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Lyra and The Doctor - Silver Inkwell

When Lyra Heartstrings meets the Doctor; Chaos and Adventure ensue naturally enough of course.

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The End of Equestria

The End of Equestria

“Doctor, what’s it like being able to travel through space and time?”

It was a question that he had received many timed before, but he was always ready to answer it. “Simply splendid,” he would always say, “It’s wonderful and incredible, and amazingly awesome at first, but then over time you begin to slowly go insane, very slowly, you can't keep track of how old you are and you lose sense of space and time… and then your gift starts to turn into a curse.”

Then they would ask him why this was so.

He would always say that it was his own opinion and view, and that they didn't have to agree with him, and then he would usually go away from them and off to somewhere where he didn't have to talk about his problems or issues to them anymore. When they pressed on he ignored him, and they would either give up eventually or not, but he would never tell them the truth, ever.

If he did he was afraid of what would happen afterwards, the ripple effect could turn into a tidal wave, and he did not want that to happen, ever.

However, it was a question that Lyra had just asked him right now.

He sighed, he knew that this would come, one day, it always did.

He gave his usual standard responses and then Lyra asked why.

“I can't tell you,” he said.

“Why not?”

“Because… you have to see it to understand it…”

“Oh, are we going somewhere then?”

“Yes… we are… we’re going to the future, the far future, to the end…”

“The end of what?”

“Your world.”

He pulled the switch and off they went forward into time.

“Wait, Doctor, I don't understand,”

“Don't worry, you soon will,” he said.

“But where are we going anyways?”

“The S.S. Horizons, one of the few Equestrian ships left, the others include, but are not limited to the Legendary, Nexus, Galaxy, Comet, Enterprise, Voyager, Sparkle, Starlight, Sunlight, Sunburst, Starburst, and so on…”

“Why those names?”

“Probably because they’re famous historical figures… heck… you might even meet a few of them although I think that you will find that Alicorns are the only species that can and have survived after all these years…”

“But why?”

“As I have already said before, just wait and see, please.”

“What other space ships are out there?”

“Canterlot, Crystal, Nebula, Eclipse, Midnight, Dawn, Thorax, Gilda, Contact, Holmes, Watson, Stardust, Eon, Infinity, and so on, to list all of them would take too long, there were literally hundreds if not thousands of them that launched. The ones that I have named are only a few among the most notable ones.”

“And they all have their own unique special names?”

“Yes, and we’re going to be on one of them?”

“But why?”

“Well simple, we’re going to watch the end of the world as you know it.”

The Tardis stopped, “We’re here,” he said, “Come with me…”

Lyra did so walking out of the Tardis as she slowly followed him along the narrow twisting corridors until they came into a room where ponies were all gathered together staring out of a window towards their sun… and the world of Equestria.

“My home…” Lyra quietly whispered as she got closer.

“Yes,” The Doctor said getting closer to her, “Celestia managed to raise and lower it each and every day, but she knew that one day she would have to allow the sun to destroy your own world, but in preparation she made the spaceships, and she has saved the lives of everypony by turning them into alicorns, all of them.”

“But how… why?”

“She did what she thought was right, and she’s tried to prevent this day, but now everypony will be watching this in honor of their old home, and even though some of them have their own worlds to govern they are here to respect and pay honor to their hold home, and see it destroyed in the blazing inferno of the sun.”

Lyra stared out at her own world now protected with an enormous pink bubble spell, but she could see her world, it was black and dead, red and yellow and orange, like it had been burned many times before. “What happened to it?”

“Celestia tried to protect it from the solar flares but… she failed…”

Flames leapt forward from the sun scorching and breaking the spell, and it remained broken. “Celestia doesn't want to keep the spell up anymore because she knows what has to happen, this is the very last day of Equestria.”

“You mean that my home, my friends, my family, and everything that I know will one day die and burn?” she asked with tears in her eyes.

“Yes, it’s a terrible knowledge to live with, and it’s my curse, and that’s why I couldn't tell you, I just had to show you to make you understand.”

“But why though, why?” she asked wiping away the tears.

“Because that’s just the way of life, all things die and perish, all things fade away in memories, they turn into dust, and even that will burn someday.”

