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Cover Art: By Unknown Artist

A simple google search of that image easily shows the source, though. Did you even try to find the artist whose work you used? Here's the source: http://ad-laimi.deviantart.com/art/DoubleFavor-sweet-time-525632609

Furthermore, the art you "stole" to use for your own personal use was somebody's commission. I really don't think that they'd like someone using it without their express permission.

There any problem is fixed deleted the cover art. I meant no harm, so I'll keep that in mind next time.

I mean, you can totally ask the artist/commissioner if you can use it. Chances are they'd say yes if you give them credit by linking back to the art on DA.

That's okay, I'm probably going to order a commission for some of my stories anyways, by the way big fan of your work.

They already are, tags for both Double Diamond and Party Favor are already there

Decent, but needs some serious proofreading.

read this one some hours ago & leave a comment! never knew party favor had a kinky side to him:)

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