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I primarily make YouTube videos, but I like to write too. This is where my pony writing goes. Typically adventure or dark, lots of OCs, consistent updates not guaranteed, batteries not included.

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REALLY!? You're jumping that far ahead!? Gosh darn it RL, now I have to make the timeline look ridiculous

Do you realize how much empty space there is now? Like seriously, it's bothering me what could have happened in that time frame and how important it might have been.

3109613 That's the point of Arrell's side of the story; he explains what's happened since August 28th for him. Asylum's story will be taking place over the course of maybe a month or two, so there won't be a lot of timeskipping for her.


Well, i'm more worried about the other stories as well. With 19 stories nowhere NEAR that point in time, it begins to bother me. But you definitely have the right set-up for a mystery novel.

3109653 It's just my way of writing this story. The other stories might not be anywhere near being this caught up, but I've checked, and nothing major that would affect my story will happen in the time before Asylum's story begins, and I won't be making anything happen that'll force other people to include specific events in their stories.

Phew. As to how you're writing it, I think it's pretty cool. There's just a nit-picky part of me that's bothered by it. No worries.

piece of paper? what could this mean? "HELP ME"? oh shit, Slender Mane is here to play

next artical mask of 60's spiderman couses he wearer to not give a fuck

I'm trying to think of something related to Metroid that could work. My best guess could be a Morph Ball powerup, or a beam from Hunters, I dunno, I just want something related to Metroid.

“Apparently. The first victim found a piece of paper that said ‘HELP ME’ on it. The second victim found what looked like a rough drawing of a forest with a bipedal figure on it...the description makes me think of a human.” He shook his head. “They haven’t found any other bodies yet, but they’re pretty sure there’s bound to be more.”


Next Article: A big hammer with runes and norse inscriptions on it...

-Has both sex and gore tags

-Is still freakishly good

-confused but pleased.

Whats this? (reads discription) Oh well hello there this looks interesting :ajsmug: alright then off to the first one!

Article idea:The smosh teleporting fat guy teleporter wristband that makes anypony who puts it on teleport around singing and dancing :pinkiehappy:

an oil lantern that causes madness and a fear of barrels?

...why must the chapters be so short ):

3115387 So that I can publish them on a more frequent basis.

Maybe it's better for other people, but I just like long chapters.

And here I am, playing stop it slender on gmod. :derpytongue2:

Well, if Arrell did leave because of Slendy, then he's in his right frickin mind! You don't win vs. Slendy. Slendy ALWAYS wins.

3118052 He didn't leave because of Slendy. He found Slendy while he was leaving, and he left a note to help the others get rid of Slendy.

3118053 My previous statement about Slendy always winning still stands XD

3118055 Perhaps. I will say this: Slendy does not lose in this story, depending on what you would define as him losing.

3118063 Completely escaping. Like in the game
If you escape completely, you win and he loses..thing is though, you can never escape..so he ALWAYS wins.

3118066 I'll PM you so as to avoid spoiling it for other people.

3118974 He's not going to become a three-story-tall Windigo, no. He's gonna stay the same size, but he'll still evolve in terms of his powers.

holy crap; you're updating fast

3118976 you could say the sprite stays the same but he still evolves?

Yeah, he does, but it's not a 10-pages-long chapter either.

Oh and @RLYoshi: Dat cliffhanger. :moustache:

I haven't read a lot of fics from the CGotG universe, but so far, yours is my third favourite, after Griffin & Echo. Keep writing like this! :pinkiehappy:

The updates... Oh jebus.
Still short :v

3119448, a better explanation would be that he got a new move-set instead of evolving, like how Bulbasuar can get solar beam instead of becoming Ivysuar.

Pffft, small, that's what she said. Anyway, I approve of this scene so far. 7/10 would totally clop to this. XD To be serious, it is rather amateurish, but very well done for a first timer. I look forward to reading more. ^.^

I need more or im gonna start writing magical pages that will summon an entity to kill people. :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

its the 28 of August today

That submissiveness thing must become a Running Gag.

So... windigo having sex? How the hell did she avoid frostbite on her privates?

3123914 Alterspace. Arrell can make sure that doesn't happen.

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