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This story is a sequel to Free

An Anon-a-Miss sequel

While Sunset is in Equestria, going to Manehattan, a furious Twilight enters the portal to deal some damage to Sunset's so-called "friends", the Rainbooms, while them are on a downward spiral of self-hate and self-deprecation and still shocked about Sunset's video.
And while Twilight tries to get some answers, she finds out that sometimes the student can surpass the teacher.

Rated teen due to some swearing, talks of self-deprecation and such

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If one of them committed suicide that actually might break Twilight a little cause 1: she cpuld take blame for yelling at them like that and 2: Canterlot Wedding. Anyone on how literally everyone close to her just dumped her there on the spot? Sunset literally went through almost similar circumstances and Twilight yells at them but she doesn't even have the audacity to yell at hwr own friends for abandoning her at her brother's wedding.

I say Twilight is full of shit and really should check her privilege.😎

i LOVE I! It's a great fic, and i vote for Fluttershy to gain a full chance.
i love to see ehr go after Sunset, even crossing to another world to be with her as a friend or...more. :pinkiehappy::heart:

Pinkie Pie second to earn a second chance fully, the other three.....Not so much.

Will you do on focusing on the CMC and the aftermath of what they done and doing now?

msg me when the long fic is out please. I rarely check my feed and when I do I might overlook it. If you could it would be appreciated

To be fair twilight did come of as a nut job at the wedding so its atleast understandable why no one believed her twilight acts crazy when she gets a idea in her head so its easy to write her off as just having a fit

Still no one apologized to her after the wedding. Also she's kinda a ass to her friends as well. The Mare Do Well incident is a good example. Sure RD is a egotistical showoff who boasts about her accomplishments but turning her into a shattered revenge wanting wreak? And not apologizing for essentially ruining her life? Low blow Twilight. Low fucking blow.

9081700 i agree with you on that they do some mean crap to eachother this is why i like sunset so much she really appreciates friendship once she changes and does the whatever she has to to be a good friend honestly without twilight or sunset around i dont think they could function as a group they turn on eachother very easily

but I know that you would probably forgive Fluttershy and maybe Pinkie in a whim.

PLEASE be open to forgiving them, especially Flutters.

Sunset's diary buzzed, while the fiery looking amber unicorn was in the train from Ponyville to Manehattan.

How can Twilight open the portal if Sunset took her diary back with her to Equestria?:moustache:

Zael #10 · Aug 1st, 2018 · · 2 ·

Plot magic? :twilightsheepish:


Probably the long fic will have the CMC inside, after all, they will have to face their... demon - yeah, bad pun :pinkiecrazy:
As for Shy and Pinkie: while I do not have anything written right now, they will probably be the first two to be "tested". And even if there's not a full pardon just like that, they'll have a better chance than the others.
I'll see when I'll write down all the ideas.
Right now I have other short projects in mind, not linked with this series.

Both sisters were shocked to see the Princess, usually so friendly and well-spoken, so furious.

This is the mare who stood up against chaos incarnate. Who resisted, and fought to a standstill, a massive centaur who had previously absorbed practically every ounce of pony (and draconequus) magic in Equestria. Who continued to correctly believe something was wrong with "Princess Mi Amore Cadenza", even after her friends and teacher/mentor mistrusted and betrayed her (and she later forgave them for their betrayal). Who would, later on, be forced into several hideously-dark timelines without her friends and come out as sane as before.
Twilight Sparkle is a force to be reckoned with, and she knows all about being separated from her friends, Celestia and Luna. Hell, she will have to go through it again in the future, when she foolishly tries to steal from the Seaponies.

"They did bucking WHAT?!"

The Rainbooms turned against Sunset that's what:ajbemused:.

"You're too damn lucky WE'RE NOT IN BUCKING EQUESTRIA!"

Way to damn lucky...

"I should banish you all in the deepest cells of Tartarus for this. I guess you treated Sunset like a burden I gave you after saving your sorry asses at the Fall Formal. If I knew what would you all do to Sunset, I would have taken her back to Equestria right after the Battle of the Bands! You betrayed my trust in you, because I believed you were the exact counterparts of my five friends back in Equestria, and I saw wrong. But this doesn't excuse your actions towards Sunset! She bared her heart to me, and I read how much happy she was to finally have friends! AND YOU ALL FUCKED THIS UP, BECAUSE OF AN OBVIOUS FRAME JOB! Do you even have brains in those head of yours? ANSWER ME!"

