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Hi, I write primarily fetish erotica. If you like those things, especially the some of the taboo stuff, you've come to the right place!

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My first fic ever so if you spot any grammar/spelling/etc. Feel free to let me know so that I may fix them immediately. (Also feel free to give me helpful criticisms, this is a big learning experience for me.)

Hope you enjoyed! Much more coming! (Expect some of the more hardcore fetishes soon)

Dude, if you already know there are haters for this sort of thing, you can't be too mad. Some fetishes are just a bit too extreme for people and its to be expected that a bunch of dickheaded elitist snobs will downvote your stuff without giving it a chance. Trust me, as a crossover writer I know.

Just so you know, colored text is a great way to get downvoted. We can already tell who is speaking, so that's just unnecessary. Same with bolded text or text in all caps.

Thanks for the useful advice. I had no idea people had problems with it but I will definitely keep that in mind for future chapters. Would you recommend I edit this chapter and change it? Or just leave it as is?
Also: Love your stuff.

Yeah, definitely edit this chapter. It'll help you in the long run.

Also, you should actually provide a description of what happens in the story in your description. Filling it with warnings and spoilered text that tells us nothing of the contents of the story is bad and will hurt your chances of getting the story read.

(Inb4 scat hate squad mobbing the dislike button as usual)

Delete this.

Disclaimer: All characters depicted in 'situations' are 18 or older.

You don't need this at all if your story page doesn't allude to underage characters.

Made the changes you suggested, if there's anything else, do tell. Thnx again.

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Well shit... your description actually looks pretty good now! Definitely a lot better than before.

Thank you! Working on next chapter now.

Sooo...was this a dream or what?

You sound like Amy from Kitchen Nightmares.

Oh, I remember that episode!

"All these haters attacking us online!" WE HAVE LOVE AND YOU HAVE NOTHING!"

Awesome, can't wait to see what insane things this fic brings!

This type of fic isn't my cup of tea..... or at least, that my cover story. I'm actually quiet intrigue and is curious if you plan to add any major twist to the story itself or do you plan to keep it somewhat in the "cannon" story?

It wont be just riding on the cannon for too too long. I have a branching path in mind.

SSSoooooooooooo when do we get to the wince-... I MEAN incest part?
...I hope is foster sibling dragon x pony fucking going on...

Patients young Padawan, good things come to those who wait...

Glad you're enjoying it, a new chapter should be out sometime tomorrow if college doesn't clog my day.

I was inspired while writing this chapter to make a side chapter describing the comic issue Spike reads. Currently in progress and should come out at around the same time as the next chapter.

Ok I'll admit that chapter was pretty cute :heart: :derpytongue2: :heart: Now let's get to the dragon x pony "hardly incest but still wincest" mating! Hopefully on the next chapter!

Can't wait for some really insane messes lol

Please pay no attention to the downvotes. Content aside (none of which I have any problem with), your writing is done well. Your paragraphs aren't never-ending run-on sentences, you capitalize everything that is appropriate, and you use proper punctuation. Your technique is pretty solid.

Thank you! Also, no worries, if anything I find it kinda interesting actually. The upvote/downvote ratio appears to fluctuate slightly but always keeps to a pattern of 30 in between. Whenever new likes are made, new dislikes are made to counter it usually around a few minutes to an hour later. Intriguing stuff.

Still, workin on that Power Ponies side chapter so have a longer chapter until then. Enjoy!

I'll have to do my best to not get noticed, lest I deal with some stallion trying to flirt with me

"Hey baby, Is that some fine chocolate in those panties, or are you just excited to see me?"
- Some Stallion

I'm glad you continued this. Fuckin' love it.

Btw, Power Ponies side chapter should be out by Wednesday night at most.
Stay Tuned!

Edit: Had a better idea and ended up re-writing a section of it, will be out soon though. I think you will like the different version anyway.

It's getting there, I've been weighted down with college finals so I've been a bit distracted. I'm planning on releasing both the side chapter and next main chapter by the weekend if possible. Sorry for the long wait.

Update: Side Chapter and Next Main Chapter out tomorrow. Currently finishing up the side chapter now, If I manage to get it done in time I may post it tonight.

Next chapter in the main story should be out by tonight hopefully. Plus exams are over now so I won't have college classes to worry about for a few weeks.

First time commenting but this story is amazing! Can't wait for the next chapter!

On an unrelated note anyone reading this happen to play Stellaris?

Never heard of it but nice chapter! Can't wait for the next!

Also not sure why but your new chapter isnt showing up in the updated list

Also I'm a bit surprised Twilight didn't have to fart from eating "All that pie" or when Dash crashed into her!

Oh trust me, there will be consequences.

At that point, she had gotten worried about being late for the train so she didn't wipe a well as she probably should have. She could feel a slight stickiness between her cheeks but the smell wasnt strong enough for her to be worrying about it.

I knew I was here for a reason.

A miracle! 2 chapters in 2 days! Good going man.

Next chapter out tonight, also publishing a separate requested/commissioned story so you can check that out once it drops if you are interested.

How does one turn this:

into words?

Good chapter as always. Ending on a cliffhanger was a bit painful, but introducing the other characters in all their sexy glory more than makes up for it.

To the Golden Oaks Library[/]

You got continued italicization past this point.

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