“That’s so sad…” Lyra said now sniffling away the tears.

“Yes, it is, but that’s just the way of life, and not even I can change or stop that.”

“Then why do you fight so hard to make others happy?” she asked.

“Because you all really need my help, that’s why,” he said.

“But is that the only reason?” she asked.

“Maybe, but even if it wasn't all the other reasons are perfectly fine…”

“Well, maybe, but you could tell them to me.”

“No, I don't tell anything about myself, I am a complete mystery to all you see.”

“Has anything ever figured you out before?”

“No, I’m not even sure if I know who I am anymore…”

“How can that be true?”

“Time and space, time and space… that’s why… that’s always the reason why…”

“Doctor, you’re not making any sense right now.”

“I never make any sense,” he said.

“Eh, you have a very fair point…” she said.

“Yes, indeed, now come on, the end of the world is on display for us and it would be rude not to watch, just sit back and enjoy the end of everything that you have ever loved and known before… I hope that you like it…”

“How can anypony like this much less enjoy it?”

“Ponies as I have found out, are very strange creatures, I have learned not to question them anymore, it makes the insanity easier to deal with.

“Are you just saying that or what?”

“Maybe… I’m not telling you...”

“Oh Doctor, you are such a tease.”

“I am, but it’s not my fault that I know so much…”

“Yeah, well maybe you could tell me some more of your secrets one day, right?”

“Yeah, maybe,” he said.

“Well, just promise me to think about it, okay then?”

“Don't worry Lyra, I will, I would do anything for you,”

Lyra nodded and turned back to the scene before her.

“Why are we here on this ship, Doctor?”

“It was the very first one launched into space,”

“Ah, now I see why.”

“It also contains the oldest beings in the universe, well, yours anyways.”

“The princesses?”

“Them and many others, but they aren't as old as the Face of Vashar.”

“The face of what?”

“He’s the oldest living pony, he’s not an alicorn, he’s just a Pegasus, and he’s the oldest one, Star Swirl however, he’s the oldest unicorn here.”

“Star Swirl? No, isn't that kind of impossible when he’s dead?”

“Not even death could stop Celestia from saving her world and the ones that she cared about, she would do anything to protect them, anything…”

“Well, what did she do to protect them then?”

“She did what was needed…”

“This is your captain speaking, Princess Celestia would like to share a message with all of you, and as is tradition she will be speaking from the Horizons spaceship, this one, and her message will be broadcast out right about… now!”

Doors opened wide and then Princess Celestia stepped forward.

“Hello there, my little ponies, wish to welcome you to the very last day of Equestria, for many long years both you and I have known that this day would always come no matter what we might try to do and stop it.

That is why I prepared so many ships before all of this, and as a result I have saved all of you, and though the years we have all had our own hard times, and I know that some of you must be sad for what you have lost, but I say to look forward at the future with a bright hope because there will always be more.

Today may be the last day of Equestria, but it does mark the glorious new day of many worlds, one may fall, but there will always be more to take its place.

I know that some of you may feel resentful towards me and my sister for making all of you the same and immortal, but I did what I had to do in order to protect you because I really do care about you and truly do love you as well.

Not even death could stop me then, nor will it or you now, and let us all hope that no matter what we can forgive each other for the sins and crimes of the past, I myself look forward to the day where all worlds and ponies can live together in peace and harmony, so let this mark the momentous occasion that it is.

And let us always remember this day for what it really is, an end to something old, but a brand new exciting start to something else unexplored.

Because when one door closes, another will always open, thank you for your time my loyal and faithful citizens, that's all that I have to say to you today.”

“And that was a message from the Princess, and now enjoy some nice calm relaxing peaceful music as you stare out at the destruction of your old home world!” the captain said cheerfully as Princess Celestia slowly left the room.

“Ha, peaceful indeed, I just want to get back to my own world,”

“Indeed, who does she think she is to even deserve that title anymore? We’re all princesses and princes on our own worlds…”

“Well, she was the very first one you know…”

“Yes, but she should stop trying to defend her actions,”

“She did what she thought was right…”

“Yeah, well I just wish that I could give her a piece of my own mind…”

“Don't say that out loud! You don't know what spies she could have!”

