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Forget the Words and Sing Along! | (Commissions)

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Had writer's block. Wrote this to get rid of it. Now I'm going to have pizza with my pops. I hope none of you folks read this piece of shit!

Go ahead bud. we will not read this... promise :pinkiecrazy:

sum fuck. yes?////////////////////

Good story but I saw a grammatical error.

"was both did and didn't have control over them."

Taking out the "was" would go a long way.

"both did and didn't have control over them."

Damn! Someone should really do an inventory check on old shit like that!:moustache::facehoof::trollestia:

Good job. Now go get so fresh air!:flutterrage:

Holy shit, man. For something written hastily to get rid of a block, and for something that wasn't proofread, this was very evocative. I'm gonna keep it on my bookshelf; this is one to keep thinking about.

Thank you for the kind words.

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