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So... sequel?

Excellent story! Very well written with hilarity and hotness! The bean too! Hahahahaha!

Ha. Magic the Gathering.

Neat. Wonder if this is going to be a common thing? Maybe a upgrade to a herd relationship? It is technically possible...just as long as sunset doesn't noticed.

Wow, that's a legacy joke too.

The card probably involves tapping. Both kinds. Also, somebody call Majin.

Okay, that was hilarious as all heck, and I liked your characterization and casual integration of the worlds.

That was really well done. I thoroughly enjoyed that. You did a splendid job with the casual feel of the characters; much as friends would be like with each other. Great one-shot! I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel or something of the like of it either.


Love how the art plays homage to JoJo part 2

And so the Beanis was born. All hail Beanis.

*taps 2 blue islands* Counterspell on your demon summoning :D

I sense...We might see Ventress' human form soon in the sequel

Whenever Hypnotic Booty deals damage to an opponent, that player busts a nut at random?

I don't normally comment on clopfics, but with a chapter title like that, I'm practically obligated to. Especially when you managed to reference both the Triptych Continuum and the BCU in one sitting. Hilarious bit of misadventure, especially Pinkie's attempts to help and the casualness with which the group treats Vice Principal Nightmare.

Great characters and fun story—2 hoods up!

Laurel and Hearty looked at Oliver Tweed, and the young man did the only thing he could at that moment.

Is it bad that it took me until this moment to realize that their names, and appearances, are a reference? :facehoof:

A sequel is needed. Without question.

This was good. I enjoyed. Must have sequel.

succubus? more like


I'll add my voice to the many others requesting a continuation of this storyline.

There definitely needs to be a sequel. I loved this story!

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