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Equestria has had it's ups and downs. But when eight mares find themselves with extraordinary powers they band together as the kingdom's elite team of heroes. The league of spiders. Can they keep their secret from evil or will they end up seen as freaks for what they became. With only each other can they face the trials ahead. *up for adoption*

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Sunset's is Superior Spiderman and i think Fluttershy is spider-girl

5520436 noc I actually thought fluttershy's was more unlimted spider suit than spider-girl. And yes I'm going for the heroic version of venom here. Carnage is going to be her arch enemy and yes I couldn't come up with a better name for ozborn's replacement here. I also added a reference to my other story here the dark chaos war which is only two chapters from being finished.


5520533 wind are you trying to come up with a theme for the story? You guy do know I write songs for a hobby right. I will write down the character themes of the team when I can. Though those are going to be seen in intermission chapters I will do if I need a break to think up future chapters. And guys this is a humanoid version of equestria which explains the anthro tag. Hard to shoot webs without fingers right.

Well... damn, there go that idea...well back to playing skyrim.

5520535 shield doesn't exist here yet noc so no it's just the original venom symbiote for Trixie but you saw how I gave it to Trixie. Let me explain what happened here. The spider that bit Trixie to give her powers had at one point when soul wasn't looking encountered a bit of black goo from a asteroid that was being studied and became the host of the symbiote. Due to the spider's lack of emotions it didn't get aggressive like normal. After several months as the host this changed the symbiote to not influence the mindset of the host. Unfourtunitley the spider is one of those that dies after biting and the symbiote sensed this and moved onto the closest being to it's last host which was the person it bit. The spider's natural colors were green and yellow. Soul didn't notice because shades are unable to see other shades of black and white but can see other colors just fine. To him the spider looked as it did before the symbiote. The only types of black and white a shade see's is the pure black and white on the spectrum.

5520592 wait i was right! I was just guessing what you were doing. Though I would be more surprised if someone actually played the songs I will write for the story as a soundtrack by the way do you have better idea's for hero names for the team. I'm keeping cyber spyder and venom those fit the suits. Cyber spyder fits the iron spider suit ironman made for spiderman in the current cartoon. So rarity has a fitting alias.

Oh my god this is the best! May I ask who is pinky in the picture?

5520629 spiderman noire or in her case spidermare noire. I stink at most hero names for these kind of things.

5520623 well for pinkie i was thinking something like, the silent surprise, silent planner. for applejack i was thinking the bucking spider.

thats all i got...for now if you don't stop the story.

p.s No spider mane, it makes no sense the're not ponys

5520666 I was actually going to continue this anyway. But I need some OCS for the villains of the spider verse lightning dust is already going to be dash's arch enemy in this story and I got no clue on who is spiderman 2900's arch enemy is. I only know who he is through spiderman shattered dimensions, spiderman edge of time and that dimension jump special of ultimate spiderman.

5520685 Oh oh oh, can i help! please! i was raised on spiderman (witch is how i found this fanfic)

5520688 sure you can help but did you miss when I said humanoid earlier. That's why I got the anthro tag. They are not humans here. I said the image inspired the story not what they look like in the story. Just pm me any ocs you can make for the villians of the spiderman verse. So far I plan on having Dr tent become the lizard and filthy 'Osborn' rich become the goblin. Yes this means diamond tiara will be the hob goblin. They kind of remind me of the ones I based their roles on. Filthy didnt raise his daughter right and she currently fits Harry's mindset after his dad's death. Only for this one it's her mother that got her like this.

Okay this looks like a pretty good start and I favorited this picture a long time ago and I'm quite interested in the direction that you could take this and I'm glad I know about all the Spiders your using it's making me think of the new Spider-Verse event so I hpoe you keep going.

5520957 thanks though I wasn't aware of the event.

You weren't aware you should start reading them seeing all these diff versions of Spider-Men has been pretty awesome deaths aside anyway.

5521233 there is no comic store nearby where I live and I never been to a convention before so I have to wait for the online versions to be put up.

Oh that's a shame still you should try to keep up with what's been going on by the way do you know what Sunset's outfit is known as.

5521386 apparently the superior suit. Hers and fluttershy's suits look alike with some small diffences. Fluttershy I'm planing on the unlimited suit. I'm working on chapter two now so that will be out soon.

I think for Fluttershy you meant to say the Ultimate instead unlimited.

5521412 I meant I'm giving her the nanite made suit from spiderman unlimited. The colors of her suit remind me of that one. Ultimate is twilight as I'm more used to the cartoons than comics.

For Fluttershy By Ultimate I mean Miles Morales costume.

5521233 well I updated with the next chapter hope you enjoy it.

Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? I hate cliff hangers when will the next chapter be out this is amazing.

5522174 I left it like that because I decided to split the chapter into two parts with part two being them learning their abilities and to answer your other one tomorrow. I'm all the way in california and it's already night here and I'm uploading these as soon as I finish writing the chapters.

Okay this was a pretty good chapter I'm glad to know just how thier physical apreances have changed and that whole thing in thier minds was quite interesting I hope you update soon.

5522622 well the aspect part was something that came to mind at the last second as I was writing. I had to show just how their different abilities work. The ones named after the elements of harmony references the part of them that they embody. The other aspect represents the powers they got from the spiders. The name of the aspects reference what got enhanced. The only exception was venom as that was the symbiote which holds the spider powers in her body. Noire used to be the near insane side of pinkie that was created in the story cupcakes but the spider enhancements fixed that side of her and made her the manafestation of the powers. She's Pinkie's serious side now. So pinkie will be a bit bipolar here with her cheerful self being her everyday self but in costume she's the opposite. So with that here's the list of enhancements.

