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Hi, I write primarily fetish erotica. If you like those things, especially the some of the taboo stuff, you've come to the right place!

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A few new entries will be coming out relatively soon as I have a bunch of ideas built up that just need to be finished.

nice work on the chapters so far.

I hope Rarity's chapter is next. I love her to bits.

Very good story Odlaw! :twilightsmile: Definately got me excited. :rainbowkiss: Am looking forward to the next couple chapters.

Lovely work once again! You've a real knack for pantypoop material! :)

Had to read it again. it's amazing. Have you thought of using someone like Pear Butter or Windy Whistle? They haven't been touched at all in the pantypoop industry yet. :P

I might just do that at some point.

Next chapter will either feature Rarity as a pony or Pear Butter as anthro. Which would you like to see first?

Rarity sounds cool, but Pear Butter sounds alot nore interesting to be honest, so Pear Butter

If it's Pony Rarity I hope it's her modeling with a pair of panties filled to the brim with stinky horseapples :D Perhaps for a magazine shoot

I vote for Rarity next chapter! Will there be one chapter each of them as Ponies and the other EG?

I currently have three new additions that are in the works at the moment. One is EQG based, one is Pony, and the other is Anthro.

One Rarity chapter is number 4, don't know when the next one is.

A chapter featuring pony Pear Butter is next.

Odlaw, how does it feel to write a story so well it gives other men boners? :rainbowlaugh:

Lol, I'm just glad other people enjoy my work as much as they do.

wow, i don't even like anthro and you got me to blow my load.. <3

Once again, made my pants tight :raritywink: Very good work

I keep coming back to this little story, it’s just so good!~ 🧡

Comment posted by QuickDash deleted Apr 16th, 2020

nice work and looking forward to more

Honestly I find this incredibly interesting, I would love to see this as a story of its own.

I'm sorry,I really am,I try not to judge fetishes,hell at one point I was into light vore (mistake I regret),but what in gods name is wrong with all of you.

You people masturbate and get your kicks off small rainbow colored horses that are meant to entertain children and that's fine,I'm not into it but I'm a brony to and I just let mlp porn fly over my head,but then you people take it a step further and mix in your disgusting obsession with piss and feces and DIAPERS,MEANT TO ASSIST OUR YOUNG BABIES!

I just don't understand what has to happen to a person to make them go "oh my god that baby horses vagina is covered in poop and dripping piss,holy shit I'm so turned on right now,I want to lick that horses vagina and get it's dripping piss in my mouth,I want to finger it then rub it's feces all over my face and hands and tongue,I'm so hard right now"


1. How did you get all the to this chapter in particular before finally deciding to make a comment voicing your disapproval? I am genuinely curious about that. (Also, that was a very descriptive example you gave for someone who claims that they normally avoid this kind of content in the first place.)
2. You do realize that, just because you don’t understand or find enjoyment in something that someone else does, that doesn’t make that thing wrong in any way. Of course, you’re perfectly welcome to continue voicing your opinion on the subject, but I can assure you that you won’t be changing anyone’s minds here. Most of us are perfectly comfortable with the things that we like and have no desire to change that.
3. And while I doubt you actually care enough, feel free to message me privately and I’d be open to discussing this further if you are seriously struggling for an explanation and actually want to understand.

Damn, even "written quickly" as you say, you write AMAZING stories

Someone with an anime avatar has no room criticizing others.

This is a really neat idea. Going for a more serious approach. What if you tried a humorous approach at one point?

Like maybe Sunset pooping her PJs out of fear when she was jumpscared by Maud in Rainbow Rocks lol

Still, fear messing is a very neat concept and I’m glad you utilized it! Great work :)

Any idea when you might make another of these stories? :o

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