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When Lyra Heartstrings meets the Doctor; Chaos and Adventure ensue naturally enough of course.


OC Ponies and Characters

Other as:

Cybermen/ Cyberponies


Vashta Nerada

The Weeping Angels

The Master

And of course, Time Travel songs!

Doctor Who Main Theme Song


Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 14 )

When Lyra Heartstrings meets the Doctor Chaos and Adventure ensue naturally enough of course.

One little thing, you should probably add a comma between "doctor" and "chaos", unless the doctor's name is actually Chaos, in which case, it would be correct how it is.

Would a semi-colon work out better?

Either works, but a semi-colon does look fancier. Also, this is quite good so far, and I am looking forward to how it plays out.

Thank you, only one problem.

Who is River Song?

IDK (not the comics, I don't know.)

But one name I think will be Melody.


(No, not Octavia, it's an OC)

Hmm, I like Crimson Melody, but if you want something water related then Melody Cove? Yeah, I know, but it's surprisingly the best sounding out of the 150+ "pond" related words I went through.

You did that all for me?


I've never had a fan so dedicated before...

I just wish that I could repay you somehow.

Don't worry about it, it's part of what I do. But if you really feel the need to repay me, then continuing to write awesome stories would be a good way :twilightsmile:.

Naw fam, I prefer to Exterminate...

I knew it, I knew Torchwood would come.

Comepletely unrelated to the story: Did you know that "Torchwood" is a rearragement of the letters that make up "Doctor Who"?

I had a fanfic named Lyra and the Doctor so this caught my eye. I renamed it but I later abandoned it so I have no clue how it's doing right now. So yeah I'm excited to read this!

Thank you!
(This doesn't cover every episode, just major good ones that I like, plus some of my own stuff too.)

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