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twilight had recently gained her castle and met starlight but when she encounters chrysalis once again a dual accidental discharge of both their magic has resulted in both fusing together. now both have to learn how to get along if they have any hope of separating. but their new state has some complications. as both learn what really being a mother is about as a result of their combined biology.

now if only they knew how to separate things would have been just fine.

*cover art by NotTwilight aka mlpconjoinment*

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Your capitalization is ALL over the place.

The publish dates of the chapters are from 2017 you been sitting on this for a while

I can’t stand to read such inconsistent and ugly writing. The fact that you published this two years ago and did nothing to edit it screams of a lack of care. And if you don’t care, why should the readers?

Hopefully now that it's up here you will finish it right :flutterrage: :trixieshiftleft::duck:

First few paragraphs and your capitalization is fucking everywhere. Massive red flags, count me out.
To all new readers, avoid this one.

The personalities here feel awkward and strange. Doesn't quite feel like Twilight and Chrysalis... I'm a gonna skip this one....

Yikes. Mispelled title, misspelled intro, and misspelled chapter titles. Already set up some massive red flags. But I can't judge a book by its cover! Maybe it isn't so bad........

Welp, I think I need some time to recover some of my brain cells now........

when is the next chapter coming up

I'm liking the idea
But it's kind of hard to read and feels like it's progressing a bit on the fast side

Interesting idea but hard to read, aye.

"Wait you didn't know at all that day? Even I knew the relationship before the wedding thanks to some scouts. Didn't even know your brother hadn't bothered to prepare you in advance so it was all last minute for you then? Explains why you while seeing through my facade was so off in trying to warn the others. ... Odd this is the longest time I haven't felt the hunger of the changelings" said chrysalis surprised.

The story could use some editing to help lines like this but is a interesting concept

okay i forgot to run this through grammerly my bad. it's been a while since i worked on this and i forgot about it for a while so bear with it until i can run the story through it and replace the chapters. it's going to take a while as i can only work a hour or so at the library still. a lot has happened for this past year.

I am so used for them being hostile to each other that having simple polite conversation from the get go feels weird

Oh great. Now there are two stories from you that are intriguing enough to leave me waiting for more despite going to hiatus after 3 chapters. Please continue before I have to reread to remember what made this good.

I'll try and I am working on chapter four now hard to do without a laptop so I'm glad I got a tablet now and just in case my phone to work on this. Spent as whole year without either one so I should be getting things done a lot quicker now.
Ed I would very much appreciate the help. Can you go over the story and pm me your suggestions on what you think will make this story flow better and keep the characters in character for twilight and chrysalis I mean this is a AU so I'm not expecting to get the characters spot on as a result.

Nice to see this story update, I hope more are going to come.

Yeah decided that if I'm going to continue this better stop sitting on it. Updates will be sporadic here as my focus is on my Fnaf story and my Kamen rider Zi-o story. You would be surprised that I don't have a beta reader for my fnaf story here and it's very popular in just the first draft state.

Okay then why were the changelings fixing the place up?

I agree with it being hard to read. I mean, the punctuation isn't too good, and the capitalization isn't constant.

Still, this is a great story, even if it might be progressing a bit quickly for some.

As one rarity, rainbow and applejack turned to stare at pinkie pie while the fused royal also stared at the pink earth pony.

As one, Rarity, Rainbow, and Applejack turned to stare at Pinkie Pie, while the fused royal also stared at the pink earth pony.

How do you think they got close enough to practically kidnap everypony in ponyville except for trixie, starlight, discord, and thorax in to where and back again? My theory there was that they had to be really close by ponyville in a place that isn't frequented a lot and notice how once twilight got her new castle after tirek they stopped going to the castle of two sisters or as I personally called it Eclipse castle due to the royal sister's being the sun and moon respectively? They had to hole up somewhere to prepare for that mass takeover. A lot just starts to make sense as well in to where and back again it was pretty jarring to start off with Changling invasion as we don't know when they pulled off the kidnapping and switch before then. I'm just trying to fill in the gap on how that even happened. And butterfly that away a bit with twilight ending up catching them before they got fully prepared. It's something I put a lot of thought into for this.

think reformed changeling but a more even blend of the thumbnail pic so even blend of alicorn wings, changeling wings, and the traits of both races. this happened by accident and thus wasn't directed in the result of the fusion. so while the cover shows what happens with a not directed fusion is like the child will show what a proper fusion is as well she will have the genetics of both twilight and chrysalis. that's what I meant by close enough but not exactly in what their daughter will look like once she is born.

3.5 years later, chapter update.

Still better than some that I know.

inspiration takes time plus I'm focusing on a fnaf/mlp story at the moment so my creativity is taking a while to get back to this.

looking good ... im expecting more good reading to come out of this

i still have my eye on this...

will come back to it when I'm done with my current focus which is a glitch in equestria series just reached the near halfway point of the first story of it. 64 whole chapters of the thing so I'm barely at 31 of it right now. so it may take a long while before I get back to this. sorry, its taking so long but between getting a job, having to worry about my dad's current problems and trying to not stress out enough to get sick I've been very busy. my dad has been having issues with regaining his driver's license so I won't be seeing my immediate family for a while until dad clears those issues up. its been understandably a stressful six months now for me. ... plus major writers block before that. and yes the reason I haven't been on for six months this year much is that I got a job so I'm busy five days a week normally.

don't stress yourself ... i was just trying to let ya know that your work is appreciated and that ill happily wait for next chapter

sorry kinda sounded impatient to me there so let's just chalk that up as tone is hard to read through text for that. I'm not abandoning this story just have a lot of my focus on a whole series at the moment. plus I don't really have that much time to write anymore except on the weekends so updates are going to be slowed down more at least when I'm not hit with writer's block.

your life and wellbeing is more important ... I will be here waiting whenever there is an update ... writer's block be dammed

"Looks like we just have to get used to this for a while. Oh and celestia look up some old laws from platinum's time. Starlight glimmer reinvented a spell to remove cutie marks and there was a reason that spell became forbidden. Long term under the spell creates depression of a scale that drives a pony to suicide. By taking away the pony's special talent they take away that pony's will to live and can cause mental scars. Im surprised fluttershy wasn't affected at all when the spell was casted on her. The use of that spell is punishable with a life sentence of having their magic bound." said chrysalis.

Yep! Starlight has F****** UP big time! And will be rightfully to be heavily punished by the court, unlike in canon. :pinkiecrazy:

I wonder if twilight sparkle and Queen Chrysalis will become friends with each other or not


I'm really loving this story I can't wait to see more from this and I wonder what fusion twisalis would look like on the Equestria girls side which in all honesty i wished was used more often.

Yes friend’s yup nothing more just friends yup that’s all nothing more

Bricks made from changelings were stronger then equestrian bricks

Um either you wrote it weird or the changelings are using the dead to make bricks

convert the existing material into the new one which if done properly would shave time off the restoration process. What was missing was filled in quickly?

Why is this a question ?

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