“Well then, let her know, if she has spies it only proves that I’m right about her not trusting her own citizens, and if not, I don't care if anypony else hears us…”

“Please… just keep it down…”

“Well, since you said please…”

After that the Doctor was unable to hear the rest of their talk.

“You know some ponies have lost their respect for the princess…”

“Yes, I’ve noticed,” Lyra said, “But where are the oldies ponies anyways?”


“You said something about the Face of Vashar, right?”

“Well yeah, I might have briefly mentioned him once or twice…”

“Well, where is he?”

“On this ship, I think that we can see him, well, eventually,”

“And what if we can't see him what then, huh?”

“We will make do with what we already have, but until then, why don't we just explore the ship a bit, talk to a few ponies and wait for the end of your world.”

“Okay then, I will do that then, Doctor,” Lyra said.

“Yes, well good luck, I'll always be right here just in case you need me.”

Lyra nodded and then went off to talk to a few ponies, “Hello there,” she said.

A velveteen scarlet pony turned around to face her, “Oh, are you one of the ones that actually got the chance to choose your alicorn status? You’re so lucky…”

“Crimson Cash, there is no need to be rude to her,” said yet another new pony, this one was distinctly female and had a snowy white body instead.

“Snowflake Frost, how nice to meet you again,” Crimson said with a sneer.

“Princess Celestia just couldn't and still can't change some for their own reasons, whether by design of nature, or choice, for example, Star Swirl cannot change because he’s already done so much that there is no need for him to change.”

“Yes, but what has she done? Nothing from what I hear, she’s completely worthless, and I just want to get back to my business and get off this ship,”

“Hey, there is no need to disrespect the princess!” Lyra said.

“Well then, why don't you go talk to her and prove me wrong if you’re so important, after all, not everypony is an alicorn, only the ones she doesn't care about, so that would make you some kind of ironic special, wouldn't it?”

“Look, I’m not any kind of special, I may be different, but I am my own special.”

“As we all were, once upon a time at least, not anymore…” he said.

“Crimson, I think you need to come with me so that way we can have a talk,”

Crimson glared back at Lyra, but went with Snowflake silently instead.

Lyra wandered around until she found the Doctor, “Ponies don't seem to like me that much at all,” she said, “Can you please tell me why that is so?”

“Because you’re different, the only non-alicorns are the ones that the alicorns can make back on their own worlds, ponies just like you, and the idea that one of their own citizens could surpass them and be here somehow, well it just upsets a few ponies, but it’s nothing to be worried about, honestly it isn't.”

“But Doctor, I can't be as special as they say that I am, right?”

“No, you’re right, you’re still more than that, better than that.”

“Doctor, please, no more,” Lyra said blushing at his remarks now.

“Very well then, I guess I won't compliment you anymore then…”


“And then I will only have insults left to…”


“Yes, what is it?”

“Can I please go talk to Princess Celestia?”

“Well, you can, but there’s no need to ask me, you’re a big pony girl now, go!”

“Oh, well okay then, thanks anyways!” she said.

“Just don't get lost on the way there!” he shouted back at her.

“Don't worry, I won't, trust me,” she said going off into the narrow hallways once more, she gazed around as she went forward hoping to see something obvious and clear, and eventually she did. The Princess Room? Wow, how unoriginal yet also so plain and simple too, she thought to herself as she knocked on the door and then, “Please, come in, enter, it’s rude to stand at doorways,” Celestia said.

Lyra did so and the doors automatically slid shut, “Is there something that you wanted to talk to me about, my little pony?”

“Yes, Princess Celestia, why do you not do anything to those that disrespect you? Surely there is something that you can do to stop it, right?”

“Because, my little pony, there is and always has been the freedom of speech,”

“Oh, well that actually makes a lot of sense,”

“Indeed, as your princess I must set the perfect example, even if that means I sometimes have to do something extreme to protect the ones that I love.”

“Oh, well then, thank you for your time today…”

“Was that all you wanted to talk to me about, my little pony?”

“No, I think that’s it,”

“Good then, you may now leave.”

They did so, but soon Lyra began to have even more questions for the Doctor.

“Doctor, just how old is the Face of Vashar exactly?”

