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What does xenic mean?

8032452 Of, relating to, or employing a culture medium containing one or more unidentified organisms. It's what I'm deciding to call superpowered individuals, instead of metahuman or something.

I also really wanted the team to be called S.EX.Y., and that was all I could come up with.

8032472 Merely making a joke, my friend. Though, I will say I didn't expect to actually see you do this. I thought it was just some late-night bullshitting with Conjure, and wouldn't bear fruit. Kudos for proving me wrong.

8032513 Oh, I didn't realize you read that blog. Yeah, Conj and I joke about dumb shit like this all the time, but I wouldn't bring it up if I didn't intend to do it.


What have you done?

8032653 I've unleashed a horde of evils so terrifying that those who lay eyes on them cannot help but shed a single tear. I've created a miasma of filth and treachery so vile, you can do no more than stare on in horrified transfixion. I've destroyed any semblance of honor and decency that could be associated with my name, replacing it with horrible whispers and averted gazes.

I've done something so terrible, all you can do is admire its beauty.

So... why not go all the way and make this rated m?

8032879 The story I have currently envisioned doesn't really warrant an M-rating. I don't plan on having any outright acts of sex or depravity. I don't want this to be porn, not really. Just a fun little take on my two of my favorite things: crude sexual humor and superheroes.

If things change, I'll bump it up to M

This might just be the most unorthodox thing I'e read to date.... I'm full on for this XD Let's see where this goes. Should be a fun, interesting ride...... I just realized all the innuendos that can be drawn from that, and while I won't erase them, I'll admit to not noticing them WHILE I was typing this comment.

8033429 If you like innuendos, this is gonna be a fun time for you. If you don't, I'm sure it'll be long and hard.

This is so ridiculously over the top that it comes back around and works better than I might have expected for the concept. I don't think it would work anywhere near as well if it wasn't dialed up to 11. I also wonder how close it is to the limits of what can fly under a Teen rating. But it's an interesting start that makes me curious what direction the story is going to take.

Liked, and I'm so following this. Please, we need more! It is hilarious!! :rainbowlaugh:


You're a madman.
I want more.

8034942 Soon, my friend. Soon, indeed.

The madness has only just begun.

This story is ridiculous.
The characters are ridiculous.
You are ridiculous.
I love it, more please?:duck:

You forgot Charisma.

Oh, my sides.:rainbowlaugh: Aria is the perfect straight-woman for this endless spree of kinkified superhero cliches, It's glorious.

Couldn't Aria just assk to beat up Dash just a bit more?
It seems like Rainbow Dash has a fun streak a mile wide.
Sunset certainly got whipped, didn't she?
I am pretty sure that Spike will not be able to go to fap for the team when Rarity shows up.

8040327 These puns are the reason I'm writing this insanity.

I actually have something planned for Rarity that may not actually have her showing up. Depends on how I proceed...

Sorry to cocktease, just wanted to give you a little hint.

8040327 goddammit NAIP, did you have to go there? Urg :facehoof:
That's too puntasstic to me :pinkiehappy:
He's going to need to cum sooner to get into the action next time, or his blue balls will have to get huge! :pinkiegasp:

Sorry I gave it a shot but this has a required taste that I lack. Actually to me it feels like it is one crude joke and that is being extremely sexualized for the sake of making it absurd. Not a bad thing as people that like it can attest and will lynch me later. If it is ok I prefer my beaten body to be burned.

The best joke for me was Rainbow's superpower. Guess I do have a heart.

Story itself is fine and from the small glimpse I think characters are well defined. Again I am heartless monster as I did not like Aria even though she shares my view of the world she is in. Not enough snark I suppose for being the only sane person. Then again you did rank her intelligence quite low so guess not fair from me to expect witty remarks.

8041247 Aw, sorry to hear that, mate, but I understand. I knew from the get-go that not everyone would vibe with this idea. Not your fault that it's not to your taste.

For the record, you're 100% correct in thinking that this is one crude joke, and that the over-sexualization is solely for the sake of absurdity. That's kind of the point, but I doubt my viewerbase will lynch you for voicing your fair, fact-based opinion.

Hope this doesn't turn you away from me forever. It's not often I do things like this, and I just wanted to try something kind of new.

8041307 Hah are you kidding? Why would I stop reading your work because of one story? It is good story anyway it is not just a trollfic. Heck bet with more chapters the story will improve because Aria will most likely grow. Besides good writers experiment and branch out. You do not get good by doing just one thing.

Oh and lynch thing is just a joke. I have faith in FiM fic users to take a lil disagreement.

Good Lord, I love that Aria's the Only Sane Man trope for this whole thing XD Almost every time I think or say something about the naming of stuff, she says it RIGHT after me. Love it XD Awesome chapter

Have you seen Keijo? I feel like you would love Keijo.

8049180 Never heard of Keijo.

Googled Keijo.

Fell in love with Keijo.

Plans to watch/read the anime/manga.

Thanks for the tip-off, and it would seem that you know me well

He was kicked in the junk more time than rabbits going at it 10 times a day; must be his waiting to unsheathe his weapon at the right time.

I don't think I've laughed that much in weeks! XD That was great on EVERY point!

1.she is real and watches you fap 2. I don't know if it was just random luck or not be bad dragon is a real thing but likening it so far though I feel bad for pinkie

8063336 Firstly, you're right. She’s real in my heart (and porn stash), which is good enough.

Secondly, just go ahead and assume that anything that might be a reference to something sexual was intentional. Half of my days now are me thinking of sex puns, powers, and Xenics.

Thirdly, don't feel too bad for Pinkie. She's in a tough situation, but she has friends and a wonderful lady by her side to help her get through it all. She smiles through the pain, so to speak.

Finally, thanks for reading and enjoying. This is some absurd, inane bullshit I'm writing here, and it means a lot to me that you'd waste your time in this story instead of doing something actually productive with your time.

8063438 Frankly, I think doing pretty much anything else is a better use of your time than reading this absurdity. Then again, that could just be my self-deprecation talking

8063460 na this is good silly fun and needs a comic strip and you are your own worse critic though we need a bad guy named phill with the power of cum inflation from a single touch (why? why not)

8063480 That's disgusting and I'm pissed I didn't think of it first. I need to find a better name than that, though... I'm near need some one-off villains. If I end up using that, I'll be sure to thank you in the chapter.

8063526 The Inseminator? sounds like a villain.

8067755 That’s solid! Thanks, boss!

8068161 you're welcome :raritywink:

Adagio is the reason why we can't have nice things.

I thought Pinkie has 3 sisters.

8077525 She does. But she only has two big sisters. Marble is younger

"We don’t know exactly what is in The Gloryhole, but we’ve got scans to indicate that if anything were to come through, we’d be screwed.”
“So you named it The Gloryhole,” groaned Aria. “Fucking hell, these names are stupid…”

This is perfect.

At first I thought that all these innuendos were patethic... But after a second read, I have to say that they work so good! This is favourite now!

I was laughing raucously along with Aria for this one. :pinkiecrazy:

Wow, crazy. Still wonder when we will get Sunset's card/Hero profile. I mean, I don't get what is her power and the dom thing going on with her.

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