Considering their actions, they definitely do not:twilightangry2:.

"All right, time's up. Now you will tell me everything. One by one. And I swear by Celestia I will slam your faces to the wall if you stay silent again."


"I… I at first believed Sunset to be the villain. But I thought… I thought she was innocent not long before this mess started. I remember how much I was bullied by Sunset, and I remember how I felt. And I saw Sunset as an exact… copy of myself. Then I knew she couldn't be Anon-a-Miss. I tried to stop the others, but lost hope almost instantly. I have… no excuses, and I couldn't bear to hear Sunset still kind to me in that video. I… I…"

At least you had you're doubts Fluttershy...and you tried to stop it:pinkiesad2:.

"I should bring laughter to everyone, instead I took that from Sunset, leaving only sadness and tears. And while I can't know how Sunset felt, I think that probably I'm going to feel like her. Having friends is not a great thing, if you can't keep them and make them happy. And I'm truly sorry I let Sunset through all this alone… I didn't believe she would really consider us friends, and probably even I, deep inside, didn't consider her my friend. And I feel like I could fall into the deepest level of Hell for that."

Well, this is coming from Pinkie Pie and due to how she acts...this is of no surprise:pinkiecrazy:.

"I know that I have no excuses, and I'm partially to blame, since my sister was one of the culprits. I just don't know what came to me. I remembered how Sunset acted and how she knew secrets but never spread them. It was a logical thought that she could spread them when she wanted, even if I couldn't find a motive behind this. I thought her cries for help were all part of the façade. My logic was wrong, and I admit it. Sunset must know that I am really disappointed in myself for having wronged her in such a way. A lady should know better than point fingers without proof, yet I did just that, and while I know I don't deserve anything from Sunset, I hope that she has a bigger heart than mine, to find even a little place for forgiveness."

To say what you did was unladylike would be a gigantic understatement Rarity:duck:.

"I fucked up. I fucked up really bad. I let our past with Sunset cloud my judgement, and the bad feelings for her that I bottled up in three years exploded like gas from a leak near a flame. I was one of the most active bitches in blaming her, I don't deny it, and I regret it so much. I was too blinded by my own wrong sense of rightfulness to see Sunset not as the one who ruled our school for three years, but as the girl who was in tears at the Fall Formal, at the girl who did everything to redeem herself, at the girl which mostly contributed to defeating the Sirens… and as the girl who most of all knew how bad was being alone without no-one to help. I fucked up and left her alone. I'm the one who should pay most for this… such loyal friend I am…"

As I said before, the only thing worse than a wounded enemy is a betrayed comrade:rainbowwild:.

"Ah think ah should be one of tha most sorry about this mess. Mah own kin started this, and Ah was too blind too see it. It was strange: Ah told Sunset mah old nickname, and it got posted like that, and Ah didn't even try to listen to her. Ah was honestly mad about it, and all tha fingers pointed to Sunset. So Ah didn't think and just threw mahself against her. Ah know Big Mac and Granny Smith believed it was strange, seeing how tha girl helped at tha farm when she had time, but Ah didn't listen. Ah honestly believed she was tha villain, again. And Ah know that Ah don't deserve to be called tha honest one, 'cause Ah fell into tha worst lie possible, and Sunset paid for it."

Once again, gotta hate that streak of Apple stubbornness and pride...:ajbemused:.

"Sunset, did you hear everything?"

Well, that was surprising:rainbowderp:.

"Well, to be fair, this function of the journal you discovered is much more useful than writing, but probably it has limitations. And answering to your question… yes. I heard everything those traitors said. And no, at the moment I don't have any little flash of forgiveness in me. I'll probably stay here in Equestria for a while, it's better like this. I don't want to be the bad girl anymore, Twilight. I don't want to return at the me pre-Fall Formal, but they need to know how much I suffered. And at least one of you, maybe two, even, are almost at that point. I'm not saying you need to arrive at the point where you just want to end it all, but I need you to know how much did you hurt me."

Yes they do Sunset...yes they do:ajsleepy:.

