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The Masketta Man


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Wow, now that was one hay of a start:rainbowderp:!

Keep going...:ajsmug:.

I'm not her biggest fan, but even I think that's cruel.


I can't link to the source comic (and even if I could, the only translation for it is over at HypnoHub), but I blame Browned Toast, since I basically took his comic and converted it to story (not as well as I'd hoped), but tried to fix half the cringy dialogue.

And I still have Twilight to do.

After reading a fic where Celestia basically tortures Fluttershy, this is what she deserves. XD

I hope his next prisoner is Future!Twilight. Will be interesting to see how that plays out. And is Starlight Glimmer there too?


It's a Season 5 bad future. Twilight will be featured in her hunt for Starlight, who will not be making an appearance.

If you want to see the source comic, I can't link it to you, but googling "Princess Cadance Hypnohub" has parts of it in the results.

Love the image series. In fact, I'm the one that got them posted up on the Hypnobooru. You do it justice in words.

Awesome work! I really enjoyed this one.

Glad to see time travel Sparkle got what was coming to her. I hated her in that episode. She was so pompous. Starlight was right, TWILIGHT'S friends might not have been the only heroes in the world, and all those other worlds might have ended fairly well, once heroes came to defeat them. Others can be connected to the Elements, since the map calls others and the map is from the elements. The Discord world, for instance, may have been a minor, short-lived incidence that had just happened. We have no real idea whether it had been going on for ages or rather if Discord had escaped a day before Twilight landed there. After all, Luna was Luna, and not Nightmare, so something purified her. Sombra wasn't there, so someone saved the Empire. Chrysalis wasn't ruling, so someone beat her. Tirek might not have happened yet. Either way, I thought all those futures being caused by Twilight not getting her cutie mark at the right time...ridiculous. Go Sombra! I wish Sombra and Starlight would team up against time-travel Twilight. Awesome nasty couple forcing that pompous alicorn to do things for them. XD

And don't get me started on the ending.


Not a fan of Starlight getting off scot-free, are we? I expected no less from this series, honestly. But what can I do? I ain't a show writer, I just write horse smut.

I personally loved the ending of the episode.
Heck, that's why I considered it the best finale at the time.

Don't like the whole mask thing. Too much of a plotdevice. Too easy.


Meh, I blame it on Browned-Toast. Like I said, I just took his comic and word-ified it.

Though it did make it easier to get to the good stuff.

You know, I was always hoping someone would write something inspired by those comics, am not disappointed.

I like the idea but maybe you could improve it by having Sombra suggest the truth to Cadance. Like "Is this really so bad?" or "Why are you trying to achieve by resisting what feels so good?" make Cadance doubt herself.

I would think Cadance would also want to have the foals be strong out of maternal zeal. That she has integrated her loyalty to Sombra with her own personal mentalities.

Yea. If your doing mind break it should be from the conflicted feelings she has. It shouldn’t just be “poof” you are mine.

In a totally hopeless situation like this it's actually better to manipulate them rather than break them. Make them doubt why they are fighting instead of trying to overpower their mentality. Crushing someone's spirit is the technique you use when they still have hope so then you crush that hope.

Also I would have liked to see more that Cadance does it because she thinks it's the right thing to do for herself. That she wants strong healthy foals to look after the kingdom and that she should be a good mother.

Every chapter starts off well but as soon as the mask comes on, it just becomes "Sombra fucks generic mare #739" and gets really boring. What's interesting in mindbreak and forced stuff is seeing how each character reacts in its own unique way, and how the aggressor manipulates the victim's personality to break their mind. In this story, neither Twilight, Cadence, nor Celestia have any personality past the halfway point because he just mindwipes them. It would be alright once, but three times is just repetitive.


Meh, I blame the comic artist. Could I have done a better job at establishing their personalities? Oh yeah. Even though I've existed as an account for almost two years now, I'm still learning the ropes when it comes to clop writing, so your critique is noted and valued. But as noted in the description of the fic, this was based on BrownedToast's S5E25/26 Bad End comic (or however it's titled) featuring Sombra doing all of this, and it wiped their personalities entirely, and I just adapted it wholesale, with a little bit of a change in the ending

The way I think it is done best is think about what the core is of each character. Just what is it that they believe they should do. I think Twilight's core is a drive for improvement. She'll always try to improve things, rather that be her own life, the lives of her friends or the whole of the nation. So that would also remain as she is brainwashed. She would seek to perhaps improve the sexual experience in every way possible, constantly trying to innovate and see where things could be better. She would be submissive to him though. Constantly offering improvement points but if Sombra scolds her or even talks firmly she'll immediately back down.
Cadance is a very caring and also proper mare who has a belief in traditional values. She would have a very maternal way of thinking and would want to be a good wife and queen. Her core personality is very much exactly what a "woman" is so she would be very primal. Her main concern being to produce strong off spring for the sake of the nation and her husband. She cares a lot about others so she would want the people of the empire to be strong in the future. She mostly will just do what she is told and won't think too hard about the bigger picture.
Celestia is all about teaching and guidance. Her dominant character trait is her tremendous level of self-confidence so she would be a more typical queen. Far more aware of what's going on and far more willing to speak her mind if she disagrees with something. She will of course give in if she believes in and unlike Twilight she won't so easily be intimidated.

I think the 3 do offer quite a bit of variety in the sex department. Twilight would have a very technical way of doing it and would be all for trying weird fetishes and unique approaches. She would also be arguably the most hardcore in how she is completely submissive to Sombra's authority. With her it's all about doing unique and crazy things with nothing being off limit. Cadance would be a very traditional and old school queen/king thing though more violent. With hard fucking and even light abuse. But she would be all about bearing strong children and would easily have the hottest body. It's a very primal fucking, where Sombra unleashes his inner beast and fucks a foal into a hot mare. Celestia would be kind of like an equal partner. Someone who he won't just rape but who will be an active participant herself and maybe even lead Sombra along. Things like delicate and gentle strokes and teases where Sombra kind of let's Celestia do her own thing and let's himself be taken care of.

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