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*takes a look at tags* ... I don't even know what this fandom is anymore.

Mhm. Well. That did a thing.... in a place...


Blame Sherlock and Doyle. They started it.

The urbex being in there kinda physically hurt. Rooftopping even more.
Still kinda nice to see a brony who gets out every once and a while and can appreciate a good hobby.

Idk what I read but it's good 👌

I'm not blaming anybody. I'm just noticing an influx of pony porn lately. And when I say lately, I mean for the last couple months.

Nah. I’ve been here for years.

i see the story is doing well. congrats

:fluttershysad:It’s because of Trump’s insanity is driving the Brony community to write clopfics to take our minds off of things:raritycry:

I’m only noticing because I’ve been trying to stay away from clopfics recently. Personal reasons.


really? cause if this fic is the one to make you question the fanbase, you’re incredibly sheltered. this ain’t nothing compared to some.

It was more of a joking statement rather than anything. You're looking into it too much.

I am going to put my gauntleted fist down on the matter. Would have done so sooner, but I was eating some pretty shitty pizza and wondering what I was going to build next in Stardew Valley. Anyway, I digress. I have no idea why or how this got into the top box, but I don’t tolerate reader infighting. There’s been twisted fanfiction ever since Reichenbach Falls, so it should come to the surprise of zero people that something like fetish incest of cartoon horses exists. On that same token, fanfiction is by it’s very nature subjective, so it’s equally bafflingly and utterly futile to start fights with people because of their disinterest.

Both of you drop it.

My apologies. Sometimes, I have a little too much fun when somebody takes an offhanded statement seriously. I shall refrain from doing it in the future.

Journeyman, I salute you sir. it's not often I read read a story like this. it is well written and I love the idea behind it. Two beings finding love with each other, it's "a tale as old as time" that I absolutely adore. Love comes in all forms and shapes and Love doesn't care about walls and labels people have set up. (and yes the beauty and the beast pun was intended for anyone who might ask. :raritywink:) and thank you for putting your foot down on that. I agree, there should be no surprise that stories like yours are written. You sir have my respect and thanks. keep doing what you do. :twilightsmile:

I feel like I should apologize to you. My original post was more of a joke, and when I saw someone took it at face value, I just ran with it. I am sorry that I sounded disapproving of stories like this. I've read quite a few myself, and even written a few that I purposely deleted it because even for me it was too much.

So, I do apologize to you for sounding like an ass.

This story sounds familiar..

Good stuff, not quite what I expected coming in but still some damn good stuff.

EDIT: Typo got fixed.

If you wondering how this got to the top box, I don’t know either.

Incest, impregnation, titjob, little breasts, pregnant sex, breast play, spankings, cum inflation, huge cumshot, creampie, blowjob

That's a hell of a lineup... Welp! As long as I’m here might as well. It's not like I can disappoint my family any further, haha! No, I hit that low, years ago... I’m so lonely...

Top unf on this :heart:

That taboo tho. Exotic!

I've been in a dark place for a while and I don't think I'll ever get out now.

I kind of wish there was more build up. Like, at least one more chapter of getting to know scoots and her dad before the fun starts. But whatever. It was still nice for what it was.

That can’t happen.

What can't happen? :fluttershysad:


Like, at least one more chapter

Oh, no. I was trying to say it would have been nice to see more of the characters before the sex stuff beaucse I really liked them. I know the story is over, that's why I said 'I wish'. It was still a nice story.

this was a really good story I wish it wasn’t just a oneshot

This one was a commission and I am thus restricted to my client’s wishes. It’s their story, after all. Regardless, I am pleased you like it. A good half the story is dedicated to the sex.

This is incest story number three, with another two having very strong incest ties. Can’t keep it in the pants, keep it in the family as I always say. My only regret is not making it kinky enough, but it’s pretty damn hard to top my Stocking Stuffer series. Still, I have a thing for making the girls pregnant I guess, given my record. In order to balance my karma I must make the next story a super gay orgy or something.

Glad I didn’t disappoint you guys! I’m still unsure how or why it is in the top box, or why it is still there, but if you all like it, clop on.

