• Published 16th Dec 2017
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Let It Rayne on Christmas Day - sparkleblade1205

Rayne was a very misunderstood filly and all she wanted was for everypony to feel the way she felt..... especially on Hearth's Warming Day.

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xx rayne xx

Today is sunny and warm. Except for all the snow.

Snow was kind of like rain, which reminded Rayne of when it rained on the day her family died. Rayne hates rain, but she really hates snow, because it's cold like her heart. Snow is like embittered rain.

"Hello Rayne" squeals Pinkie Pie, jumping out of a tree. "Isn't today such a super wonderful super duper super day super?"

Rayne hides behind her long crimson mane with black highlights and gives her the look. "No it's not please leave me alone."

Pinkie Pie's mane deflates like a really bad souffle and she runs away crying.

"That wasn't very nice darling" Rarity says as she walked up fabulously.

"Neither is your dress" Rayne replies and keeps walking because she is going somewhere.

Rarity faints onto a nearby couch, then cries into a bucket of ice cream. She is so offended she doesn't even point out that she isn't wearing anything today.

Rayne hates this day so much. Everypony is so full of Christmas Warming cheer but can't they see that this day is full of pain? All the lonely orphans like herself? They don't have any trees or stockings or presents to open. Especially Scootaloo. She was one of the only ponies who truly understood Rayne's suffering. It made Rayne happy to not feel so alone, especially to know that somepony was grounded just like her hopes and dreams. Literally.

While walking through the Ponyville park, a patch of sunlight burst through the clouds to illuminate a happy stallion. He was delighted by the suffering of little orphan Scootaloo.

"Hey" Rayne yelled "Don't pick on her. She';s just an orphan. That means she has no parents."

Blueblood looked up at the sky, his brilliant mane fluttering in the wind. It was golden like gold. It made her heart flutter, like his mane, but kind of more like a butterfly.

"She got mud on me" he said with disdain.

"Did not" Scootaloo said, and Rayne belived her.

"I believe her" Rayne shoved her face in Blueblood's, ignoring how hot her face was. "Maybe you should apologize."

Blueblood looked into her eyes and he saw her payne and her beauty of her soul and the white unicorn stallion looked down at the ground. "I am sorry"

Then all of a sudden a lavender unicorn appeared in a flash of light... it was the princess of friendship!~! "My friendship problem senses are tingling!"

"Hey you can't say that" Rayne pointed out "I don't mean to rayne on your parade but that's copyrighted"

Twilight put a hoof over her mouth and blushed. "whoops yes I meant to say I smell a friendship problem. Anyway what's going on"

"Nothing" Scootaloo said smiling brightly despite the reality that she had no parents and couldn't fly. "Blueblood and I were just playing around. It's all okay."

"Yes" Blueblood smiled "And now I'm going to take Rayne on a date."

Rayne gaspes as her face turned super tomato red. She felt so hot that she could melt all the snow around her and she was now standing in a puddle. "Whaaaaat?"

But before Blueblood could explain, a country bumpkin voice hollered, "Y'all hungry? Y'all look hungry. Y'all it's cold out an' I got me some warm apple pies."

Rayne's stomach growled super loud. "Wow now that you mention it I am so hungry."

Blueblood however was not interested and walked away. Rayne didn't understand why she is so sad to see him go. A part of her hoped she would see him again, but as the snow fell all around her she remembered that she was sad.

Overhead there was a loud sound of some kind of screaming and Twilight gasped. "Oh no! Rainbow Dash was going to perform her new Triple Sonic Rainboom today but it sounds like it's not going to plan!"

They, Rayne and Twilight and Scootaloo, all ran to get on top of the highest hill. They watched as Rainbow Dash spiraled to the ground. Her wing was broken!

Rayne knew about broken things. Broken hearts. Broken families. Broken hopes. Broken dreams. Broken promises. She knew what to do.

"RD" she yels "Stop letting it hurt you and it won't hurt you anymore!"

Twilight frowned. "That's not how it works."

Rayne frowned back at her. "Trust me."

So Rainbow Dash tried really hard to not think about the pain in her wing and soon it didn't hurt as much. IT did hurt when she hit the ground though.

