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I primarily make YouTube videos, but I like to write too. This is where my pony writing goes. Typically adventure or dark, lots of OCs, consistent updates not guaranteed, batteries not included.


Have you ever been in that situation where your life just completely turns around, throws you into Equestria, and turns you into a Windigo? ...okay, that may be getting a little too specific.

I'm Arrell - well, that's what I'm called now. I used to be a human, and now I'm a Windigo. What am I doing? Well, aside from enjoying cold places, breaking the fourth wall, and occasionally getting involved with ass-kickings, not a whole lot. It's surprising how mellow life can be when you're in the body of a creature normally seen as demonic...of course, it's become a lot less mellow now that these articles have started showing up. Strange objects from other dimensions possessing unique and dangerous properties, and I have to retrieve them.

...all in all, could be better, could be worse.

[Chess Game of the Gods story. Sequel here.]

Chapters (56)
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Comments ( 689 )

Windigo self-insert? This has potential... :eeyup:

Seems good enough so far. Like and fave.

"Where did you get those?" She obviously pulled them out of the same space her saddlebags kept going in during Dragonshy.

"Where did you get those?"


I'm definitely liking this so far! I find it highly amusing that Twilight seems quite familiar with humans, as if she meets a new one every week. :twilightsmile:

"Arrell" seems to be aware that he's in a cliche fanfic, at least in a vague sort of way, which is quite funny. Perhaps during that missing three days he was reading various "Chess Game of the Gods" stories.

Also, a typo: "I only have a couple of thinks to bring up, and then I can help you out," Considering that this is Twilight, perhaps it's not a typo. :twilightsheepish:

1084426 Whoops, didn't notice that typo. Thanks! :twilightsheepish:

Also, given how this is a Chess Game of the Gods story, Twilight is already pretty familiar with humans, so it makes sense that she'd be so casual about it. Though I'm pretty sure she doesn't meet a new one every week, nor does she meet ones that don't know what to do with their life. :rainbowlaugh:

1085373 Well then, if it's part of the Chess Games, I'll be the first to say... *Ahem*

Welcome to the games friend, enjoy your stay.

So then, you might want to get over to the group and get this submitted to the story list... if you haven't already... :twilightblush:
Also, I just beat Trout to a greeting, FTW.

1086693 I don't think I'm able to actually add a story to a group unless I own the group (I tried), so I think I have to wait for whoever made that group to add my story. I already put a link in a comment, where people were posting links to their stories, so I assume I did it right. :twilightsheepish:

1086721 imageshack.us/photo/my-images/83/plan2jh7.jpg/sr=1

Good, all is going to plan then...1086839

Edit: Curse you picture, you were epic...
And my computer is going stir crazy... Sorry about the little spam session there... :(

1086842 No problem, though I can't see the picture you put. :twilightsheepish:

1086871 Replacement image, not nearly a good as the other...


I like this so far, it's interesting. I haven't seen many windigo stories.

I'm sorry, but it (doesn't really) needs to be said:

"You probably didn't mean to, but you must have subconsciously channeled your body to give off extreme amounts of cold air that forced her to let go and stopped her wings," she elaborated. "You were likely feeding on her hatred at the moment without even meaning to."

Nah, he obviously just thought that she needed to dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Rainbow_dealwithit.png chill out.

1101390 You win everything. :yay:

I ran from the library, narrowly avoided running into Pinkie Pie,

One does not simply "avoid" Pinkie Pie.

Great chapter and story so far, it's pretty interesting.

Might I suggest that Arrell helps Princess Celestia help Griffin to let go of his hate when it is time to do so? Maybe he can eat/absorb/siphon of some of the extra hatred.


Also, I just beat Trout to a greeting, FTW.

Beware of incoming trout-slap.

One thing that I've noticed: Windigos and changelings are probably closely related.
Windigos: Pony-shaped. Feed on hate. Posses the power to manipulate cold and ice.
Changelings: Pony-shaped. Feed on love. Engulf themselves in green fire during transformations.
Love and hate are actually very close emotions, and not polar opposites. It's possible to feel both at the same time for the same person.

Last chapter made it seem that Windigos may have a level of sentience, however, are unable to communicate with others outside of their species. This is one thing that leads me to believe that Windigos are also descendants of Alicorns. I also believe the same to be true for changelings. If this is true, and if what was said in what I believe was "The Bounty Catching, Freedom Dreaming, Winged Wolf Phenomenon" about the Elder Races possessing all of the powers of the races that they gave rise to is also correct, then Princesses Celestia and Luna, indeed, all Alicorns, should also be able to feed and survive off of both hate and love. Cadance should be able to as well, because even though she lacks the longevity of a true Alicorn, I believe that it has been said that she has access to the magic of Alicorns.

This is just something that has been on my mind, that I thought to be interesting, and that I decided to share.

1101574 I might use that idea, assuming I do a crossover with Griffin the Griffin at some point. I'm not sure if Blackwing would go for it. :twilightsheepish: And also, if you knew me in real life, you'd know that I can avoid ANYTHING. Pinkie Pie included. :pinkiecrazy:
1101767 I'm actually planning to expand on the whole deal with Windigoes and Changelings being similar in the future, but I never thought of them both being descendants of Alicorns. Pretty interesting idea! I'll give you a shoutout if I use it. :twilightsmile:

Zecora didn't finish her rhyme once. Try "I could not think of a better rhyme. It's difficult doing this all of the time."

1105783 Actually, she did finish it. "I did not have time to think up a better rhyme." It was just a shorter sentence.

Okay, I need a storyline. Because if this is canon, then Cinder might cross over. He's in Ponyville for about a week after the Gala.

