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The Bricklayer

Slow down, you're doing fine, you can't be everything you want to be, before your time... -Vienna, The Stranger: Billy Joel. (Any Pronouns)


This story is a sequel to The Day When Discord Went Down to Sweet Apple Acres...

Been ten long years since Discord suffered that defeat. But he does have a very long memory, and he remembers the greatest flaw of the mare that defeated him. Pride. Now, with the stakes of her family's souls on the line, it's time for her to once again pick up that fiddle and bow and face off against the Master of Mayhem... The stakes have been upped, the game and the rewards are higher. Time for a duel of the ages. ...Again.

Based on "The Devil Came Back to Georgia" by Mark O'Conner and Charlie Daniels, and I make no money off the song. Edited and proofread by Ponyjosiah13, so give him a shout!

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Yep, this version is better and more fleshed out. Not downing Sandstorm's version in the slightest, he did make a good attempt.

Also this is an interesting ship you come up with AJ and Saffron.

Yeah, never been done before so I think I may have just created a new ship!


It's all good man, and I have to give the Devil his due...Bricklayer did a better job


and I have to give the Devil his due... Bricklayer did a better job

Really? That joke is so cringeworthy...:facehoof: But thanks for the compliment!:twilightsmile:

been 10 long years since discord layed his fiddle at AJ's hooves, and it burned inside his mind the way he suffered that defeat. in the darkest pits of tartarus discord hatched an evil plan! to tempt the fiddle player, for she's just a mortal mare.
... i'm getting some serious deja vu here

Well, to be fair this is a popular song and story to ponify from what I've heard...

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