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not bad for a one shot story. Even more it's not something that makes me cringe in terms of TF's, not a big fan of those, but not bad.

I would definitely love to see a longer sequel to this.

The further adventures of [you] and Krito could be a thing~ As implied, the poor broken little drone has more backstory to reveal.

A changeling clopfic with hermaphrodite theory is very rare. Mmmm...I like this. :pinkiecrazy:

This is the best thing. You say this is your first time writing clop? Stop lying to me! Stop it!

I have spent... A fair amount of time doing related things, but never actually wrote a whole story/scene on my own

Holy Hades in a handbasket, this was a delicious read. (Maybe not the most nutritious, but certainly had all of the right flavours for my palette!) Also, I love a second person fic where, especially when the focus is more mood than story, [you] has no actual explicit dialogue.

(I did this with Weekend on my other account and... Is it just me or is it somehow more challenging to write dialogue when half of it is implicit?)

Regardless, have a fave and a most interested watch. :pinkiehappy:

Heh, yeah, it was hard to not just drop into direct dialog, but i think i managed it. Not sure I could manage this writing format for a longer story, but it works great for shorter scenes. We'll see about the further adventures of [you], the generic raceless stallion, though :P

I hope to see more about Krito

Cute little story. Oh, and appropriately enough, my thumbs up was number 69

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