"That girl is too forgiving, and it's probably my fault. But I intend to make this right. You were lucky enough to be given a second chance, like I did with her. She passed my judgement, you didn't. Now you have switched places with her, and Celestia only knows how much pain she was through. You heard her tearful and cracked tone. She wasn't ready, yet she tried, because she really want to be your friend. It's all up to you now. She was graceful enough to give you this golden opportunity, which I wouldn't have given you even after a millenium. Try to meet her expectation, this time. Try to be her friends for real, if deep inside you, you consider her to be your friend or if you want to really try to be. Because sure as Tartarus, you didn't even try the first time. You're too lucky. Goodbye. And I really hope I don't have to come here again, if not for Equestria-related problems."

Or else Twilight will send you all to the deepest depths of Tartarus:pinkiecrazy:!

With that, she left. The Rainbooms sat there, astonished by Sunset's words and by Twilight's warning. They quickly got up and went home, all thinking about that. They could try for real, but it would be hard. They hoped they could try this "befriend-Sunset" thing for real.

They'd better, it'll have all been for not:twilightangry2:.

you are too good for your own good, but that proves my point: anyone and anypony, if it tries enough, can discover the magic of friendship. You said that right now you don't have any forgiveness for them, but I know that you would probably forgive Fluttershy and maybe Pinkie in a whim. You want them to learn this lesson, that friendship can endure even through the hardest challenges, and I'm really proud of it. I'm proud of you. I'm not saying I will release you from being my friendship student, but just know that you are really close to that. And I hope we can soon meet in pony form.

Me too Twilight...me too:pinkiesad2:.

This story felt too.... angry. The first story was better by a long shot. O get that Twilight would be angry, but it just felt a bit overboard here.

This was a fun trainwreck to read, and not in a good way.
Honestly it's been helpful to encourage me to write my own fic out of spite, because Lord do I hate these where Twilight is so disgustingly OOC and violent, and apparently no one understands how friendship in the real world works. If you lose a friendship every time someone makes a mistake, you're going to live a lonely life. (all the more ironic if Sunset is the supposed Element of Forgiveness. If the girls can forgive Sunset for trying to kill them and take over the world, maybe Sunset and Twilight can forgive them??)
Sure the girls fucked up, but this? This was ridiculous.

Well, to be fair in the show Twilight did some crazy things. Yeah, in most of the stories she might be OOC, but I guess at least I used it as a narrative expedient to bring up the guilt (at least my Twilight didn't just show up to beat people like I saw in other fics).
Sunset did all she could to really become friends with the Rainbooms, and in my opinion that comic didn't really got this argument very well: the CMCs did basically destroy a person using also the Rainbooms, which made a promise to Twilight to help Sunset. So, while in reality friendships doesn't really work that way, you're forgetting that this isn't reality.
The whole point of Anon-a-Miss fics is to give a more powerful (for better or for worse) ending, because that comic's ending was really ridiculous; and the forget-and-forgive method, applied to friendship, usually gets so many things piled up that can break friendships with even only the littlest argument.

So, even if I appreciate some constructive criticism, don't forget that this is the middle of the story, while Free was the beginning, and the long fic will be the ending (which might or might not include forgiveness) of my Anon-a-Miss series.
But anyway, if you're going to write a fic (even for spite), I'll try to be there when it's published.

Some spelling errors (or grammatical I guess since words are used in the wrong sentences) but either way they're both alright in my book. 😎

Yeah, that's the kind of problem you would have writing with some good liquor on the side, metal on the headphones and during the night without sleeping in days thanks to the blazing hot weather :pinkiecrazy: :rainbowlaugh:

I'll try my best to triple check everything next time :twilightsheepish:

Alright, I think it's time for a Kung Fu Panda/Anon-A-Miss crossover story, does anyone second that motion?

Basically the princess handed the rainbow a Death sentence on their next screw up. I smell two more stories coming

Sunset's diary buzzed, while the fiery looking amber unicorn was in the train from Ponyville to Manehattan. She always wanted to go into The Big Apple but while sneaking out of the castle in Canterlot was easy, to take a stroll into the city, taking the train was completely out of the question. She giggled: she was free now! While technically an exile and a criminal (even if Twilight reassured her that everything against her was null and void after her actions at the Battle of the Bands), there was almost zero chances this trip to Manehattan could go wrong. With her magic, which she noted being now red and no more teal, another thing she had to discuss with Twilight after her re-discovery of Equestria, she took out the diary, to see what Twilight wrote about her sudden return.

