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An Anon-a-Miss story.

As Anon-a-Miss turns Sunset's life a living hell, the girl endures it until something snaps inside her. She doesn't want revenge, but she wants to go out with a bang. And after a bit of thinking, she knows the perfect way to do that.

Warning: light profanity and thoughts of self deprecation and of violence

EDIT 11th July: wow, I didn't expect it to be in the popular stories. Thank you all guys! I had planned this as a one-shot fic, but I might write something as a sequel (or as a spin-off).

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Rainbow Jack

Should be Dash.

But I saved the best for the last, of course. Rainbow Jack

Rainbow Jack? :rainbowhuh: ...Is this an AU where Dash and Aj are one person?

And now, the one who hurt me most. Applejack

Oh. Dash just changed her name abit. :twilightsmile:

...Wait! How is Dash "Saved for last" when Sunset's rant on Aj is after Dashes? :twilightoops:

Whoops, made a blunder. And I triple check it too! Gonna correct it asap

Also, she saved those two as the "best", meaning they are basically equally at fault

Short answer to your last question: it can't.

On Fluttershy, I really can't say anything. Your insults were almost non-existent, I can see you just followed the trail of the others; maybe being the element of Kindness helped too. But I'll offer you this piece of advice: stop being so kind for your own good. Otherwise you'll end up like me now, alone. Maybe less of a smug bitch, though. You'll probably the only one I'll forgive.

Even betrayed, a reformed Sunset can't be too mean to Flutters. And in the process of typing this comment, did I notice the last line of forgiveness. :twilightsheepish:

Ah. Ok. You should probably put "Final two" in between the words "The" and "Best" or just "Two" after "Best" otherwise, some of the people are gonna think the same as I did. :pinkiesmile:

Or you could put Sunsets rant for Rainbow after Applejacks by simply copying it, erasing the original, and pasting the copy under Aj's. Whatever's easier, really. :twilightsmile:

Nice don't get enough fics like this great work.:raritywink:

This is a nice idea and honestly could become a full length story if you tried i hope you consider it . Also did dash call sunset she demon in the actual comic because thats cruel

So...in a nutshell, this is pretty much Sunset in a visual and detailed manner basically saying this:

1st to the Rainbooms (except Fluttershy)
2nd to the CMC
3rd to the students
'You're cool' to Principal Celestia and Vice-Principal Luna
and the 4th to the human world.

One word: Beautiful.

I like to see a second part, Twilight's reaction to what Sunset wrote and how she feels afterwards.

Thankfully, given what we seen in Forgotten Friendship, Sunset probably will eventually learn that she's not a criminal in Equestria, and Twilight can and certainly will offer a lot of help.

Sequel Please.

Now I'm curious, where is that scene from?

The film’s name is Half-Baked.

This is a beautiful story. Sunset has freed herself from those that have abandoned her, left them a note basically telling them to go **** themselves (minus Fluttershy, who got words of wisdom, and Celestia and Luna, thanking them for giving her a chance), and is now moving forward.

During the assembly/Sunset’s last message and the ending, I can honestly hear this playing.

And for the sake of it, here’s something for the post-story/after the ending, with Sunset walking away on the prairie.

OK decent story grammar wasn't that bad but it's too rushed. id work on it more expanding on it. hell a part 2 would do wonders for it

DNC #19 · Jul 17th, 2018 · · 1 ·

You should write a Sequel for this. Its really good and i would love to see the path she walks.

Damn, how did I miss this story!? It maybe a one-shot, but it's phenomenal! What a bait & switch, I thought Sunset had ended her life, when she said "Not in this world no more." But instead she want back to Equestria, that was very clever.

"Let's start with the first, or the most simple, if you want. Pinkie Pie, the one who brings joy, being the element of Laughter: I guess I should've laughed at your petty 'big meanie', 'faker', 'fun-stealing' insults. But the only thing I can laugh about now is you. How could you turn on me after we enjoyed so mush time together. I can fairly say that laughing at you now should be a national sport, because you're the real faker between us.

That's gotta really pop the bubbly ballon Pinkie's surrounded in:pinkiesad2:.

Now it's Rarity turn, the element of Generosity. Oh, I can clearly see how much generous were you, letting all of us use your dresses, but I guess no-one imagined how much money you made selling them, while we were basically a walking advertising. You think I'm a 'manipulative bitch'? Well then, you must be my boss, because there's no-one more manipulative and gem-obsessed freak than you.

Yeah, Rarity is way to obsessed with gems, money and fashion...and she is definitely a manipulative one. The main reason why she is not my favorite character:raritydespair:.

