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This reminds me of a story called runaway experiment on a different site

Sounds like something I'd be interested in seeing. Link?

I, for one, am intrested in a M/tentacle story/chapter.

So, you weren't a writer till you put the mask on:trollestia:
But for real; color me interested

It's not like she'll bring it home, planted in her basement, and invite her friends over to join her.

This. We need to see this.
Also this story is amazingly well written for, as you put it, a first attempt.

First attempt at clop. I've written before. Just not here.

A first attempt nonetheless.

This was very well done especially for your first foray into clop. I especially enjoyed the aphrodisiac/hypnosis part. There's something about
Twilight completely giving herself to the plant that really gets me going. Great work and I look forward to more.

This was pretty good for your first clip fic. 👍🏻👍🏻😃 keep it up :3

This was a amazing first attempt, I look forward to the second chapter!

next chapter please

Ah yes the infamous relative of the Venus flytrap, the (in)Uranus pony trap


next chapter please

Well, if you insist...

and may flocks of pegasi wings stroke thee to thy orgasm

That actually sounds pretty hot. Nice chapter although I'm confused as to why in needed a tentacle to go all the way through her?

‘Cause why the hell not?

Can't wait to see what happens for the stallion bit :derpytongue2:

This is so good

Anyway, keep your pants dry, your dreams wet, and may flocks of pegasi wings stroke thee to thy orgasm.

I'd like it again if a could :yay:

Hell yeah :D

On a reread this time, this was just as good as the first time I read it.

giving the tentacle i her marehood

in her marehood

bit off the ground No sooner than

bit off the ground. No sooner than

8636729 Um, okay, I guess that answers that. Seems kind of pointless though.


Not everything has to have a scientific explanation or purpose. It's just there because I felt like including it. Hell, this whole story's been porn without a point so far.


This just hits SO MANY of my fetishes <3 I love you for writing this, and I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter!

Please write the next chapter it’s interesting

As she drew closer and closer, stepping over the vines that extended from the flower, the trickle of her essence coming from her marehood slowly grew, until she was dripping. And as she moved, the vines on the ground, attached to the walls, and hanging from the ceiling, stirred.

I have read enough fanfics to know where this is going...

Twilight sighed around the tentacle in her mouth. Was there nothing this plant wouldn’t do for her? First, it led her to this fountain of ambrosia, then it fed her and protected her, and now, it was going to satisfy her needs!

Well, it's obviously a nice plant!
(Suggestion:I would use "Wasn't there anything" instead of "Was there nothing".)

Yup, that's literally another story. (Assuming we are thinking about the same.)

I had the idea of giving it a bit of plot as a way of explaining how the stallion gets caught (because I do want to do that still), but I'm trying to decide if I want to keep this PWP or actually give it a bit of story.

I would like to see a story of it.
Maybe in form of an interlude, seperated from the main story?

You made quite a lot of world-building for an simple(?) tentacle-plant story. I like it!
Either way, I'm curious what will happen next.
(And are you sure about the "Non-con"-tag? She seems to be pretty happy and willing.)

So males feel differently than the females.

Is there’s going to be some plant tf in this story?

No idea. I've been toying with the idea of introducing dryads or plant-pones or something, IDK, but these chapters basically get written when I get in the mood to write one, whatever happens to be my inspiration at the time.

Glad you're back in any case, even if it's only for one chapter.

Ok so what’s are yours ideas on how to turn ponies into dryads or plant-ponies tf going to go?

Glad this story is back!

Awesome chapter, thanks so much for continuing this. Who knows, maybe an alicorn will investigate next. Or perhaps record or one of the others...

I was never gone. Just had shit going on in my life.

No idea. Like I said, I write these chapters on a whim. If it happens, it'll happen when I'm in the mood, and however I feel in the mood to write for.

Well this particular male took a potion to protect himself from various mind-altering chemicals. Presumably once that wears off he'll end up as much in love with his new life as all the mares have.

Didn't like this one. Going to skip it for future rereads

I must help with that?

8808345 Yeah. The name just makes too many breaks in my suspension of disbelief; jolted me right out of the story every time I saw it.

Actually it was just this latest chapter that I'll skip on future reread. Just not into what was presented

Hey damaged how are you doing?

Good... because I need your help for something?

8817774 Probably best to catch me on Discord, or via PM. Don't want to flood this cute story with off-topic messages. :twilightsmile:

Hey Masketta I needed to ask you something.

Why’d did you name your male character Sterling Archer?

So a magical plant that can apparently do everything its prey could ever want and is apparently six degrees of sapient gets a pass, but an actual archer pony has a first name of Sterling and it throws you out?

I guess it's true what they say. Readers/viewers can accept the impossible but not the improbable.

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