“Still have questions for me, and about him? Well the answer is he’s very old, some say almost as old as the universe itself. But the real truth is that nopony knows for sure, but they do say that when he dies he will utter very important words to a very special pony, and he won't say what they are until he does die.”

“Sort of like your real name then?”

“Indeed, only at the very end will it finally be revealed.”

“Oh, well then, thank you, but can we go back home now?”

“Why? The view up here out towards the space and the end of something very old is just great, it’s a once in a lifetime chance and opportunity, so take it.”

“What if I don't want to?”

“Well, you are sort of stuck with me right now at the moment.”

“Doctor, you can be really annoying sometimes.”

“I know.”

“Okay then Doctor, what do you suggest that we do then?”

“Simple, we watch the end of your world, and then we will leave.”

“Oh, well okay then, that seems fair to me.”

“Thank you for seeing it my way.”

“Well, you’re welcome.”

With that said they left back to the front of the ship where they could see it.

“Beautiful, isn't it?”

“Now exactly the first word that I would use for this Doctor.”

“Oh, but it is, it’s the end, and also the start of something new and maybe in a million billion years it’ll be a new star or planet or something else instead, that’s just the way of life, it’s a constant circle going around and around, it never stops, just an endless cycle of death and birth and life forever and ever, it’s really quite remarkable when you stop to think about it for a second or minute.”

“Doctor, you sound so sad, is there a reason for that?”

“Oh? Well yes, after a while you start to lose all hope completely.”

“Well I won't give up hope, no, not ever Doctor.”

“We will see.,” he said, “Well, anyhow, why not talk to the other ponies?”

“Because I’m here with you.”

“Well, the other ponies are very rich and powerful, and alien too.”


“Yes, I would highly recommend that you go talk to them before something bad happens because with me around trouble always seems to come around.”

“Talk to them about what though?”

“Anything you want to of course, duh!”

“Yes, well of course, but I still feel…”

“Feel what?”

“Insignificant to them somehow.”

“Well, you are, now come on, this is a party, you don't have to feel bad talking to anything, go, enjoy yourself! After all, it is the end of the world as you know it.”

“Yeah… I know, but who should I even go talk to first?”

“Well, the one who is willing to talk back of course, duh! Now go, please!”

Lyra smiled and did as he asked while the Doctor remained behind and sighed.

Lyra went off back to the front and looked around trying to find Snowflake since she was the only one that she knew of who had actually supported and defended her earlier when they talked. Luckily enough for her, she found her very quickly.

“Hello there again!” she said. Snowflake, upon hearing this, turned to her and smiled at her and left the group that she was talking with and went to Lyra.

“Well, help there again, I remember you, but no name though…”

“Yeah, sorry about that, my name is Lyra Heartstrings.”

“Nice to meet you Lyra Heartstrings, my name is Snowflake Frost, and sorry about Crimson Cash, but please tell me, did you speak with the princess yet?”

“Yes, we have actually, it was a very short but also interesting talk indeed.”

“Oh? Really? And what did you talk to her about then and what with?”

“Oh, you know, just stuff, life, death, light, darkness and shadow, the world, the end, free will, the public, that sort of boring old stuff you know, right?”

“Yeah, sure thing,” Snowflake said, “Anything else though?”

“No, not really that much, as I told you before, it was very short.”

“Ah, well, I think I see now, thank you and have a good day.”

“You too.”

Lyra left her and then went on to go somewhere else, to where, she didn't know, but she hoped that whatever happened next would be fun.

This however, was not to be the case because trouble soon came.

“This is your captain speaking again, uh, I’m in a rather very tight spot you see and while this observation deck is stable for right now may I remind the guests that solar flares can cause gravitational pockets and temporary wave shifts.

I also have something here in the ship itself, a big blue box that needs to be claimed by a guest as property or a gift. And may I remind all of you that teleportation devices are strictly forbidden. And I would like to thank the sponsor of this event the Face of Vashar for all of this. But now for the tight spot, well, enjoy the last few minutes of your life and world, because you’re all going to burn for the money!”

Suddenly the whole entire ship wobbled left and right and shook violently.

“What’s happening?”

“I don't know!”

The room was in a panic, they were confused and everything was chaos.

