• Published 20th Feb 2017
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Lyra and The Doctor - Silver Inkwell

When Lyra Heartstrings meets the Doctor; Chaos and Adventure ensue naturally enough of course.

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Project Cyberspark

Project Cyberspark

"Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle, and if you're watching this video than things have gone very terribly horribly wrong, if you're watching this then you just need to do two things for me, first, call the Doctor, he's the only one that can help us out now, he's the only chance and opportunity left. Two, they're coming, so run, just run, RUN!!!"

That’s how it all started.

After that, it was complete disaster.

Metal fell from the skies, but it came in the ponies themselves.

The Tardis slowly whirred away into a very large tall big huge treehouse, and slowly the Doctor walked. “Wow, I can’t actually believe that Celestia was that rebellious back in her teenage years, I mean who knew that?”

“Well technically I did, and so do you too as well now.”

“Doctor? Is that you? Thank goodness you’re finally here,”

“Wait, hold on, don’t tell me your name yet, let’s see, purple lavender unicorn with six stars on her butt, sorry, I meant flank instead, Lyra keeps reminding me of that, anyhow I would wager that you are Twilight Sparkle?”

“Yes, the one and only, and I’m so glad to see that you’re here now.”

“I’m sorry, but have we met before?”

“I think so, tell me, have you taken me to the moon and back yet?”

His face was completely blank. “Okay then, how about the Towers of Terror?”

Still nothing. “Okay then, you’re young, how about the Changeling invasion?”

Still nothing. “Okay then, you’re very young, very early days.”

“Wait, hold on a second, how many adventures have I had with you?”

“Enough, but I hear about them mostly, I have studied you my whole entire life Doctor, and I must say it’s quite an honor to finally get the chance and opportunity to meet you,” she said quickly shaking his hoof now then.

“Yes, I’m sure, but tell me this, I got your message by the telephone and video camera, but can you please tell me what’s wrong first though exactly?”

“First tell me who she is and how and when you got that message,”

“Well funny story,” he said, “You see the real question to ask here is…”

The Doctor and Lyra were flying in space when they got the phone call message.

“Oh, Doctor, your phone is ringing,” Lyra said.

“Yeah, I can hear that obviously, thank you very much, but the real question here is why? I just don’t give my number out to anyone you know.”

And with that said he picked up the telephone.

“Hello? Who is this exactly? Tell me right now please.”

There was no answer but suddenly a TV screen slowly flickered on.

“Hey there Doctor, thanks for your number, it’s really quite useful right now, anyhow we don’t have telephones here yet in Equestria, but I decided to take some notes after visiting your Tardis and eventually I finally figured out not only how to make a working one, but also something called a video camera as well too, anyhow Ponyville is in great danger and peril, come quickly, please, you’re our only hope now, not even magic can stop the threat that we have right now.”

“Well then, what do you suppose she means by that exactly?”

“I don’t know, but I do intend to fully find out very soon enough.”

And with that said he pulled his switch and that’s how they landed in the treehouse. “And that’s exactly how we landed in your tree house, Twilight.”

“I believe you, thanks for the explanation, but we have far more pressing matters at hoof, Project Cyberspark has gone very wrong, the experiment has failed.”

“Okay, first explain what Project Cyberspark and what the experiment were though exactly and how, where, and when it went wrong, okay then?”

“Alright, very well, fine then. Project Cyberspark was an attempt for me to advance all the technologies of Equestria based upon what I have seen in other worlds before, my latest experiment was designed to stimulate the neurons in the brain increasing their firing rate and speed making the mental processes of the brain much faster so that we could do more in a much shorter time span period, the tests worked very well with my lab animals, but when I tried to do it with a real actual test patient, well let’s just say that I don’t know where they are anymore, I lost them, they’re just too smart now.”

“Wait, hold on, can you make it simple for my friend here? I totally got it and understood what you were saying here, but my friend, not so much really.”

“Oh, okay then, fine, alright,” she said, “Basically the project makes you smarter, more intelligent, it was meant to help out both the young and old, the old for their lost memories to be recovered, the young so that they could work harder by it instead, I never meant for any of this to ever happen.”

