• Published 31st Mar 2017
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Futaquestria Gaiden: A Position on Celestia's Staff - MassDriver

In an alternate Futaquestria, you are summoned by Princess Celestia, who wants to give you a job... and a lot more.

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Comments ( 9 )

I'm kinda sad that it's finished now :fluttercry:

This was awesome, great job!! :twilightsmile:

Was not expecting a follow-up to this but I'm definitely not complaining.

please make more of this its awesome!

This is actually really nicely done! Would love to see more stuff like this! <3

Firstly, I'm cross with you for making this story complete and then tacking on a second part long after I and others had moved on. That's just careless. Not too many typos, but one big thing I noticed was Victory. She really doesn't have any kind of introduction and, while her role is implied, it would help if she were outright stated to be the human's handler/bodyguard.
All that said, I'm sorry to say that this did not feel like a worthy follow up to the first part. Nothing substantial really happens and the sex isn't anything we haven't seen already.
I'm saying this because I know you've done better in the past and can do better in the future.

Any plans to continue this? I know it says 'complete', but that hasn't stopped you from updating before.

Sequel Sequel Sequel

I have to inquire on this as well. This is extremely kinky and amazing. More chapters would be really appreciated.

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