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This story is a sequel to SciTwi Shimmer-Book 2: It's Time To Leave

I've been bullied by my classmates, teachers and even the principal, so I decide to try starting anew. However my new group of friends, one in particular, has a checkered past. Should I trust her?

(Warning: contains content from Friendship Games.)

First Published
17th Apr 2017
Last Modified
17th Apr 2017
#1 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·

I like. I really like.

#2 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·

>>8102427 Thank you.

#3 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·

I never understood why every student at CPA was such a jerk towards Sci-Twi or why they always got away with it. And I was really disappointed when Sci-Twi didn't went for revenge during her Midnight Sparkle transformation.

#4 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·

>>8102448 If you remember, Midnight Sparkle was more interested in collecting all the magic in Equestria. So with her ripping holes in the space-time continuum she was sort of getting her revenge indirectly.

#5 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·


i disagree, i think in this story Twilight should get some pay back on the shadow bolts, and Cinch more directly please.

#6 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·


yes that true but i think she wanted to transfer t that other school to get away fromthe Bullying shame at Candance for not notcing all this was going on!

I really hope in this story she gets paypack even a small amount directed at them will teach, actions have Conqunces!

#7 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·

It´s a good start to the story and it´sactually nice that you expand on the more tamer examples of bullying presented in the movie since it wasn´t really that severe and it will create a good connection between Sunset and Twilight later on. The only problem I had was that while you did good with the cafeteria sceen and the hallway bullying, the last part about the diffrent species were a little bit childish... They are suppose to be what 16-18 of age? I just reminded me of something someone from a elementary school would use as a bully method and not something a highschooler would go for. Maybe it just me though, every bully case doesn´t have to start with heavy abuse and mental scarring.

#8 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·

>>8103986 The name calling and personal, childish insults never stop with some bullies, no matter their age. That's why the last bit is there. As far as any heavy bullying in the story goes, I have plans for that in a later chapter. :pinkiegasp:

#9 · 1w, 2d ago · · · Bullied ·

>>8104034 Meh, that´s true I suppose.

Look at you, getting me all excited and shit. Let us see if you can earn yourself another dark tag shall we!

#10 · 6d, 3h ago · · · Bullied ·

So, this will more than likely be the Friendship Games told from SciTwi's POV?  As well as her transfer, meeting the others, and growing a fondness for Sunsets?

#11 · 6d, 1h ago · · · Bullied ·

>>8110917 Most of it. Later on will have Sunset and SciTwi having a difficult time getting along.

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