“Hey there, don’t cry, this isn’t your fault.”

“Yes, it is, I might as well have made those monsters myself.”

“Okay, so maybe it is really your fault actually, so what? You can always start to make up for it right now by helping us out, okay then?”

She sniffled wiping away the tears in her eyes as she slowly adjusted her glasses.

“Alright, fine then,” she said getting up and adjusting her science coat.

“Now that’s more like it, now then can you please tell me what the name of the patient that you gave this chip to then?” the Doctor said.

“Wait, how did you know that it was not a potion or chemical drug instead?”

“Just a logical reasonable conclusion that randomly popped in my head as one of the more likely options, after all why contact me if it was a drug or chemical that would eventually wear off, no, you were worried because of something else that was completely different, and I decided to glance over your notes and I saw the word chip many times, even more so than any mentions to a chemical drug.”

“Yes, it was a chip, but that was only so I could store any data on a backup disc drive just in case it somehow stopped working so that way no data would ever be lost so long as it was within range and contact of my wireless tower.”

“Oh, I see, but you managed to build a wireless communications tower too as well, how very much nice, tell me how did you ever manage to do it.”

“Well first I-,”

“Never mind, I decided that I don’t really care that much anymore to be honest.”

“Well that’s very much rude.”

“Well maybe just a small tiny little bit, but enough, no more chitchat, the name of the patient now if you will please,” the Doctor said now then.

“Professor Mortimer Donovan, some weird old crazy pony obsessed with immortality and living forever too as well. He specialized in advanced technologies and making the absolute perfect life form, as I said before, crazy.”

“Do you know exactly where he is right now?”

“That’s just the problem, the chips don’t allow for tracking just yet.”

“Ah, let me guess, you did that to protect their privacy, am I right?”

“Yes, I don’t think some ponies would be too happy to know that they were being tracked especially if they were going somewhere where their wife and/or husband wasn’t supposed to be if you know what I mean, anyhow I lost track of him and now I can’t find him anywhere in town and I’m starting to get concerned.

Anyhow, can you please help me out Doctor?”

“Yes, of course, but I don’t see how this is a problem for me.”

“Well I wouldn’t have called unless I found something important enough to show you, because while I may not know where he is right now I do suspect his current location and area nonetheless, and I know that he’s up to something because I keep finding sketches of his thrown out and tossed away, and I don’t know why though exactly, but this latest discovery, it concerned me the most.”

And with that said she left, went into a room and came out with a very heavy chest lifting her with her magic, set it down and then slowly unlocked it.

“At first I didn’t even know what this was, but then I started to piece it together with the plans, and I can only tell you one thing, it’s not going to be very good, if anything it’s going to be very bad indeed,” she said as she lifted the metal robotic head unto the table showing it to all of them. Suddenly the Doctor had a great look of fear on his face, “No, he can’t be, surely not, this is impossible!”

“Wait, I thought that you said nothing was ever really truly impossible.”

“No, nothing is, but some things are very hard to ever possibly believe in.”

“So what is that thing exactly anyways, Doctor?”

“Something that I had hoped never to face here in Equestria, but it seems that like my hopes were misguided and misplaced, now my emotions and feelings are replaced by fear, because this, it is a cyberman helmet, or rather in this case a cyberpony helmet head instead,” he said.

“Are cyberponies a bad thing Doctor?”

“Oh, they’re a very bad thing indeed, the cybermen are programmed not to have any emotions or feelings at all, ever, they repress them instead, they have a much higher intelligence and strength than a normal regular ordinary human or pony, and their goal is to assimilate as many as they can, that’s what they call collecting and turning other life forms into exactly what they are, if they cannot assimilate you then they will Delete you, that’s what they call killing.

They are unstoppable killing machines, but they aren’t cold and cruel just because they have no emotions and feelings, or because they’re robots, but because of both I think, anyhow they’re not wild and they will always only ever follow their commands, they aren’t exactly fast or slow, but it doesn’t matter since they don’t ever really need to take a break to chase their enemies.

