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Whoever commissioned this has good taste. Nice work, MassDriver!

That was fantastic, great job man!

Excellent story story and I would love to see another like this.

Let’s see us continue our Aventures next time :rainbowkiss:

Comment posted by ThePoopBandit deleted Dec 4th, 2018

Incredible. You managed to do the whole zebra domination thing without making it feel like an allegory for raceplay.

I swear I've read this before, but there's no like here... well, now there is.

I love the unexpected new addition to the work of art in world building

Nice touch with the spellwork. All the fun, none of the ick. :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, I wanted to let the reader know they didn't have to worry about that stuff, without spending too much time on the explanation.

Heh.. I wonder if Mike will go further and take a plunge and turn himself into a hermpahdite just so he can have one more hole for a zebra cock. If Michelle's boobs are big enough she can satisfy 6 lovely marecocks.

That was a great end to this story awesome work, keep it up!! :twilightsmile:

Comment posted by TheRedButcher deleted Jan 16th, 2018

I bet she will slowly turn into a zebra herself.

Now that's *my* fetish. Bwahaha.

I personally would prefer ponies to zebras, but other than that, this story just flawlessly described all of my greatest dreams in one go.

love this story sooo much~

Ah, female to male getting plowed by hung futas and getting pregnant? All of my yes and I leave this fic satisfied. My only gripe is that it got kind of repetitive at points. It was a porn shoot all three times, and it may sort of be the joke that porn can be repetitive, but a bit more variety of the going ons could have helped.

I do hope there is another chapter, however. I speak only for myself, but I would love to see a chapter featuring Mike's baby. I'm imagining sort of like the classic whorehouse setting where all of the girls sort of act as aunts to the pregnant girl's kids and help take care of her. I just have diabetes-induced heart palpitations of a dozen zebra girls swooning over the new kid and passing her around to be loved by all of them. Perhaps as Mike is mothering his most likely zebra daughter, he is taken to another young human stud that wants to follow in his footsteps and Mike trains him on what to expect.

I dunno. Just postulating here, but it was always a kink of mine to actually show the kid when pregnancy comes up. Still, it's beena fun few chapters. I love it.

My jealousy knows no bounds. Extremely well done.

Zavara’s cock twitched against the roof of Mike’s mouth, heralding the onset of climax. Mike prided himself on being a damn good cocksucker, a skill he’d honed over months of being a part-time slut for marecock. Last time, Zavara had pulled out before he’d made her cum, but thsi time he knew what he was doing. Even with both hands still working two other cocks, he knew how to tease and please the zebra dong in his mouth; his tongue caressed the cumvein, flicked at the medial ring, and swirled around the flare’s circumference, making the stiff shaft’s jerky motions grow more powerful, more frequent. Each twitch released another tantalizing pump of pre - and then finally it wasn’t pre, but a full-blown load from Zavara’s big zebra nutsack, blasting against the back of his throat, overflowing his mouth even as he gulped it down as quick as he could.


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