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Hi, I write primarily fetish erotica. If you like those things, especially the some of the taboo stuff, you've come to the right place!

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‘Ew’ was kinda the whole point of the story. Were you expecting something else?

Unless this "Teneluxes" had anything else useful to contribute to this conversation...

Checks his profile to see that has indeed not contributed anything to this site or its community.

Mhmm. Didn't think so. I know I have learned something from this; trolls come in all shapes and sizes, variations and colors, and ignorance and aggressiveness.

I wonder when these trolls will finally realize that it's not smart to throw stones at glass houses? You've got an estimation for me, perhaps?

I love it. Horses masturbating in messy diapers is my favorite thing in the world.

It feels a little cut down. Like it's a summerization. Just what exactly is happening? Also that they enjoyed it kind of came out of nowhere for Luna.

It's good, but I do want to echo the sentiments that it feels like you left a lot on the table compared to your normal stories.

Excellent! I love the twist that neither sister disliked their "punishment". Very good, Odlaw, as always.

Gross... yet a little interesting. I have a similar story like that, but it’s E rated. Feel free to read it

I had someone do that to me too! And also unliked all of my stories that I’ve written. That’s really fucking annoying!

Some people are just cunts. Just accept it and move on. Though I'm not the biggest fan of our communities, mostly due to the toxicity, apathy, and general cowardly selfishness. I remain for my friends.

All this does is break down our community. We're at the cusp of total collapse. Nobody cares. Why? Because it's not their problem. I've noticed that mostly the insecure, the needy, and the dishonest often become Furries and Bronies. Our idiosyncrasies that I've witnessed have displayed these traits to me. The truth is what you see with your eyes, not what you hear. Forget the base elements of harmony, Uncle Xombiekilla is about to educate all of you:

- Toxicity (Laughter)
- Cruelty (Kindness)
- Avarice (Generosity)
- Hypocrisy (Honesty)
- Cowardice (Loyalty)
- Manipulation (Magic)

This is what I witness, every day. It's sad. We're also rocking apathy, BIG TIME. Nobody cares about anybody else but themselves. Got a problem? Too bad, it's not our problem. Keep your "drama" out of our servers. Furries and Bronies suck so badly that they'd make Kirby jealous. If I had indulged into their transparent dishonesty, I should run for Congress.

To be honest; I agree with you. Especially that Israel is gonna get wiped out eventually due to its riots. And America is gonna go down the drain because the new president is disarming the entire country.

Not to mention that it’s not just those two communities, but every community. For example; Call of Duty; flat out toxic in anyway possible; especially in zombies and multiplayer too.

All are like this, true. But for me, the biggest offenders of this have come from the furry and brony communities. I completely understand why so many adult shows make cringy satire about us to slam us.

I understand why many of my good friends have already left- they got sick of the bullshit and I don't blame them. I understand why most people that see us often tend to treat us like outcasts, freaks, and weirdos.

Do I agree with their bigotry towards us? Absolutely not. Can I see why they act the way they do to us? Yes, unfortunately.

To be honest; it just makes me sick on how some of the people in our community are just nothing but douchebags; am I right?

Also; hey; if you don’t fucking like what we like; then fucking wake up for fucks sake! This is real life; not fantasy you moron!

I mean honestly man; these types of peoples that’re so fucking judgy; it just makes me wanna punch something... .

It's not a matter of not liking what we like, it's that big entertainment companies slam us because of the way we act towards others. That's my point; what others do is out of retaliation from what we do all the time. We expect to have love, tolerance and acceptance, but look at what we do in return. Respect and trust are both a two-way social transaction. Both have to be earned.

If we act toxic, then so too will everyone else. If you create negativity, then you get negativity. I'm surprised that most people don't realize this. Both the furries and bronies are equally as bad as the other, and vice-versa. What did we expect was going to happen? Hugs and kisses? Maybe if we were respectful, perhaps. And the majority that do realize, don't care. Most know exactly what they're doing. These aren't just thoughts based on impulsive behavior. These are thoughts that were premediated, well in advance.

So they can drop their ignorance card, it's not going to work on me, I'm afraid. You learn how to treat people right in Kindergarten, so there's no excuse. It's not my fault if their parents didn't raise them right.

I'm about to drop a HUGE truth bomb onto you guys about me. You ready? I'm autistic. It's true. Not only that, I rarely ever get much time out of my home- save for weekends and that's only to hang out with my mom when she's off of work. So I have very minimal exposure to the social system outside. Hermit and introverted would be two very accurate assessments about me.

Even though I have both ADHD and Aspergers Syndrome, I still manage to meet every day to the best of my ability. This is usually not an issue for me, but it can be a challenge from time to time. I've got the social skills of a wet noodle, and even then, I can do better than what we have shown, even on my worst day and those can get pretty bad, too.

At least I can say that I was raised to value friendship and loyalty. I was raised to be an honorable person. Thank god I have a good head on my shoulders. I've seen the things that we like to do and gees god, I thought my problems were bad. Both fandoms have consisted of the best and the worst humans that I've ever met in my entire life. And I thought that High School was bad, and that place sucked badly.

In conclusion: If I can manage this with some considerable effort, mind you. Then I see no reason why nobody else can't.

Yeah you see; this is the problem here... . Like; I’m autistic too, and yet no one knows about it or even thinks to care... . Do I have a problem with my emotions? Probably. Am I crazy? Kinda! But was I ever the person who can be blamed upon? Of course! And if you want to know why I’m like this? Then fucking ask me what’s wrong! And why was I like this?! I didn’t choose to; I was born with this condition that’ll never get better, or change for the fucking better either!!!

Seriously though; like; I hate it when people make fun of us because of our disabilities! Not only that; but I also hate it when people think of you as “crazy”; even though we couldn’t help it! We’re born that way!

So in conclusion; I’m really disgusted as to how our species has “evolved” into; I really am!... .

Blame our current "want it, need it" generation. "Gimmie, gimmie, it's mine, not yours. I call dibs!" I understand that possession is nine-tenths of the law in most countries, but come on, guys. If this is the best that we can do as a whole, then I am not impressed. As for me, I'll not be deigned to resort myself to their vile ill, such sacrilege is beneath me as a human being with standards. Why even bother doing that stuff if you know that all it'll do is wound others? I frankly don't see the point.

I don't have time for insecurities, insanity, and depression. I'm too busy- doing what I do best; Making other people happier with my work.

Same for me too! Same! But yet; there goes all the little shits that just have to ruin the fun out of everything! For example; writing fanfics for instance.

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