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I'm Sheena. I write mostly angsty teen lesbian romantic dramedy, a few AUs, and sometimes porn.


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It's always either the quite ones or the drama queens who have stuff like that hidden away on their computers, wonder what Human Fluttershy has hidden away in her computer files.

She had even accidentally seen Pinkie Pie completely nude in the locker room and things couldn’t be any different!

:rainbowderp: I just have one question: Is she as pink and fluffy down there as she is up top? :pinkiehappy:

Twilight, I know your pain. I cringe every time I go onto someone else's computer

Also, sci-twi had a flip phone?

It's probably not what you think it is :P and I guess you'll just have to wait and see~~

Chapter 2 is in progress and I have a rough story arc planned so yeah, more

Omg. No, she shaves. I guess. I'm a month from 22 years old, I don't think too much about teenage girls' pubic areas, lmao. That's a detail reserved for clopfics ;)

Rip in pieces windows 95. Where I work we have up to date chrome links as well as outdated internet explorer links right next to each other, all on windows 95 with high resolution. A nightmare and a half when your parents are responsible for coding NBC and Blackboard and stuff.
Nice catch on that, actually. In Legends of Everfree and the Monday Blues music video, she has a flat phone, but that phone kind of gets destroyed in the fic Milkshake, which I wanted to upload first but couldn't because writer's block. So yeah, you're pretty observant there buddy ;P

"Where I work we have up to date chrome links as well as outdated internet explorer links right next to each other, all on windows 95 with high resolution."

people still use Windows 95?! I mean, I started with 98 myself, but still have fond memories of 2000 and XP. I have 7 now, but don't know what I'm gonna do when I need to get a new computer :\

That was pretty fuck up...I like it

“Darkness!” Rainbow yelled, wrist moving so fast it blurred. “Imprisoning me! All that I see! Absolute horror! I cannot live! I cannot die! Trapped in myself! Body my holding cell!”

Got to love "One" by Metalica. On that thought, rainbow's and sunset's fingers are definitely hurt in the morning:twilightoops:

Darkness!” Rainbow yelled, wrist moving so fast it blurred. “Imprisoning me! All that I see! Absolute horror! I cannot live! I cannot die! Trapped in myself! Body my holding cell!”

Oh, and don’t forget “No parents!”, “Super rich!”, and “Kind of makes it better.” Th- that’s what that song was, right?

She opened the door and beheld a familiar face.
“That's one large garden veg- oh, hey Twilight! Didn't know you lived here.”
She nodded. “Flash Sentry, hello.” That was his name, right?
His eyes traveled down to her bare legs for just a moment before he cleared his throat and looked back into her eyes. “So yeah, garden veggie with soy cheese, brings you to ten eighty five. How've you been?”
Twilight handed him the card before pulling the robe tighter around her body. “I've been... okay.”

*cocks gun*
You have five seconds to leave. She plays for the other team. Not that you had any chance to begin with.

unfortunately yes :facehoof: it's the worst, walmart is stupid. but hey, the good news is that windows 8 may have sucked but windows 10.1 is pretty much windows 7 again so don't worry too much

I mean so was I but okay. keep in mind I'm autistic and take everything I read literally and have a very bad sarcasm filter so cut me a break here man :derpytongue2:

yeah it kind of is but it's a little tame compared to my planned Fluttershy arc in my fireflies au, so stick around for more f*cked up sh*t. also u should play dead space 2, my influence for midnight is nicole. rip in pieces nicole.

love that song, have probably listened to that song like a thousand times in my lifetime, which is a significant amount considering I literally have 10K songs in regular rotation, and counting. and I thought it plus the euphemism retroactively worked out great in the long run. rainbow's fingers will be fine though, she's been playing along to metallica and pantera and stuff for years. sunset's new to it though so you're not wrong.

that's not the song I was going for but I love lego batman ^.^
bro, that's a little harsh; he wasn't being weird, he was being a teenage boy. he's also dating juniper so there's that too :P granted you wouldn't have known that because I haven't acknowledged it yet but that's a thing. and if that still doesn't change your mind on flash, read my story dusk's dawn; the next chapter is very flash-heavy, spoilers.

It's cool. I'm on the spectrum too. It can be tough sometimes.

This is awesome to read! Is there any more chapters coming?

umm since when has either Twilight shown to be lactose intolerant? We have seen the Princess have milk and milk related products.

Short answer: never.
Long answer: the princess doesn't need glasses, sci-twi isn't a wizard, human rainbow doesn't have wings and can't do a sonic rainboom... and also it's just a headcanon I've seen tossed around and I'm adopting it myself in my equestria girls continuity. this actually isn't the first instance I've had in a fic being written where twilight is lactose intolerant but I haven't uploaded that fic (Milkshake) yet.

You raise some valid points, darling, but I still disagree on account of the fact that there are no troupes of singing squirrels in dapper little suits

PM me the source link for the cover art please.

That's- you- it- I- just- :pinkiecrazy: THEY ARE NOT SQUIRRELS :flutterrage: yes, they're the chipmunks, but Rarity's point was that squirrels were less cute because there's no group called Alvin and the Squirrels, you silly filly! :twilightsmile:


Also, I'm not providing a link for the cover art :P

Somepony didn't read chapter 1's author's note :unsuresweetie:

You're right I didn't, and I take it the reason for not providing a link is be cause the cover art is nsfw or because you no longer remember where you go it?


To be fair, 'being a normal-' doesn't mean it's not creepy. You're supposed to check people out when they aren't looking... there's a whole skillset involved in that. Chicks are masters at it. Hell, to hear my female friends tell it if you catch a woman looking it's because she wanted you to notice. So Flash is still weirding out the poor thing and fails at his man-skills.

