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the rain may fill the holes in the streets but it will NEVER fill the whole in my heart


Rayne will never forget her first and last Hearth's Warming Christmas.

It was the day that she lost her entire family.

So why does everypony want her to be happy on this really sad day? Including that super cute stallion who's new to town...

written by: me
cover from: my best friend bappu
help of: everyone

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This is so beautiful :fluttershysad:

Beautiful. I have tears in my eyes.

This is truly a masterpiece.

I look forward to reading your future works.

It's here! Awesomeness!

That artist of yours sure is... uh, good

Best story of the year! Really gets in the Xmas spirit

Best Christmas story ever.

I have no words for this. So amazing

Wow, this was deep. I could really feel the pain and suffering of Rayne, hope she'll be okay.

still a better love story then twilight

It's almost like you wrote this in 45 minutes.

Best first find I've ever read!


Everypony should read this at least twice.

I've already read it 5 times. I will live my life from this day on based off this masturpiece

I am proud I live in a day and age where this exists.

It is so frustrating when I come across stories like this in the featured box.

I read them and just have to ask myself, "How?" How is this possible? No matter how long I've been writing I know that I'll never produce anything like this.

Perhaps one day I'll be this good. It isn't today though.

I dun kno how you write so awesome characters bu i luve it soooooooo ,mUCH!!!!! PLEASE kep writing more!!!!!

Hemmingway be damned, you’re the real literary genius here.

This is beautiful!

I laughed. I cried. I experienced a roller-coaster of emotions beyond words or imagining. Truly a masterpiece for the ages.

Majin Syeekoh



*blinks again*
W-what just happened?
And what did I just read?


Ummmm... did rainbow dash die?<(-_-<(
Still favoriting

I want this to be read at my funeral. No story on the face of the Earth has ever evoked such deep and complex emotions from me.

I cam-... cried. I mean cried.

Rayne? As in Blood Rayne?

Fimfiction is dead to me.

This. This is. . . . . . . . . . . something I have no words for. I can't even tell if I like this fic or not. It's just. . . . . . I can't form a coherent sentence in my head to describe how I feel. That is not an easy thing to do. I think I have encountered only one, at most two, other instances of mental shutdown at this level after reading a fic on this site. Good job.

And like that, Skittles died. And nobody cared.

I feel there's something to be said about this and how a wonderfully exquisite effort is this for a goal that I do not know. But I am not going to be the one saying it.

Whatever it is that should be said, it's my time to highball it and wait to see where this roll.

All right, who's behind this? Whose alt is this? :facehoof:

Because this is way too carefully-crafted bad to be real :rainbowlaugh:

egged my pants?

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