Hopefully the Doctor would be able to sort this out.

“Oh, look, trouble again, well, I better go see the captain then I guess…”

“The sunshield is starting to come down”

“Unless the trouble is just too much of course,” he said.

“We’re all going to die!”

“Oh, calm down, you’re not going to die!”

“We’re not?”

“No, and do you want to know why? It’s because I’m the Doctor and I’m going to save this space ship and everything on it that I can, and I’m going to do it with style and I'll do it in my own weird, strange, odd, and brilliantly genius way too!” he said rushing forward towards the captain’s room and the doors too.

He slammed forward into it somehow managing to not get in.

“Lyra, mind casting a spell on this for me? Please?”

Lyra sighed, slowly walked over, and cast her magic at it to no avail.

“Locked,” he said trying to open it, “Well, here goes nothing…”

He pulled out his sonic screwdriver and pointed it at the door and unlocked it somehow and then charged forward and entered the captain’s room.

“Oi! You there! How did you get in? You’re not supposed to be in here!”

“Ah, that doesn't matter, what really matters is my name, it’s the Doctor, and I’m here to save all of you, that’s what, now then can one of you please tell me what the problem is so that way I can fix it and also save the day too?”

“It’s the captain! He’s gone mad I swear! Says there’s spiders that are…”

“That are what?”

“Sabotaging the ship, sir.”

“Well, maybe he’s right and oh look, there’s one right now.”

“Where?” the crew member said turning to look as the Doctor punched him in the face causing him to fall to the floor fast asleep. “There, that takes care of him, he was rather getting annoying, now then, where is the captain?”

“Probably hiding in a dark corner somewhere trying to avoid his problems, duh.”

“Ah, well, if you see him tell him that help has come, okay?”

“Okay sir, don't worry, I will.”

“Good lad, now then, I wonder what is causing the problems around here…”


“Well don't be so ridiculous or silly, there’s no way regular normal ordinary spiders could do this, right? So, therefore, they must not be that way, therefore, they must be special, new, unique, different, odd, strange, just like me. And they must have been brought on board and snuck through whatever security measures you have in place here, and therefore something must have a reason for this, a purpose, and therefore, if we can find it, them, reason with it, them, then we just might have a chance to live, now then, if we could only capture one of these spiders so that way it can run back to its master then that would be just great, and if you could do it as soon as possible with all this trouble and all.”

“Uh yes, of course sir, right away, we’ll get on that,” yet another crew member said nervously saluting him with fear.

The Doctor glanced around and then smiled to himself.

“And while you’re at it, scan the pipes and electrical systems for any signs of living and/or non-living things, like robots or whatever you call them now.”

“Yes, of course sir!”

The Doctor smiled and waited as this was done and soon enough the results were back in. “Uh, sir, there are a lot of spiders in this ship right now…”

“Okay then, tell me where the closest one is right now and we’ll get that one.”

“Uh… well that would actually be right here in the captain’s room…”

The Doctor smiled, said, “Really?” and then dived down towards the pipelines.

“Okay, come on little buddy, come to papa, oh, you really are a little buddy, aren't you? You’re small, metal, red lights for eyes or seeing, I wonder who made you and for what reason or why they would also want to do this… but you can't tell me that, can you? You can only carry out the orders given to you, right? Well, yes, of course right, I'm the Doctor, I’m always right… now then, let’s see who your owner is by… nope, that won't work, oh well, maybe a more physical approach is needed. We’ll just have to wait a bit longer to see the results.”

“Doctor, who, or rather what, are you talking to?”

“Them of course, who else?”

“Right, anyhow can you please try to focus.”

“Sure thing, I am.”

“Whatever just-,”

“Wait! I see movement! Come along, let’s go find this mysterious owner, shall we?” The Doctor said before any of them could properly react in time.

“It’s heading down to the guest’s hall, let’s go, alons-y!”

Before any of them could utter one single word the Doctor was off running towards the guest room/hall. Soon enough Lyra was there with him.

“Well hello there everypony,” The Doctor shouted out very loudly once he got in the room, “As of now I am your commanding officer and/or captain or whatever you call them in this century, but anyhow the point is this, I’m the stallion that’s going to save your life and if you have any plans to get in my way take the escape pods and see how well you will last in that. Now then, if there are no objections I think the next step/part of my plan may now came forward if they so wish it.”