Well ingrained systemic toxic hypermasculinity has a lot of creepiness involved in it so we're both correct :P and yes, I'm a big fan of the look but don't let them know you're looking unless you want them to know you're looking philosophy as I actively participate in that. But trust me when I as the author say that Twilight wasn't weirded out by it and Flash doesn't deserve getting a shotgun pointed at him for glancing at her bare legs when it's the cold end of autumn: he ain't a leg man, he's more, well, along the lines of Woodentoaster's Basshunter entry. But if we women are supposed to be the ones who look without being found out, and Flash was failing miserably at that, doesn't that mean that Flash is failing his being a woman skills? :P I kid, man, I remember you from a few years ago on my old account. But yeah, Flash meant Twi no creepiness and Twi didn't take anything to be creepy, no blood no foul. If, however, he took a glance at, say, Fluttershy or worse Applejack, well... Rainbow or AJ herself would be the ones holding the shotguns.

Come on dude... Your having a very serious scene between Twi and Cadence then you suddenly say "magic pony wizard". I couldn't stop laugh for a solid ten minutes.

sorry not sorry :P
one of my favorite tropes in more serious equestria girls fics is the part where sunset comes out as an extradimensional magic horse who's best friends with a fantasy princess. we gotta remember the source material, after all ;)
fractured sunlight is honestly my favorite one that does that, and it's plenty serious too

I was just kidding around though that line did make me laugh hard. Can't wait for next chapter but I was kinda hoping to see how Twi's parents interact with there talking dog. They still freaked out about that or do you think they've gotten used to it by now.

This is a while after they got used to that bit. It's a plot point that's going to be implemented in a story that takes place earlier in the continuity that I just haven't gotten to yet.

Very interesting story thus far, with an interesting mix of cynical narration and admittedly rather depressing themes.

One thing that I might be missing, though: who exactly is doing the self-harm? I know Midnight threatened Twilight with the pizza cutter, and during the shower scene it's at least indicated that Midnight has an influence, but one thing early on really stuck out to me:

It isn't even a problem, she double and triple checked her research on where to cut so as not to cause any permanent lasting damage to any arteries or tendons or anything. It was something that would surely just go away given enough time.

This seems to suggest that Twilight has more agency than we might think when she cuts herself. How much of it is Midnight? Is this even about magic any more? There's a brief mention of schizophrenia, so who's to say that this Midnight isn't just a projection inside of her head as opposed to a lingering remnant of Twilight's original experiment? What exactly are we dealing with?

Good job, you’ve got me concerned about the mental wellbeing of a fictional character. I'm not even hopeful for a “happy ending”, I'm just intrigued as to where this is going to go, and how and when Twilight's feelings are going to boil over.

Thank you for your comment ^.^ I'm glad you're interested.

You are asking very good questions here, and your head is most certainly in the right place. You're thinking about exactly what I want you to be thinking about :D and though I'm not gonna be providing any answers because ~spoilers~, I will say that every single thing you just asked will most certainly be addressed later on :3

"the knife that had never been opened once" ...how do you open a knife

it's a pocket knife. that comes into play later. she got it for personal defense, a source of irony later on. she hasn't used it before is what was meant to be inferred. the segment of the pure contents was an attempt at subtle character building. sorry if that was confusing, I see now that what I said was a bit... vague

This is good, but it has all these other connected stories that aren't finished either. Hope to see more soon.

I am really loving this. The way you made Midnight Sparkle as a semi-corporeal being in the way that she's interacting with Twilight is genius. This has made my tracking list and earned a thumbs up. I can't wait for more.

Sci-Twi is slowly lusting for Sunset.

Thine wish hast been granted, and the other fics are certainly on their way to completion.

Thank you ^.^ it's an idea that I'm proud of and I've got a few ways to implement her in ways that I'll hope you appreciate.

Emotionally flat means that nothing is felt intensely. No happiness, no sadness, no anger, just a kind of fog of apathy and general misery.

Poor Twilight really can't catch a break, can she? :fluttercry:

Damn, emotional bombs going off worse than a firework factory explosion. Getting intense here.

Sorry if I've already asked this, but what does TWF stand for?

Ok, I'm feeling lots of worry and guilt for H-Twilight, H-Rarty, and Sunset right now. Them girls are put under a lot of emotional bullshit that's revealed here. Kind of makes me want to go there and just beat the shit out of Cinch, Neighsay(seen the episode and met people like him in person), and Filthy for a damn start. Maybe guilt the hell out of Rarity's parents.

Happy belated mother's day to you too!

Also the SweetieLoo was interesting, as was Flash family. Looking forward to seeing more of everything!

Especially poor Twily now that she's a little horse.

So wait...midnight go poof? Or did she survive decon?

Damn this chapter threw a lot in there! Especially drunk!Sunsets side-ventures and feelings.

I hope TlSciTwo can find some peace soon though, poor thing :(

you'll see... ;)
I have big plans for Sunset Shimmer. I will destroy her very. big. plans.
... *evil laughter* okay, sure

I am glad to see this return; I have really enjoyed both the story and your writing style.

Well now! Things are really starting to get interesting.

thank you, I'm always glad to hear when people enjoy my work ^.^ I do want to apologize for the months in between each chapter, but I always hope to at least have sizeable updates. and it looks like it's working. I don't quite know what name to put to this style (3rd person omniscient narrative?) but I can't seem to escape it in all my fics besides the occasional first person one; regardless it's nice to hear that you like it.

The interesting has only just begun, my friend. If you could only take a look at all of the notes and stuff I have in store...

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