1105826 I'm assuming what you're saying is you want to do a crossover if possible? If so, message me, and we'll talk about it, because I'm interested. :pinkiehappy:

1104031 I know that that idea would hinge upon Blackwing agreeing to it, but I just thought that it was an idea that I'd throw out there. Hard to believe, but congratulations on that. (Have an Awesome Face Pinkie Pie.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/Pinkie_Pie_lolface.png )
I was just playing off of what I had read of the Elder Races in TBC,FD,WWP and other things. It just kind-of makes a bit of sense. We know that at least Changeling queens possess sentience, and if Windigos are also sentient, then what is to say that they are not descendants of Alicorns in this universe. Is it any more of a stretch than Cockatrices being descendents of dragons?dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Queen_Chrysalis.png dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Luna_apple.png I'm glad to hear that you like my idea:twilightsmile:. Please do, I would appreciate it.:eeyup:

Whoa. Ra- Speciest, much? If she believes that not all humans are good, why isn't she rounding up more pieces? Is this a plot point?

1121725 No no no, that's not quite what I was going for. Here's what's going on:

1. Celestia knows that not all humans are good; if they were, then the humans that came to Equestria wouldn't have such bad lives.

2. Celestia senses evil coming from Ponyville, right after Arrell arrives. Arrell is a human.

3. Celestia puts these two together and believes that Arrell is one of the humans that cause bad lives rather than live them, and therefore tries to get rid of him.

It's not like Celestia would fire a beam of light from the sun and disintegrate Arrel... right?

Also, either A) Arrel didn't pass any ponies in his hasty departure -or- B) Nopony could care less about a Windigo running through town. I like the latter.

1122229 I already stated that ponies were screaming as he ran, so actually, ponies did notice him. :twilightsheepish:

And since this fic abides by Chess Game of the Gods canon, Celestia isn't able to do stuff like that, nor can she find where anypony is at any time. So really, while she could do anything if she's near the pony, as long as the pony's far away they're safe. So Arrell's in the clear...for now. :moustache:

1122272 Didn't notice (I'm like that)
As for Celestia... he doesn't know that. A princess walks up to and threatens you; you don' just shrug it off. Doesn't hurt she has the size advantage by a few hundred pounds and maybe a meter. Best case scenario, she's serious. Worst case, your friends stand six feet higher than you. That's what I'd think in his place.

Risk's horn can be fixed with a gem. I remember reading that gems are, or at least, were, used as horn replacements for unicorns who had lost theirs in this universe in an early chapter of "Griffin the Griffin". I believe that Griffin read that in one of the books that he stole from Twilight's library in one of the chapters shortly after he entered the Feline Jungle.

While reading this I was hit with an idea that I'd like to pass on. You know how you said that at this point, Arrell can only sense hate that is 1. Relatively close by, and 2. Mutual. I'm thinking that Arrell could use this ability to track down the people who hate each-other, and be a mediator. He could defuse situations, and help to prevent them from escalating.

I'm calling Arrell's new location: Manehattan.

Great chapter.

1125706 I know, but Arrell has my personality, and whenever confronted with a run-or-die situation, I bloody run. Even if Celestia could just track him down, he'll still take the chance. Even if the chance at being safe is slimmer than a piece of paper turned sideways, it's still a chance at being safe.
1126141 I remember that with the gems as well, and I'll be using or at least referencing that idea in the future. And maybe Arrell could be a mediator, but that's not going to be his full-time thing; I have that planned already. However, being a mediator could still be a part-time thing for him. Thanks for the idea! :pinkiehappy:


1128452 Just like the Ponyville citizens. When in danger, run; otherwise, run.

EDIT: Loved the new chapter, and the new 'companion'.

1129937 More like "when in danger, run; otherwise, make snarky comments". But close enough. :twilightsmile:

I'd say, don't insert pictures into the story, but you could probably make the images for you to refer to and keep in your head.

1130024 I'm definitely going to keep them, I just didn't know if I should put them in the chapters for readers so they could visualize the characters better.

1129994 Or troll.

1130037 Just put them @ the end. I no-one likes them, they can... ignore them.

1128452 Sweet. You're welcome. I wasn't saying that it should be a full time thing. I know that I suggested it, but there may be a possible downside/thing to watch out for while mediating. I'm not sure if Windigos always chill those that they feed from, but Arrell may need to keep himself in check and not simply drain all of the hate, especially as his power grows, to prevent accidentally freezing to death those that he tries to help. I'm glad that you like my idea and that I could help. :yay:Yay, I'm helping!:pinkiehappy:

1132210 Arrell probably won't get too much more powerful. First off, he won't try to feed on hatred, and secondly, he's too young to use full Windigo powers. As time goes on he'll get some more abilities, such as controlling when and how he freezes others, learning how to fly, etc., but he won't become overly powerful like regular Windigoes.

1132235 Oh, O.K.. That's good to know and it makes sense. Cool (no pun intended.)
Back to reading the most recent chapter for me. So far, I like the short parody at the beginning of the chapter by the way, I read it to the tune of the song.

1132260 I was gonna parody the whole song, but that seemed too long, so I just shortened it. I might make a full parody in the future. :rainbowlaugh:

1132271 The shorter version fits better here in my opinion. Don't just parody the whole song, get someone to sing it.:pinkiecrazy::trollestia:
Great chapter, I certainly enjoyed it. As to the pictures, I recommend just posting them at the bottom of the chapter.

train ..... i like trains
also LOL rpg style like a boss:rainbowlaugh:

1155812 I so need to make that joke now! :rainbowlaugh::pinkiehappy:

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