Twilight: the powers and abilities of the first spider-man trilogy spiderman.
Pinkie: the abilities of spiderman noire.
Fluttershy: the abilities of peter from spiderman unlimited
Applejack: scarlet spider's powers
Rarity: enhanced intteligence and technical know-how.
Rainbow: spider-man 2099 powers and enhanced speed.
Sunset: same as twilight but without the natural webbing but better magical control.
Trixie: shape shifting and twilight's abilities to add to her illusion skills.

The hair of the aspects are the hair they will have in costume to hide their identities as like spider woman they are going to have to leave a hole in the mask for their long hair to come out. Quite frankly trixie and the other unicorns of the group are going to put a spell matrix in the costumes to change their hair color. Trixie is the exception because her hair goes with the suit.

Okay this was good to know thank you for that information now I know about all the changes they've gone threw this was a nice break down.

Ps: It would be interesting to see if Peter were to meet them and his reaction would be funny if he landed in thier universe.

5522846 actually I plan for it to be the other way around. It will be this story's version of equestria girls where the league become humans. All I will say is that doctor doom was involved with dormonu.
5520535 by the way do you want to help with wind here as you can tell by the title this is actually the first in a series and with how many characters I got this is going to be to large for me to work on alone with wind later. It will be hard for me to keep track of the characters. And before you ask chrysilas is going to be the black cat of the story. As I told wind I got four set pairings here. Rainbow and spitfire, Trixie and my oc tamashii 'soul' souto, twilight and chrysilas and spike with rarity. Also spider-mane6 I will say it again I'm more used to the cartoons so the only thing I know of miles is what was seen in the four part episode in web warriors. By the way anyone know what happened to white tiger, nova, power man, and iron fist? I missed the episode after they became goblins.

Oh okay that sounds AWESOME so they are going to meet Peter that sounds like it'll be really EXCITING.

5522887 if your directing the second part at me then okay

I was directing it at all three of you five working on this is better than two. So far I'm keeping the events with nightmare moon, discord, the royal wedding, crystal empire and twilight's kingdom plus magical mystery cure from the mlp side while I'm keeping the events from shattered dimensions, edge of time, and the secret wars from the spider verse plus that four part episode from ultimate spiderman web warriors which is going to be the equliverant of equestria girls where the league of spiders meets peter himself. Plus with all the characters and story it would be hard for me to keep track. Wind is going to write the nightmare moon arc after the next chapter and I want to know if you three want to write some of the arcs of the story. Because just as I told wind I can write one on one fights fine but the kind spidey fights most of the time especially team battles or multi on one and vice versa kinds I got no experience in. I know my limits in my writing and know when to ask for help.

I think I would like to help if you'd like it and I saw that Ultimate cartoon for a while but eventually it got a little to silly as for the goblin incident in the show Peter fought each of them individually and cured them stopped the Goblin and imprisoned him.

Okay If you send me a private message I'll get started.

5520666 okay next chapter's up guys. M.E if you want to help how well can you describe backgrounds? As you saw I barely described the setting here.

:rainbowhuh:dame you made Twilight's life seem way harder then the original spider

Comment posted by Kamen rider yokai deleted Jan 25th, 2015

5546145 politics between nobles are always nasty and it might also explain twilight's reclusive altitude when she was in canterlot. Her position as a personal student of Princess Celestia is very much coveted by the magical community in canterlot. Plus her fellow students at the school for gifted unicorns were jelious but some actually wanted to befriend her but she got that position at a very young age. The more scheming nobles possibly saw it as a chance to further their positions. The constant threats of forced marriage, possible assaginations, and having jellous classmates in the school wouldnt you become a recluse as well. This version of equestria is leaning more to the real world reality of spider-man where these kind of politics are more realistic. Remember twilight is afraid of losing control of her magic and hurting someone from that. And with all these threats and her mental state at the time her parents have a wise idea to distance themselves but forgot that their daughter needed them. We have seen in show that twilight does have something like a parental bond with celestia which was a consequence of their actions. This is canon as we have seen that twilight was raised by celestia I'm just applying real world elements to the kind of life twilight has as the princess' personal student. This explains her trust issues and will slowly realize by interacting with the other seven that she will be better as a person for it. If it wasn't for shining and sunset she would have been a lot worse here. Cadence's role in the story is to help twilight get over the trauma of her past growing up. In the process I managed to keep twilight in character of what we know so far about her in canon. I don't count the mlp comics as the only one I read was the return of the changelings arc. I'm going by the cartoons for both as that was the only source I know about them. Spiderman may have started in comics but went through so many reboots there that not many remember the very first spiderman universe. Anyway wind didn't reply to the PMS I sent about this arc so I'm doing it myself. The most I'm going to get is trying to see who else can do marvel style battles here. I can admit my limits there but I remembered the nightmare moon fight was her against twilight anyway so this will be more my ally on fight scene experience.

I'm just going to say this. I like the concept. Too many character introductions in the first chapter. And you are in need of an editor. I will keep an eye on this...for now.

"That helped me find my talent as well it was what led me to overcharging my spells and creating Flare" said Trixie.

Speaking of which, where is Flare?

5550588 It might be a good idea to cap. you chapters.

please add more chapters to this story and keep me updated tanks:scootangel:

5583596 I already was told that and I just said the pic inspired me it's not what one of them are going to wear. I plan on Fluttershy being in the unlimited suit. Sunset is not going to be called superior but instead be called arachne okay. Just read the rest to see this.

5584400 keep me updated and add more chapters because I love this story:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

What is Sunsets element? You kinda forgot to put it in, unless that was intensional, then can't fault ya.

Just commenting on the picture. I would have gave the symbiote to Pinkie cause it would combine with her cartoonish abilities.

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