And they won’t ever give up on anything until their command is fulfilled, and they won’t stop until they can assimilate everything on a whole entire world, and then they’ll move on to the next if they are not defeated right now and here.”

“So then, how will we defeat them exactly? What will we do now then?”

“Oh, I already like the way that you think Twilight, we start by finding your patient first, and then from there I’ll just have to improvise it of course.”

“Wait, what?” Twilight said now then.

“Oh don’t look so worried about it, I almost always improvise the plan at the very last final minute when everything looks like it’s going to end very badly.”

“Oh, well then, fine then, alright, I guess that can work out for us.”

“Don’t guess, know and believe it in your heart, have just a little tiny small bit and part of faith.”

“I’m a scientist, I don’t rely on faith and belief, I rely on cold hard facts no matter how brutal or cruel the truth just might be to handle instead.”

“What a very practical, reasonable, and logical way to live, but also how empty of any friends to help you out as well too.”

“I have friends, very close friends.”

“Oh, and where would they be right now exactly?”

She was silent. “That’s exactly what I thought, it doesn’t matter if you have any real actual friends or not because we have far more pressing urgent matters to deal with right now, anyhow I must congratulate you on your project first.

Well done Twilight Sparkle, you created exactly what you wanted, a higher form of intelligence for every life form, but you also created a monster too as well.

You allowed for this monster to be born and created, and I’m not blaming you for anything, not just yet, just try to calm down on the ambition first next time.”

“Okay, alright, fine then, I will,” she said.

“Very good then, now tell me where did you find the helmet?”

“I found it in a gorge that’s very nearby here of course.”

“Take me to it right now.”

And with that said she did so as he stared out at the canyon doing math in his head. “Let’s see, he’s a very old man so he wouldn’t want to travel too far, yet he would also want it to be far away enough not to ever catch any amount of attention, and yep, that’s right, I think that I already know where he is.”

“Wait, what? How though exactly?”

“I’ll tell you all about it on the way over, but for now we have an army to stop!”

And with that said they slowly followed the Doctor along as he explained it to them. Once he was eventually finally done rambling they were there.

“Well then, should we knock first or not now then?”

“Doctor, please don’t be making any jokes, not right now.”

“But there’s always time for jokes no matter what the situation is or where we are exactly, after all, if you’re going to die you might as well go out with a smile on your face first, right?” he said.

“Yeah, sure thing, I guess so,”

“As I told you before, don’t guess, know, believe, have faith and hope too as well.”

And with that said he slowly knocked on the wooden door.

“I can’t believe that you’re actually knocking.”

“What? I always give my enemies the chance and opportunity to surrender first.”

“I don’t know if you’re incredibly stupid or brave by doing this thing.”

“Well why can’t it be both at the same time then? Any reason for that at all?”

“None that I can think of just yet.”

And with that said the door suddenly opened very slowly for all of them.

“Yes? Who is it? If you’re trying to sell me something- well then go away because I don’t want it and you can’t ever convince me to change my mind for it either.”

“We’re not trying to sell you something, we’re just trying to help you out.”

“I don’t need any of your help, I’m fine here all alone by myself thank you very much, now then if you’ll just leave me alone in peace I’ll be-,”

“You’re not going to be doing anything just yet Mr. Donovan.”

“Oh, and how are you going to stop me from doing it then exactly? Please do tell me how because right now you don’t have a single thing on me, and no pony else will be allowed to enter my house unless they have a warrant first, good day.”

And with that said he slammed the door shut right in front of their faces.

“So, are we going to go get that warrant now then?”

“Nope, we’re going to do this the easy way instead of course.”

“Wait, what? Why won’t you go get the warrant instead?”

“Well firstly because I have psychic paper that lets the mind see what I suggest or what they want or expect to see instead, it really depends sometimes.

Secondly you heard what he said, we literally have nothing on him just yet.”

“So what? You break in and enter his house then? That’s illegal.”

“Well I’ll be doing it for a very worthwhile noble cause so I think that there can be an exception to every rule, right?” he said pulling out his sonic screwdriver again and fiddling with it, “Damn these silly stupid hooves that I have!”