1 problem portals in ponyville... right?
I saw a story that could explain that... beyond the borders

while a handful of students said that they never believed Sunset to be Anon-a-Miss, backing that opinion with facts: why would she use her colors and her lineart for the MyStable avatar if she was actually the culprit? Why wouldn't she try to frame someone else? And most of all, they remember that while Sunset knew a lot of secrets about basically everyone, she never spread them, even when she threatened to do so, gaining favors through blackmail.

don’t you hate those types of people

Got to ask. How would magic powering a phone accomplish anything? With no signal it’s a data storage device with a few other function depending on the exact apps installed. Even if the portal allowed the signal to constantly pass through it would likely be so weak that you could at best get a message within a few yards of the portal itself.

Zael #23 · Sep 16th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Of course the portal is in Ponyville. My point was that Sunset, while she was still student of Celestia, couldn't just sneak out and go where she wanted.
Due to the portal merely existing, and due to equestrian magic being on "normal" Earth for a while (at least a few centuries, if we consider that Starswirl banished the Sirens a very long time ago), of course magic started flowing in the world. On the contrary, technology is, as far as we know, uncommon in Equestria, but as we saw on the show, things powered by electricity (like Coloratura's stage devices, or Vynil's musical devices) still exist; and while we can argue that it's a big plothole, we can just assume that magic is their "fuel". Based on this, we can suppose that a mobile phone, if brought in Equestria, could be used, using magic as its energy and signal source.

That would assume the signal source would interface with our own communication equipment. Also if Equestria had phone capabilities then both messenger journals and dragonfire would be obsolete and wouldn’t be relied on to the degree that they are.

Zael #25 · Sep 16th, 2018 · · 1 ·

Also, I think you didn't understand that they were using the journal as a phone, not that they actually use phones for their conversation.

I understood that. I’m referring to how Sunset has a line about how she still has her phone and could power it magically.

On that case, Sunset has her phone, yeah, she can power it up with magic with the process I explained earlier, but don't forget that nobody else in Equestria has it. So it's not a real concern, for mass building phones to give to everyone in Equestria would be a massive effort, and personally, I don't think that Sunset could replicate every single part of one. Not to mention that she might not know the materials used, and even if she knows, maybe they're not present in Equestria. Simple as that, she makes her phone work using the same principle the journal uses.
And even if she said she wouldn't answer, it could also have meant that she can't actually answer, but saying "I won't" is deeply different from saying "I can't".

Fair enough. I was only questioning if it was an empty assurance due to technological limitations. Also I wasn’t suggesting phones would be built across Equestria, just that if either Sunset or Twilight was capable of a better communication solution over the journal or dragonfire it would be odd for them not to use it.

To be completely fair, I don't remember if Twilight has a phone. But even if she has it, she probably doesn't have that much experience using it, so I think she'd stick with the journal.

In her case it would make sense to substitute over dragonfire. It’s faster and doesn’t require having Spike be nearby at all times. Also I’m not saying she would get a phone per se, I’m more referencing the idea that they could use the ambient magic of their world as a transmitter. You implied using that in place of a cell tower/satellite for Sunset to get messages from the human world.

That might be an actual good point, to be honest. I'll consider it when I'll write the third part of this series.

I feel we do need some more story on what Sunset is doing in Equestria. It would also be interesting if Sunset actually has to deal with being a criminal and exile. I mean, Celestia would lift the banishment, but the guard doesn't know that. I haven't seen that done before, now that I think about it.

And while I would like to see how Sunset deals with the rainbooms, the rest of the humans, etc, it has been done soooo many times before. So if you decide to focus on that, please try an make it unique.
I'm not trying to pressure you, but ever since Dainn's Anon-a-miss, it has been such a craze on this site. A good one, but it still is everywhere.

I'm still getting some ideas on paper, but I get your point. In the third story (which will be the final act, as a long fic), I will try to show a "different" kind of Sunset, her thoughts and her contradictions in Equestria, though some chapters will of course be on the human world.
I've been flying low on that because I wanted to write and publish the first chapter of the rebooted Shroudedverse, which is already uploaded and published, and I've started writing the second chapter. After that, I'll try to get down the first chapter of the Sunset trilogy, and I can assure you it's gonna be here before the month ends.

Some grammar issues but nothing a little editing can't fix. Still a very good continuation here. Hope to see further stories of this

Better yet....how the FUCK did SUNSET go through the PORTAL, that only opens every THIRTY MOONS, and SNEAK OUT OF CANTERLOT CASTLE?!?!