On Fluttershy, I really can't say anything. Your insults were almost non-existent, I can see you just followed the trail of the others; maybe being the element of Kindness helped too. But I'll offer you this piece of advice: stop being so kind for your own good. Otherwise you'll end up like me now, alone. Maybe less of a smug bitch, though. You'll probably the only one I'll forgive.

I'm not surprised at all that Sunset wasn't too hard on Fluttershy...even when she turned against her, like the rest:fluttershysad:. Even in a time like this, she couldn't really be mean to her...and neither could I:pinkiesad2:.

But I saved the best for the last, of course. Rainbow Dash, you wrote that I'm a 'she-demon'. I cried so much for that, you know, I literally cried until my eyes were dry. Such a deep insult, from the element of Loyalty; but yes, now that I think about it, I was a she-demon and probably I still am in some parts of my soul: you don't know how much I'd like to bash your stupid face into a wall, repeatedly. They say that loyalty is its own reward: so I must guess you are empty handed at the moment?

She is, she totally is:rainbowderp:. The only thing worse than a wounded enemy, is a betrayed comrade, and that's exactly what Rainbow did here:twilightangry2:.

And now, the one who hurt me most. Applejack. The element of FUCKING HONESTY. I don't even know where to start with you. You should know when a person is honest, yet why the hell you didn't believe me? Did you forget how to use your brain? You were really the worst amogst them. While I could pass off their accusations and their insults for a bit, I couldn't do it with yours. Because they were honest. You honestly believed that I was the culprit. You honestly thought that I could be again the villain to defeat. I now honestly think that you should fuck off and think about what honesty stands for, because you clearly forgot it."

My only guess is, that Applejack either knew deep down in her heart that Sunset wasn't lying and just didn't want to admit it, or she wanted some excuse or reason to ditch Sunset once and for all. My money's on the former...gotta hat that stubborn thick headedness and pride of her's:ajbemused:.

Basically Sunset, in this story, in a nutshell:

Seriously, this needs a Sequel. Where Sunset goes on a self-discovery trip through Equestria or somewhere else and Princess Twilight:

a) Respects Sunset wish not fo find her and is blaming herself.

b) She attempts to find Sunset regardless to show her that she really cares.


Well, the fic Sadness is a sort of sequel, which will be the foundation for the long fic that I'm preparing (though there will be a little to wait, it's still just ideas on paper). The two kinda interact about that.

There is no way in heck any school administrator anywhere would project Sunset's DVD up for everyone to see. Allowing a student to use school resources to humiliate their classmates in an act of revenge is a huge no-no. Assisting said student would be a firing.

They'd watch it, make their own investigation of the CMC to find out if Sunset's accusation is true, and keep it under lock and key in whatever passes for an evidence locker. The Mane Five might, *might* be allowed to see it at some future date.

It'd be one thing if Sunset put this video up on the Equestria Girls version of YouTube (she had the video on her phone already, even!) and another if she sent it to the principals and left without knowing what they did with it, but the scene in the auditorium is completely absurd.

so you beat me to my comment lol but yay somebody agrees with me

Good to know Fluttershy's off the hook.

You are talking about the same school that allowed Twilight to attend the school as a "foreign exchange student" without even checking their papers to see if her claims are true. Can get away with not telling that the front of the school was destroyed. Got away with making a students repair the very same front (by the way Sunset ,Snips and Snails did a good job. they could have a future in construction.). Let three more exchange students in without checking their papers even from learning from last time. Was obliviose to the unfairness of a privite school Vs a public school. Also ovbliviose to what a winning obsessed jerk crystal preps principal is. And after Midnight Sparkle happen still was concerned about the score of a event And lets students running around with magic without telling their familes.
so I am not surprised at the fact that Celestia and Luna put up that video for the school. cause they are not good at their job.

also I forgot to mention, that these are the very same administrators that fell for glued on cutouts. which shows how easy it is to use them.
I rest my case:moustache:

You know, that's fair enough. The staff at Canterlot High doesn't exactly deserve any awards for outstanding school administration.

This was really quite messy. It was sloppy all-around and could really use an extra pair of eyes or two to help proofread. On top of that, the pacing was pretty breakneck. It just moved right along and took no time to develop smoothly from one point to the next. Between the pacing and the mechanics, I just couldn't get into what remained of the story.

Damn, I’m just glad she spared the innocent people.

Regarding Twilight, if they had done a search in the computer for student records, Twilight Sparkle would have come up as a Crystal Prep student. Would Principle Celestia allow such a student to attend/ghost classes in hopes that Crystal Prep's top student might transfer? Good possibility. Granted that some of the other stuff is kind of out there. A wall collapses and they make an injured student repair it... Heads would roll, as the saying goes.

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