“Here, let me try,” Lyra said picking it up off of the ground for him.

“Wait, how though exactly?”

“It’s really quite easy and simple you know.”

“But you have hooves, grabbing stuff should be impossible.”

“I thought that you said nothing was ever really truly impossible.”

“It’s not, and I’m still sticking by those words, it’s just that sometimes something is really very hard to believe in even if it’s actually really true.”

And with that said he grabbed his sonic screwdriver and started to scan around for things and stuff. “So, what does that thing actually do anyways exactly?”

“It can open locked doors, it’s very useful for detecting something off, strange, different, unusual, or odd depending upon it’s sensitivity levels of course.

The only thing that it doesn’t quite work on is wood.”

“Why is that though exactly?”

“It just is, okay then?”

“Fine, alright, don’t get worked up about nothing.”

“Trust me, it’s not nothing, it really isn’t.”

And with that said he finally found a way in for them.

“Here it is, the window, it’s very small, but the only reasonable way in so far.

I don’t know if all of us will be able to squeeze in just right though.

I think that only one of us will be able to manage hopefully, and that pony would be you naturally enough of course, Lyra.”

“But why me?”

“Because you’re the smallest of the group, now then once you’re inside do not touch anything at all, don’t make any noise, try not to breathe, and move very slowly and don’t be noticed by Mortimer either, just get to one of the doors and open it for us please, and then once you do you’ll finally be safe and we’ll also be together again. And if you see a cyberpony whatever you do just don’t panic, if it’s eyes are black then it’s probably asleep, but if they light up blue or red then it means that they’re awake, only if they are awake do you run away, very far away, do you understand this? Do you agree to it?”

“Yes, I do Doctor, I’m ready and prepared for anything at all.”

“Alright, fine then, very well, good luck in there.”

And with that said he offered her some helping hooves, but she couldn’t quite fit in just yet and got sort of stuck hallway in and the Doctor had to push on her butt to shove her through. “Well, that’s a new first for me, because honestly I never thought that I would say the words I pushed a green unicorn pony’s butt through a house window, I guess every day is time for something new.”

And with that said he decided to talk to Lyra. “Hey, is everything alright in there?”

“Yeah, I’m just perfectly fine, I don’t need any help, you don’t need to worry about me, I think that I’ll manage somehow just fine on my own now.”

“Alright, fine then, good luck and stay safe.”

“I will,” Lyra said. But little did the Doctor know that everything was not fine in that room, Lyra had been lying, and for very good reason too as well.

Lyra’s POV

Honestly- I never thought that I would have any stallion, much less the Doctor push my butt through a window, yeah, he touched my butt, it’s no big deal, I mean it’s not like he made it a big huge great deal, or sexual either instead.

Anyhow after he pushed me through I had to stop myself from screaming because of what I saw. There were metallic parts in front of me everywhere, but directly in front of me was an inactive and sleeping cyberpony. Okay, don’t panic, I thought to myself, you’ve got this, but what would the Doctor do in this situation exactly? Well he would get around it naturally enough of course obviously. And once he did he would go straight for the door then.

I took a very deep breath in forcing myself to calm down first.

You can do this Lyra, you’ve done worse before, okay, maybe never something this dangerous and perilous, but still those other times she still had great fear, maybe even almost just as much as she was feeling right now perhaps.

Slowly she started to work her around the whole entire thing that held the chamber for this one cyberpony, but little did she know that it was going to be a very special, unique, and different one from all the rest when it was finally finished, but of course that would only be after it was done naturally enough.

Lyra continued to work her away around until she finally managed to reach the doorway eventually and slowly she climbed upstairs making sure that she wasn’t heard. But there was a problem that arose eventually, naturally enough of course since problems always came around to find their way to the Doctor and his companion. Lyra heard the footsteps of Mortimer coming and she had to hide very quickly, but the place that she went into was even worse than the last because it was completely full of cyberpony helmets. This time it was really hard for her not to scream, incredibly so. She prayed that Mortimer wouldn’t come looking in here for anything at all, and luckily enough for her he didn’t.

