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Pinkie Pie loves her friends! And they love her too. Yay! Except when she throws them parties for every little thing. They decide to have an intervention, and let the party planner know how they're feeling.

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This was funny! Lol. Rarity being with Flash eh? Haha. Nice work NYB ^~^

Pinkie.....never change EVER!:rainbowlaugh: This was great!

something tells me i shouldn't question it.

This is inspired by Sporktacles' fics isn't it?

lol This is the very reason why Pinkie is my favorite character. :rainbowlaugh:

I'm gonna take a guess and say this was inspired by Secrets and Pies.

Great story with an amazing punchline. Great job yet again.

Comment posted by TheIrisianPrincess deleted Oct 12th, 2017

Wait if Pinkie made Rainbow miss the winning kick in soccer than wouldn't that mean that they tied not lost? Also Fluttershy has some some obvious kinks.

Come on, girls, you should have expected that at the end. XD

Great story, it made me laugh, even as bad as I felt for poor Fluttershy and her party incident :rainbowlaugh:

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