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Button Mash and his mother, Cream Heart, haven't spent a lot of quality time together. However, after Button Mash gets a new video game and Cream Heart gets a new exercise DVD, the two of them end up having a serious life change that helps them bond more as mother and son.

Rated G.

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Pardon me for asking but... where’s the Button Mash tag?

Edit: Nevermind. It’s added.

Aww this was really cute! Nicely written, with a great storyline. :twilightsmile:

I just fixed that. Sorry, I thought I entered it into my story.

What does Button never exercise with me?” she asked herself.

Why. Not what.

“I’m not sure,” Cream Heart answered. “Right now, we should sleep. Cats need more sleep, especially for kittens like you.”

As I remember, cats spend about 1/3 of their lives asleep.

By the way, this story gets 8 :yay:s. I hope for a happy future for them - and future stories from you.

Thanks. I just fixed that.

Actually, adult cats usually need to sleep for about 12-16 hours per day, while kittens usually need to sleep for about 20 hours per day. Lucky for them, their lifespans will remain the same as they were when they were ponies, so they'll still live their full lives.

That is definitely a nice out.

nice , short, sweet and simple.been a long time since I have seen a fic like this, especially after all these weird creepy and somewhat pervy fics that have been released on this group.nice to see some sweet fics rather than stupid infidelity fics that have been popping onto this group.thank you for this nice refreshing treat

not meaning to be rude, but I read your other books.whats with you and cat transformation?

I just think their shocking but cute.

Thanks. I just like cats. I thought that it would be cute for them to be cats.

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