Oh praise Celestia and the stars in the sky above, she thought to herself waiting until he was definitely gone and she was certain of that fact before coming out of the closet and wiping herself off of the dust that now clung to her body.

What kind of pony keeps anything that creepy and deadly and perilously dangerous in their closets? Only the crazy insane ones would ever dare to do such a thing… slowly realization sunk into her. She would have to check the closet of the Doctor in the Tardis when she finally managed to get back to them eventually after opening the door up for them naturally enough of course.

Slowly she went to the front door and opened it up for them.

“Ha, I figured that she would do this door first, told you so.”

“Yeah, and a few other things as well too-…”

“I’m getting bored out here, should it be taking her this long?”

“Patience Twilight, we have no idea what possibly just might be in there.”

“Well maybe not, but I bet that she’ll use the back door.”

“Front door, it’s exactly what I would try to do.”

“Well it’s a fifty-fifty chance, right?”

The Doctor smiled very softly like as if he already knew something that she didn’t quite yet know. “Oh, it’s never a fair game when you play against me darling.”

“And why is that though exactly?”

“Because I never make it fair for my enemies of course, what else?”

“You’re very weird, but that’s one of the reasons that I like you, and you’re not so strange and different looking than any pony else even though you might be on the inside instead, but your oddness, that’s what makes you very special.”

“Hey, I’ve always strived to be the adjectives that I want to be.”

“Yeah, anyhow I think that it’s about time to explore in there, right?”

“Yes, indeed,” the Doctor said entering the house first.

And then they all slowly went in the house too as well.

“Now then Lyra, did you see anything that might help us out here?”

“Yes, I did actually, down in the basement, go check it out for yourself.”

Ever so slowly he did so as he very gently and softly moved across the wooden floorboards to the basement door, opened it, and then went down until he finally saw the cyberpony project right in the middle and center of the room.

“Oh, what’s this?” he said to himself as he circled around it, “Oh my, this is incredible, I didn’t even think there was any kind of metal in the lands of Equestria, clearly I was very much wrong instead, but no matter, it doesn’t matter what I thought or believed because we will have to figure out how to stop him before he ever even begins, so any suggestions, thoughts, or ideas at all?”

The room was silent. “Oh, juts me then it is I guess, oh well, I can work with that. Okay then, so what if he has a cyberpony design and a real actual suit, he obviously hasn’t figured out how to put any intelligence in it yet otherwise he would have done so already, that means that if we can somehow manage to remove his chip, destroy these plans and suits that we probably shouldn’t ever have to worry about them again, there, that sounds easy and simple enough for you, right? Well I hope so at least because that’s the only plan that I got right now. Anyhow let’s hop onto it or whatever phrase you ponies use these days now, I can’t keep track anymore with all the centuries that you live through and for.”

“I’m afraid it won’t be quite that simple, Doctor,” a voice said from speakers that were already installed in the room, “Because I heard every word that you said.”

“Oh, so you’ve been listening to us the whole entire time then?”

“Ever since you got in my basement yes, but Doctor, tell me this, do you really think that I don’t have my projects online and synched to the internet grid yet? Do you really think that I wouldn’t have some kind, some sort of security measure or protocol set up? If you honestly thought that, then you really are incredibly naïve and stupid, Number One, activate,”

Suddenly the cyberpony’s eyes glowed blue, “Number One, Protect, Defend, Attack, and Delete the Doctor.”

The cyberpony stepped forward detaching any cables and wires on it.

“Primary Orders: Protect, Defend, Attack, Delete the Doctor, Orders Confirmed, Affirmed.” And with that said it turned towards the group and aimed at the Doctor. “Delete!” it said firing a blast of energy that wasn’t quite what the cybermen used, but it was still very powerful nonetheless.

“But how-?” the Doctor said, “He can’t have technology that powerful yet.”

“But I do, I invented it, but now with my inventions I will be able to live forever creating the perfect life form and creation, free of feelings and emotions, so smart that any problem wouldn’t even be a challenge for them, absolute total perfection, don’t you want that Doctor? Don’t you want others to always be perfect? Don’t you want to stop protecting others that will only get in trouble in the end? Wouldn’t it just be much easier to leave it to my creations to protect this whole entire world instead? Wouldn’t it just be so much easier for you?”

