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This story is a sequel to My Little Pony Mystic Season 1

Sequel to My Little Pony Mystic Season 5 and Rainbow Spark Rocks as well.

With the Friendship Games on the way, Sunset and her friends found out that the Human Twilight sided with their rivalry school Crystal Prep's Shadowbolts. Autobots sided with Wondercolt while G.I. Joe sided with Shadowbolts as the mascots and representation to the school.

Strikespell built his Project: Avenging Ship or Phoenix Cruisers in watching over the world, defending it and repelling against the invasion to achieve his goal of peace and security of the world. Dark Curse and his Alliance of Darkness (Decepticons and Cobra) were about to initiate the mysterious Project End.

Now Sunset and her friends must team up with Dragon Strike Force, Autobots and G.I. Joe to stop Project End and defeat their enemies. But can their friendship united to prevail and defeat their enemies? Can they trust their realm's Twilight Sparkle? Will their hope and world be destroyed?

Chapters (17)
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Yeah. Story's okay but I definitely prefer Ben Mare from JusSonic's stories over Shadow Dragon. Ben is more gentle, loyal and understanding to Twilight even when she makes a mistake in my opinion. And I just know Shadow is gonna be kicking himself later for contributing to Midnight Sparkle. But I do like how Zap is portrayed, I give you that.


That's the whole point of it. I want to make my character to be more than Gary-Stu. Unlike Ben, Shadow Dragon is very experiences and more aware of the situation and world's struggle, even himself and his friends

Shadow Dragon was the struggled and pained yet experienced victim hero who wants to fight for his home, peace and doing what is right especially for his friends, family and someone he loved and cared. He also has struggle and weakness about being hero and the path he takes not only for himself but others. That's the interesting about struggle hero like him since he is based on Anakin Skywalker, Kenshin Himura, Sora (Kingdom Hearts), Red (Pokemon), Tai Kamiya, Captain America and Kamen Rider Kuuga because they want to do what is right for others.


And of course, I like Zap too. She's my favorite Shadowbolt, even though she gets minor role from canon film. So, I make her have more personality as well as others .

Comment posted by kristonalprime23 deleted Jan 18th, 2016

that was a great story my friend keep it up my friend

Are you going to bring back the human Dark Curse? I just feel that if you're going to make an adaptation of Transformers 5, it would be interesting to see him interact with one of the creators.


We'll see how it goes. The last story would be focusing of ending the Equestria Girls since the TV Show has been cancelled abruptly after Holiday Unwrapped.

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