But then gets on the Ponyville-Manehatten line, yet the story implies she never met Twilight before getting on said train...

Have you watched Rainbow Rocks the portal was moved to Twiligth's castle and Celestia and Sunset's books can keep the portal open indefinately. Anon-A-Miss happens after Rainbow Rocks

Apparently we did. The author didn't.

Um you did say this

Better yet....how the FUCK did SUNSET go through the PORTAL, that only opens every THIRTY MOONS, and SNEAK OUT OF CANTERLOT CASTLE?!?!

...Because that's what the story said? Sunset snuck out of Canterlot Castle, somehow, through a mirror that would have been in TWILIGHT'S castle, without meeting Twilight somehow...

The writing is just a mess.

Okay I don't know how she got to Canterlot castle but in the first story she didn't sneak out she teleported out of the castle. This story is just not being very consistant, that's something the writer needs to work on.

9247653 9250843

Sunset's diary buzzed, while the fiery looking amber unicorn was in the train from Ponyville to Manehattan. She always wanted to go into The Big Apple but while sneaking out of the castle in Canterlot was easy, to take a stroll into the city, taking the train was completely out of the question. She giggled: she was free now! While technically an exile and a criminal (even if Twilight reassured her that everything against her was null and void after her actions at the Battle of the Bands), there was almost zero chances this trip to Manehattan could go wrong. With her magic, which she noted being now red and no more teal, another thing she had to discuss with Twilight after her re-discovery of Equestria, she took out the diary, to see what Twilight wrote about her sudden return.

Ehm no. As I wrote (and as it's explained in Free), Sunset did come out of the portal in Ponyville and at Ponyville she took the train to Manehattan. The part where I explain that she always wanted to go there it's her past, when she was still living in the castle in Canterlot: being the personal student of Celestia wasn't easy and a long absence would be noticed, so she just sneaked out of the castle every now and then.
To say it better, Sunset in the train from Ponyville to Manehattan is "present time". Sunset sneaking out of Canterlot Castle is "past time", before she left Equestria the first time. I hope it's all clear now.

That makes sense, looking forward to the sequel.

Yo! This is a super late reply but I just not realized I still had this tab open to remind myself to you know... reply.
Mainly wanted to say thank you for being so reasonable, especially since my initial comment was pretty mean (sorry, knee-jerk reaction). And even though I might disagree with your story/portrayals, I'm a big believer that people are allowed to write what they want and sometimes it's jun to got a bit chaotic. Because you're right, it's not the real world, so it's our chance to have some fun. I might keep following your fic (honestly haven't been reading much MLP lately, although Anon A Miss is a weakness of mine).
Anyway, thanks again for the cool reply and good luck with the rest of the fic!

And this did indeed help give me that extra little kick to get my own Anon-A-Miss story up and posted :raritywink:

Don't be sorry, I mean, I wasn't really offended by that lol
The third part is (unfortunately) still in the works for the first chapter, it had to be done for the end of october but I had tons of real life problems (plus a writer block) and got delayed. I do hope I can post it at least before the end of the first week of december.


9087581 well I have nothing to say on the trying to kill them but this is cartoon logic we are dealing with. As for sunset being in the wrong for not forgiving them that is a big wrong O . they bullied sunset over a couple of silly pictures and a nickname, and you may say that being the unoffical element of forgiveness means that she should forgive them the answer is no. while sunset was a bully she used fear. she made these boxes for them to fit in and they agreed she was not out to make them feel worthless she was trying to put them with people that have the same interests. while it may have been for her selfish gain she did not turn the whole school against them to make them suffer. by the way bullying like that leads thosands of people to kill themselfs. and the rainbooms would know this. so they were not on purpose trying to have sunset kill herself.

"I think this mess just opened our personal Pandora's Box."


Can something over there match twilight just to Shut her up

While I don't buy the reactions here as being canon in-character, I can see this as a logical consequence of the events of Anon-a-Miss. What a wasted storyline...

But yours is awesome. Twilight's reaction reminds me of something from an old Doctor Who spinoff:

"Back in the old days. I wanted to know about that Doctor of his. The man who appears out of nowhere and saves the world. Except sometimes he doesn't. All those times in history when there was no sign of him, I wanted to know why not. But I don't need to ask any more. I know the answer now. Sometimes the Doctor must look at this planet and turn away in shame."

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