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An Anon-a-Miss story.

As Anon-a-Miss turns Sunset's life a living hell, the girl endures it until something snaps inside her. She doesn't want revenge, but she wants to go out with a bang. And after a bit of thinking, she knows the perfect way to do that.

Warning: light profanity and thoughts of self deprecation and of violence

EDIT 11th July: wow, I didn't expect it to be in the popular stories. Thank you all guys! I had planned this as a one-shot fic, but I might write something as a sequel (or as a spin-off).

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Comments ( 19 )

Rainbow Jack

Should be Dash.

But I saved the best for the last, of course. Rainbow Jack

Rainbow Jack? :rainbowhuh: ...Is this an AU where Dash and Aj are one person?

And now, the one who hurt me most. Applejack

Oh. Dash just changed her name abit. :twilightsmile:

...Wait! How is Dash "Saved for last" when Sunset's rant on Aj is after Dashes? :twilightoops:

Whoops, made a blunder. And I triple check it too! Gonna correct it asap

Also, she saved those two as the "best", meaning they are basically equally at fault

Short answer to your last question: it can't.

On Fluttershy, I really can't say anything. Your insults were almost non-existent, I can see you just followed the trail of the others; maybe being the element of Kindness helped too. But I'll offer you this piece of advice: stop being so kind for your own good. Otherwise you'll end up like me now, alone. Maybe less of a smug bitch, though. You'll probably the only one I'll forgive.

Even betrayed, a reformed Sunset can't be too mean to Flutters. And in the process of typing this comment, did I notice the last line of forgiveness. :twilightsheepish:

Ah. Ok. You should probably put "Final two" in between the words "The" and "Best" or just "Two" after "Best" otherwise, some of the people are gonna think the same as I did. :pinkiesmile:

Or you could put Sunsets rant for Rainbow after Applejacks by simply copying it, erasing the original, and pasting the copy under Aj's. Whatever's easier, really. :twilightsmile:

Nice don't get enough fics like this great work.:raritywink:

This is a nice idea and honestly could become a full length story if you tried i hope you consider it . Also did dash call sunset she demon in the actual comic because thats cruel

So...in a nutshell, this is pretty much Sunset in a visual and detailed manner basically saying this:

1st to the Rainbooms
2nd to the CMC
3rd to the students
'You're cool' to Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna
and the 4th to the human world.

One word: Beautiful.

I like to see a second part, Twilight's reaction to what Sunset wrote and how she feels afterwards.

Thankfully, given what we seen in Forgotten Friendship, Sunset probably will eventually learn that she's not a criminal in Equestria, and Twilight can and certainly will offer a lot of help.

Sequel Please.

Now I'm curious, where is that scene from?

The film’s name is Half-Baked.

This is a beautiful story. Sunset has freed herself from those that have abandoned her, left them a note basically telling them to go **** themselves (minus Fluttershy, who got words of wisdom, and Celestia and Luna, thanking them for giving her a chance), and is now moving forward.

During the assembly/Sunset’s last message and the ending, I can honestly hear this playing.

And for the sake of it, here’s something for the post-story/after the ending, with Sunset walking away on the prairie.

OK decent story grammar wasn't that bad but it's too rushed. id work on it more expanding on it. hell a part 2 would do wonders for it

DNC #19 · Last Tuesday · · ·

You should write a Sequel for this. Its really good and i would love to see the path she walks.

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