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Hi, I write primarily fetish erotica. If you like those things, especially the some of the taboo stuff, you've come to the right place!

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You're doing God's work. :eeyup:

Glad you think so! :twilightsmile:

Sorry but this was just to weird

There was a warning

Yeah I didn’t read the warning I just wanted see what I was getting into by reading this

I liked this story! Cute, simple, and well done. I like that its scat but softcore, an under-appreciated combination because pooping your pants is an enjoyable activity in its own right and does not require sex to make it fun.

It's my favorite aspect of the fetish as a whole. I can enjoy most other forms but softcore scat like this holds a special place for me.

Not quite my favorite outfit for messing but still a pretty good story.

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