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Set during the events of “Flight to the Finish”, Diamond Tiara has pushed Apple Bloom far enough by making fun her friend, Scootaloo, for her inability to fly. To settle the score, Apple Bloom decides to come up with a prank that Diamond Tiara would never forget. Unfortunately, she would soon have to realize that actions can have severe consequences and that there are other ways to solve problems.

This is a “what if” story, where instead of just trying to help cheer Scootaloo up, Apple Bloom decides to get revenge on Diamond Tiara to teach her a lesson about bullying.

Warning: This story contains several serious accidents involving the runs! Read at your own risk!

Rated PG-13 for gross humor.

Chapters (3)
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Comments ( 15 )

Boy, will Spoiled Rich not be pleased with her daughter for making friends with the CMCs.

Perhaps Spoiled might not approve of it, but Filthy will most certainly will. I’m just concerned of how Apple Bloom’s family will react when they find out what happened.

You’re right about that. But I’m pretty sure that she would also be ticked off at Apple Bloom for making Diamond Tiara have a huge accident in class.

They’ll probably ground her for a VERY long time!

When I saw the title, I thought (and hoped) this would be a story about "28 Pranks Later"

“Ah’m sorry,” Apple Bloom said.

“Unfortunately, that’s not going to cut it,” the principal said. “I’m going to have to suspend you for a week.”

Yep, I think Apple Bloom's gonna get a spanking as a result of her out-of-school suspension for what she did to Diamond Tiara.

Once the two bullies left the table and started poking fun on Scootaloo’s wings. Apple Bloom walked to the table and pulled a bottle of laxatives out of her saddlebag. She picked up Diamond Tiara’s canteen bottle of water and poured half of the bottle in it. As she closed the canteen, she giggled. Then she shook the canteen a few times and then walked away from the table and watched Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon go back to their lunches and resumed eating.

IMO, a thermos bottle would be more likely

also, you might wanna add a scat warning to the description

“Gah!” she shouted. “It’s in my mouth!”

Oh god no...

The ultimate case of "Two wrongs don't make a right". Especially since laxatives are not a harmless prank at all, they can cause severe dehydration if used in excess.

Well that was...something. The humor seemed to fall flat (although I personally am hard to please on that front), and Apple Bloom diapering her seemed kind of forced and unnatural and overall it didn't feel like anything really happened plotwise; just kind of uninteresting in my opinion other than fetish content, and I guess this specific mix of fetish content isn't really my thing (too...dry I guess, like it's very repetitive and focused on extremes without going over the feelings/details).

I understand your point. It's not going to continue being all about soiling diapers and changing them. The next few chapters are going to have some changes between Apple Bloom and Diamond Tiara's relationship with each other. The soiling and changing will be toned down over time. By the way, Apple Bloom had to change Diamond Tiara's diaper because it was part of her punishment and she was forced to accept her punishment.

You're right about that. But at least it was laxatives and not ipecac or eyedrops.

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