Now if only I can stop Clint from being a whiny little shit when he posts a help notice, and accept his stupid requests when I bring him what he asks for.

Just so ya know, you are not the only one who has a thing for getting them pregnant. It is just the arousing thought that is just... so aluring.:moustache:

So if no sequel how about a prequel? Pretty sure more than a few would like to see what the Crusaders got up to given the things scoots talked about.:moustache:

I myself would be content with something focused on Apple Bloom, personally. Maybe that 'full time on the farm' involves, eh, taking loads off of her brother in the height of summer? Maybe she faces a similar predicament as Scoots does here, longing for a lover--which, of course, inevitably falls to Big Mac to satiate her needs.

Several clandestine, passionate rendezvous in the barn later, and Apple Bloom has an Apple pie baking in her oven, and as she's clearly not fessing up the father's name, Big Mac, being a perfectly responsible sibling, starts spending an inordinate amount of time taking care of his babymama sister.

"She his cock right between her tits. "
Other than that, holy shit man.

This fic makes number five in terms of mothers and babies. I admit I may have written myself into a fetish. What can i say? I like 'em big.

I currently have no plans for a sequel/prequel at this time. This story was polished off while another commission was sent to my editors, but that one needs more work, hence why this one was published first.

My only real concern about touching upon the other girls, disregarding everything prior to em starting to actively write it, is I don't want to retrace my steps too much. I like the sex to come as a result of a story or source of conflict, not have it just happen because the two parties are horny. While adequate and accurate, it just feels... boring. I don't want them to start out wanting to commence the dance of the dual cutie marks, I want them to grow into it. I can get away with it in the SSS because I just toss plot to the curb and go, "Hold my beer." I need something special, something to help them deepen the bond, which is why I don't like to use ponies in heat because it feels like a handwave. I find emotional desire to be more attractive than physiological need.

But don't fret. I would like to do Applecest at one point, but I just don't have the right topic just yet. I'm in love with the idea of farmer Applejack being a near seven foot tall amazon due to hard labor in good genes. Or perhaps Applebloom's outward innocence may be the way to go. I'd like to do something one day.

Thanks! You really helped out here.

And who knows, maybe the up coming episode The Perfect Pear could give us the answer if the Apple sibling's parents are dead or alive. Now if they go with the alive part (even though it would make no sense to have them be alive for this long and not know about it) then we could have potential M/D. M/S, and my favorite F/D.

Comment posted by TheMasterClop deleted Jun 10th, 2017

Well, if you ever want to brainstorm, hit us up!

And there is no shame in that bro. Whatever floats one's boat.:twilightsmile:

I honestly prefer father/daughter relationships when writing incest clop. I can't say as to why, and theorizing is a whole can of worms I probably shouldn't open. It may sound morbid of me, but I hope her parents stay dead. The three Apple kids carved a life out for themselves despite having no parents, not because of them. I feel like that could make for a stronger episode rather than parading all the parents and saying "EVERYTHING IS FINE." On that same token, it is my headcanon that Rarity's parents are inadvertently neglectful of their daughters, thus rationalizing why we barely see them and Rarity pretty much raises Sweetie Belle herself. They're concerned with their own trips and fun and aren't there as a family. I find it dramatically interesting if Rarity almost hates her parents.

To be honest, I haven't seen this season, or even last season. I haven't even seen the last movie, despite Sunset almost displacing my horse waifu in terms of favorites. I find Sunset far more interesting than Twilight as a character, despite my distaste for the first movie. I probably just like a bad girl.

Will do!

He let her take the reigns as she kissed him.

Just sit back and let me take the reigns.

take the reins
no need to kidnap the king/queen ;)


I honestly prefer father/daughter relationships when writing incest clop

You are officially on my watchlist(the good kind, don't worry). That's my kink right thar.

God save the queen! Especially considering I already made a clop about her.

Glad to be of service!

Very good story, it actually ticks off anything I have that could be called a fetish. The only things that might considered to be missing are bondage (the more rudementory the better) and backstory abaut nations gripped in ethernal conflict.

Actually, scratch that - I don't want to pass out in the midde of a chapter.

" Scootaloo sniggered. "


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