"Oh no" Scootaloo cried and scootered over to the crater that was once Rainbow Dash. "Oh no, Rainbow was my idol. She was the only thing I had to look forward to every lonely day. Now what am I going to do?"

"Now you're just like me" Rayne said under her breath. "I'll adopt you. We can be family together."

Scootaloo cried with happiness as her new sister held her.

Twilight claps her hooves and yelled "It's a friendship hearth's warming miracle! I need to get back to my castle and record this for science to report to Celestia." So she flew away leaving the new family, but she was so excited that she took off too fast. The blast from her excitement shook the ground and sent shockwaves into the town!!

Scootaloo cried with fear. "Rayne what are we going to do, those shockwaves are headed right for everypony I love!"

Rayne let go of her and could not believe what she was hearing. "But I thought you loved me? I thought we were family? If you love other ponies then you don't understand me at all. I'm sorry but I can't adopt you."

Scootaloo cried with sadness.

Buildings began to fall in Ponyville into the shockwave craters. Soon everything was on fire and the snow was melting into water. Rayne watches it all burn bvecause Celestia is too busy eating cake. Again. That's why she's fat.

"Rayne" Blueblood yelled as he runs toward her. "Rayne I have to save you"

Rayne turns away from him. "You can't. Nopony can save me. Because inside my soul is sadness. You see, this is just like the Christmas where my family died. There was a fire just like this. Except it was only burning one building and not all of them. The fire department never knew who did it."

"But Rayne I love you"

"I can't love you because I'm torn apart by not knowing who killed my parents." 😢

Blueblood looked ashamed, then summoned up his courage to say "I killed your parents!"

"Now I know..." said Rayne, overcome by payne, as she began to kiss him.


Author's Note:

this is my first story please no criticism. like and subscribe for more ok?

also rayne is my oc please don't steal or I'll send her after your soul


behind the scenes:

me: lol rayne you are so emo!!
rayne: ugh could you stop this juvenile stuff and just get back to writing
blueblood: its ok honey she doesn't know any better
me: awwww now kiss
rayne: we already did

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This is so beautiful :fluttershysad:

Beautiful. I have tears in my eyes.

This is truly a masterpiece.

I look forward to reading your future works.

It's here! Awesomeness!

That artist of yours sure is... uh, good

Best story of the year! Really gets in the Xmas spirit

Best Christmas story ever.

I have no words for this. So amazing

Wow, this was deep. I could really feel the pain and suffering of Rayne, hope she'll be okay.

still a better love story then twilight

It's almost like you wrote this in 45 minutes.

Best first find I've ever read!


Everypony should read this at least twice.

I've already read it 5 times. I will live my life from this day on based off this masturpiece

I am proud I live in a day and age where this exists.

It is so frustrating when I come across stories like this in the featured box.

I read them and just have to ask myself, "How?" How is this possible? No matter how long I've been writing I know that I'll never produce anything like this.

Perhaps one day I'll be this good. It isn't today though.

I dun kno how you write so awesome characters bu i luve it soooooooo ,mUCH!!!!! PLEASE kep writing more!!!!!

Hemmingway be damned, you’re the real literary genius here.

This is beautiful!

I laughed. I cried. I experienced a roller-coaster of emotions beyond words or imagining. Truly a masterpiece for the ages.

Majin Syeekoh



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W-what just happened?
And what did I just read?


Ummmm... did rainbow dash die?<(-_-<(
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I want this to be read at my funeral. No story on the face of the Earth has ever evoked such deep and complex emotions from me.

I cam-... cried. I mean cried.

Rayne? As in Blood Rayne?

Fimfiction is dead to me.

This. This is. . . . . . . . . . . something I have no words for. I can't even tell if I like this fic or not. It's just. . . . . . I can't form a coherent sentence in my head to describe how I feel. That is not an easy thing to do. I think I have encountered only one, at most two, other instances of mental shutdown at this level after reading a fic on this site. Good job.

And like that, Skittles died. And nobody cared.

I feel there's something to be said about this and how a wonderfully exquisite effort is this for a goal that I do not know. But I am not going to be the one saying it.

Whatever it is that should be said, it's my time to highball it and wait to see where this roll.

All right, who's behind this? Whose alt is this? :facehoof:

Because this is way too carefully-crafted bad to be real :rainbowlaugh:

egged my pants?

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