Everything in the room stared at him and then started to laugh.

“You, save us? That sounds positively ridiculous and absurd.”

“Well, trust me, it’s true.”

“Well, what proof do you have then?”

“The Doctor smiled and pulled out his sonic screwdriver, “Ever seen this before?”

“I can't exactly say that I have.”

“Well then, leave the questions to me please.”

The guest that had spoken up remained quiet as the Doctor continued to go around the room until he saw a ventilation shaft and waited for the spiders to come out. Soon enough they did and he smiled at them, “Well go on,” he said, “Take me to your leader, huh, I’ve always wanted to say that.”

The silver metal robot spiders scuffled around on the floor for a bit until they eventually found the one that they called their master. “Ah, so it’s you mistress Cassandra, I should have known it was you!” Crimson Cash shouted.

“Oh, yes, I’m the guilty one, oh go on, throw me in jail if you can but I think not, the death of Equestria is very soon and all of you are just as useful to me dead as alive even though I did have hope for a ransom, oh well, the stocks I have invested in your rival companies will triple once you’re dead and then I'll be rich, and I know it’s terribly rude to leave without a full explanation of why I’m doing this, but I think that I am rather running short of time as all of you are, and I know it’s highly illegal but I did bring a teleportation device onboard so goodbye.”

Those were her last words before the female reptilian and pony like hybrid vanished away. The ship then lurched left and right, “Doctor! The ship is overheating!” Snowflake Frost said hovering over a holographic image/picture of the ship.

“Oh, really? Well that’s just great news, let’s go fix it!”

“We can't! She’s overridden all automatic controls and the only thing left is manual and the ship has about…”

“Five minutes left.”

“Yeah, that much time before we all die!”

“Well then, let’s make them count!” The Doctor said running along the hallways towards the engine of this ship with Snowflake and Lyra along too.

“I swear it was like an hour and then half and then maybe 15 and 10 before!”

“What are you rambling on about!” Lyra shouted as they ran along the narrow hallways until they reached the engine room and almost stopped.

“The time before the world ended, duh! What else would I be talking about?” The Doctor said pulling his sonic screwdriver out whenever it was needed.

“Well I don't know! I have no idea!”

“Exactly! Thank you very much! Now then where is the shutoff?”

“It would be over there past those fans,” Snowflake said pointing to a set of giant fans that cooled off the ship.

“Oh, why are these here?”

“Old tech is in case of emergencies, like this, but it isn't enough,”

“Yeah, I can see that,” The Doctor said looking at the fans for a moment and then turned back around, “Ugh, they’re just too fast, I need them to slow down.”

Snowflake looked around and eventually spotted an override to make it slow down, “Go Doctor,” she said, “Go, save this ship.”

“No! You’re an ice pony, too much heat and you die!”

“Well then, you better be fast and not waste time then, eh? Time lord?”

The Doctor glanced at her, grinned, and then quickly stepped forward through the first fan slowly making his way to the override.

“How much time do we have left?” he said.

“Oh, less than three minutes I think,” Lyra said.

“That’s more than enough time for me,” The Doctor said.

“Actually, I think it might be more like less than two minutes now.”

“Whatever,” he said back casually.

“Sixty seconds left.”

“Okay, it might be a bit worse than I thought!” he said only halfway across.

“Doctor I’m going to melt any second here!” Snowflake said.

“Just hold on a little longer!” he said just as he got through the second to last fan. As he did Snowflake just simply vanished and turned into a puddle of water?

“Thirty seconds left.”

“Doctor! Snowflake is dead!”

“You take the lever then!”

“I am, it’s not working anymore! I think there’s a very big problem now!”

“Yeah, definitely!”

“Twenty seconds left!”

“Just move on Doctor, please!”

“Fifteen seconds left.”

“But what if I can't?”

“Don't worry, you can, I believe in you!”

“Ten seconds left…”

The Doctor smiled, those were all the words he needed to hear from Lyra.

“Nine seconds left…”

The Doctor took a deep breath in knowing that either way he would probably die.

