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and here in Futaquestria, being a princess means being ibig

being BIG

"She's real, and she'd beautiful

and she'S beautiful
So is this the same Futaquestria as that other story?

Stallions are always ready to get their asses fucked, and you've never seen one turn down the opportunity.

Why, exactly, don't the futas ever think to just fuck each other? I mean, obviously a porn story would emphasize certain fetishes, but I can't help but fixate on these little details.

The guard is an earth pony, a bit taller than you, with rippling muscle up


She grabs her fist-sized balls and squeezes them lewdly, then releases them and becomes instantly serious.

It never fails to tickle me each time I see examples of open sexuality like this.

traditionally women were expected to be subservient to women.

Well, a lady of power might have handmaids, but I'm pretty sure you meant something different.

The she pulls the pink dress over your

She pulls

who gets to see this. "Victory!"

No quote before Victory

drawing back her cock and ramming it hilt-deep into your

into YOU

Her cock goes deeper, filling your throat and pumping her pre directly into her stomach.

into YOUR stomach

somehow it seems to have almost as much sexual sensitively as your ass


Victory comes first,

Don't you mean next?

You groans and dip your head,

You GROAN and

You press the palm of your hand into your belly and feel in sink

feel IT sink

"Well..." you say, "Things have been changing, but... traditionally women were expected to be subservient to women.

Those crazy dikes, I tell ya.

8064530 Thanks! I admit I forgot to do an editing pass on this one...

As for your questions... it's the same Futaquestria, but with a different story for the human protagonist. Two different timelines, basically. There's no continuity between the main story and this one.

And as for why the futas don't have sex with each other... yeah, particularly in this story, I was trying to emphasize male submissiveness. I know I made it canon that bisexuality is the norm, and I haven't done much to make good on that promise...


For shame :U may the continuity gods smite thee!

In all seriousness, Well done. A bit too focused on the emasculation for my tastes, but that's not my call.



There's no continuity between the main story and this one.


I certainly hope there is a back up position for this job.

8064805 I don't like crossdressing and I hate humiliation and chastity.

8065815 Ah, fair enough. It was fun to write, but I don't plan on having any of that in the main story.

Well, I for one enjoyed this, and hope the winds of chance bring another tale of our anon and their adventures being on Celestia's staff...
Or that the winds of fortune, whichever winds provide more of the human mare and her futa Mistress. :heart:

*Sitting down as he declines Victory*
*Celestia calls for Victory*
"There you are...."

Have to say, I like this Victory individual. I would say make her the star of a short fic! Granted I haven't read your stuff so maybe you already have. Either way, this gets a favorite!

I highly enjoyed this story, great job! :twilightsmile:

I'm kinda sad that it's finished now :fluttercry:

Was not expecting a follow-up to this but I'm definitely not complaining.

please make more of this its awesome!

This is actually really nicely done! Would love to see more stuff like this! <3

Firstly, I'm cross with you for making this story complete and then tacking on a second part long after I and others had moved on. That's just careless. Not too many typos, but one big thing I noticed was Victory. She really doesn't have any kind of introduction and, while her role is implied, it would help if she were outright stated to be the human's handler/bodyguard.
All that said, I'm sorry to say that this did not feel like a worthy follow up to the first part. Nothing substantial really happens and the sex isn't anything we haven't seen already.
I'm saying this because I know you've done better in the past and can do better in the future.

Any plans to continue this? I know it says 'complete', but that hasn't stopped you from updating before.

I have to inquire on this as well. This is extremely kinky and amazing. More chapters would be really appreciated.

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