he shielded his eyes with his arms and braced for impact...

I think you mean malevolent


Thank you to both of you. I was meaning to correct this for some time. but never got around to it until now.

SMT with the fauna of MLP? I’m loving this already!

I was happy until I reached the end of chapter nine. It was good while it last.

I'm with Dale on this one. Saying 'everypony' sounds racist to me. I can see ponies using it when only ponies are around, but there are other creatures out there that visit. It be like a a white guy walking into a room of white people, not knowing theres a black guy behind him, and says "hey everywhite what's up!?"


Dale, you invoked Murphy. You’re NOT supposed to invoke Murphy!

The trio decided on the time they would meet the following day rather quickly. Dale began to eat his cupcake while Matt and Rainbow Dash really hit off the conversation. Dale knew he only had to put up with six more days, what was the worst that could happen?

Cue disaster!

The trio decided on the time they would meet the following day rather quickly. Dale began to eat his cupcake while Matt and Rainbow Dash really hit off the conversation. Dale knew he only had to put up with six more days, what was the worst that could happen?

Ooooohhh. Muuuuuurrrrphyyyyyy!
Someone is calling you.:pinkiecrazy:

What the hell does a timberwolf need money for!?

Needs money to buy... uh... timberwolfy things!

I played a bit of Nocturne, and I think I remember that the ending you get is based off of which parasites you level up, or something. The bad parasites give you a bad ending and the good parasites give you a good ending.

But in regards to this story... I really hope that Dale doesn't get a bad ending, obviously. If he "finishes the game" in the Chaos state, I hope it means that he rules the world at Discord's side or something, and not with him being sent to Tartarus or put in stone. Also, this world is someone's paradise. What kind of weirdo sets up their own personal paradise in such a way that they will suffer for thousands of years if they make ponies sad? I hope the mechanics of the videogame that the world is based off, aren't in conflict with the mechanics of how the story is set up.

When do you publish the next chapter?

so there is already a lawful character who represents the lawful route, where's the neutral and chaos characters to represent their routes?
Are there going to be ponies to sway the mc down those routes or other humans?

in Nocturne, the ending is based on who's ideals you side with. If you agree with the world the person wants to create, your ending will be that world being created. There is an ending for rejecting all of those ideals and siding with another character, but I don't want to spoil it in case this story convinces anyone to give the SMT games a try.

My story is more so based off of the way SMT 4 did it. Depending on the action Dale will take, it will affect his alignment. certain quests will sway alignments if completed or ignored, the way Dale also interacts with the characters of Equestria will also affect it.

This world was based on Matthew's dream world. I'll pull the curtain back just a bit and say this (Minor spoiler) The world favours Matthew because God created it for him and it was designed with him alone. Dale being in the world can show another side of the coin. There is no true "Bad" ending, there's just an ending for the alignment Dale ends with. if that sounds a bit vague right now, it was intentionally so. I just don't want to give it all away just yet :raritywink:

Possibly sometime in the next few days. I'm currently working on it and I plan to have it to be a decent length.

Dale and Matt are the only humans in the story, the other routes will be represented by other MLP characters. I haven't introduced them yet, but I will be relatively soon.

Well, seems like Dale has to wake up extra early... Great chapter by the way.

dammit matt, stop forcing the lawful alignment on Dale. You guilt tripped him hard into a lawful choice, then you force your way into his party to hopefully force your views onto him.

Also not cool rainbow, hit the guy who came back to help you. Just pointing this out cause if your going to call out Dale for his actions then I'll call rainbow_dash out on her bs.

Just realized that Matt’s pretty much the lawful hero since Dale wants to go on the chaos route so badly.

Damnit. I was hoping Dale would gets a chance to leave this bunch since they're kind of extra annoying. Was hoping he could get some me time, also was hoping he wouldn't really befriend them just have a good relationship with them since if you throw the word friend around like a cheap hooker it looses its value.
Also fuck dash. And Matt for forcing him into giving up his goals for other people

Despite the temporary comradery that is between the group; Dale still wouldn't call any of them his friends. This without giving away too much, Dale will have more times when he's alone.

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