“Eight seconds left…”

He took another breath in remembering all the good times that he had.

“Seven seconds left…”

He smiled and then took a step forward…

“Six seconds left…”

And he lived.


He was surprised, but he couldn't dwell on that, right now he needed to throw up the shields and cool off the ship.


He quickly dashed towards the lever and threw it.

“Three, Two, One…”

The world outside lit up in a flash of light and everything was burning and they were engulfed in flame and it felt so hot and it seemed so wonderful and terrible to Lyra, but then the wave of fire passed and they were all finally safe.

“We lived,” The Doctor said after the shockwave had slowly faded away.

“Yes, we did, yeah!” Lyra shouted out making a fist hoof in the air.

“Yes, but at what cost,” The Doctor said remembering Snowflake, “Anyhow, come on, I believe we have a criminal to catch that actually has to pay for her crimes here today, justice must be given and the law maintained too.”

“Uh, Doctor, where are we going?”

“Back, to catch a criminal, duh, what else?” he said.

“Okay,” she said trotting along behind him as they went back to the guest room/hall and then they stopped once there. “You there, I need your watch right now, and I also need my tools too, is there some cheese and tea I can have please? My throat is positively dry after spending so much time down in an engine room.”

The guests looked very confused at this request but soon gave him what he wanted as he made something that Lyra couldn't quite describe.

“Doctor, what is that?” Lyra asked said with some slight confusion.

“I have no idea, might be useful late on though, anyhow she teleported out of here which means that whatever device she had to use must have been close to her and hidden so the only conclusion I can make is that it must be a gift,” he said smashing an egg down to reveal alien future looking like tech there, “And if she went wherever she did I can bring her back with just a few little twitches.”

“Twitches?” Lyra asked with some slight confusion.

“Adjustments of the machinery and flips of the switches and/or levers.”

“Oh, okay,” Lyra said as he finished his job and soon enough Cassandra was back here in the ship again and she looked very surprised indeed.

“Hello there, sorry I had to interrupt your little meeting or whatever, but when you threaten my friends and put other lives in danger I have to stop you.”

“Okay, who and what are you exactly?” she asked.

“My name is the Doctor, I’m a time lord and I just saved this ship and you are going to pay for your crimes and then go to jail, or worse if you’re up against me.”

Everything in the room stared at him nervously when they heard the name of ‘time lord’ being used. “A time lord? But that’s impossible, they’re all dead!”

“Nope, not me, just most of them, we’re practically extinct, I just happen to be a lucky or unlucky survivor of the war, but the details of how and why I lived aren't exactly important or relevant here today because what is, well, it’s you.”

Cassandra looked at him nervously as guards started to detain her.

“You can't stop everyone Doctor, one day there’s going to be an enemy that you just can't stop, one that you won't see coming, a big bad wolf that will huff and puff and blow your big house of pride and smartness and whatever else you have in your mind down, and when that happens I can't wait to see the look on your face when you finally start to realize this one very simple and important thing…

You can't win every battle and/or fight.”

Cassandra smiled at him before she was hauled off and away out of their sight.

“Well, that’s over and done with, how about we go get something nice, cool, and refreshing, maybe some ice cream, or tea, whatever works…”


“Maybe we can go to somewhere cold and ski after this.”


“Or, we can go back to the ice age!”



“I just want to go home.”

“Oh yeah, or we can always do that too instead.”

“Thank you, I think something nice and relaxing would be good after this.”

“Indeed, no more world ending events, just a beach to relax on instead.”

“Doctor, I don't think I ever will understand you fully.”

“Nope, never,” he said smiling at her very warmly, “Well, come on then, home, these folks can sort out whatever politics and money they want to.”

“Indeed,” Lyra said slowly stepping back into the blue box to go back home again.

“Remember, I'll always be here for you Lyra, no matter what might happen.”

“I know.”

“I was just making sure, anyhow, let’s go!”

He pulled the lever and off they went back home and then to their next adventure whatever that might be, but whatever it was, it would probably be good and all safe and well with the Doctor around because she knew that he would never let her get hurt and that as long as she was alive he would be perfectly fine and well and less crazy too. Hopefully they would never be apart for long though, but even if he was at the other end of the universe he could always be back for tea.

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