“It would be, but it also would be wrong, emotions and feelings are very important, you can’t just remove them and expect life to be perfect, because guess what, it never will be, there will always be something wrong that you’ll have to fix, even in your own creations there’ll be problems, and what are you going to do then? Remove it? Fix it? No, you can, but eventually there’ll only just be another problem to take its place, and one day you just might come across a problem that you can’t ever fix because it’s just too big and huge for even you, and when that day come you’re going to be hoping and wishing that another will come along and fix it, you’ll wish for it too as well, but guess what, I’m the Doctor, I’ll respond in my own time because that’s just exactly what I do.”

“Doctor, you make a very fair and reasonable point, but your words still won’t make me change my mind, you won’t ever be able to persuade me either.”

“Oh, I already know that, I was just trying to distract you while Twilight followed my instructions, you should probably turn around right now wherever you are…”

Mortimer did so to see that Twilight Sparkle was indeed behind him.

“Number One! Stop!” he said, it did so, “Tell me how right now.”

“Ah, I never give away my secrets, but thank you for telling it to stop, I was worried that I was going to have to ask you to do it for me instead.”

“Doctor, tell me how or I will activate another cyberpony to kill your friend here.”

“Oh, very well then, since you asked so nicely I’ll tell you, alright, before we went in I told Twilight to go upstairs and around the whole entire house to explore and find you because I did suspect that you had some kind or sort of security measure or a protocol instead, and it turns out that I was very much right indeed, anyhow it seems like that she found you just at the right time for all of us.”

“Well done Doctor, it seems like you averted yet another perilous disaster and crisis, but did you really think that I would let you stop me so easily? I counted the voices and heat signatures in the room, there were only two of you when I knew that there were three instead because I saw all of you at my door, anyhow I think that it’s time for the next part of my plan now, program upload initiate.”

And with that said they suddenly heard groaning and screaming.

“Twilight, what’s going on up there right now?” the Doctor said running upstairs.

“I really honestly don’t know, he’s in this chair and he attached to some wires and cables, but I literally have no idea what’s going on here exactly right now.”

“Oh no, I think I know what he’s trying to do, you have to stop him first!”

“But Doctor, how can I? What’s he doing to himself right now exactly?”

“He’s trying to upload his mind into a cyberpony.”

“Is he crazy? Uploading your mind into something like a computer isn’t even possible in practice theory, he’ll kill himself!”

“Firstly, do you want me to answer your question, and secondly, yes, he is both crazy and insane, but he’s still going to try it if he’s that obsessed with immortality. He won’t ever stop trying to unless he gets exactly what he wants, he won’t give up, quit, or surrender, which makes him very dangerous for all of us, now then Twilight, remove the wires and cables anyway that you can.”

“If I do that will I destroy his mind?”

“Well I don’t know exactly, but yes, that is a very likely highly probable effect if the upload can’t complete the whole entire process, or it could just be saved in his body until the upload can be completed, just like an unsent email.

Anyhow just do exactly what I tell you to do right now please.”

She tried to do so but found out that cutting them wasn’t an option since they were very thick and also protected by magic too as well, it looked like she would just have to pull them out instead. She tried to do so, but they were wedged in their port holes very tight. “Doctor, I just can’t the cables and wires, they’re just too thick and they’re also protected by magic too as well, I tried to pull them out instead, but I just can’t, what do I do now then?”

“There is nothing that you can do, leave it to me instead,” he said suddenly as he burst open the right door, “Well that took me long enough to find.”

And with that said he ran around the room looking at everything.

“Well then Doctor, how do we stop this? How can we fix it now?”

“There’s no way that we can stop this, we have to let the upload finish, once it has then I think that I just might be able to fix this situation, okay then?”

And with that said they waited and eventually Mortimer closed his eyes as they heard the sound of shuffling from another room and soon enough Number Zero, the prime one, the ‘king’ came, because it was the one with Mortimer’s mind.

“Doctor, how nice it is for me to finally meet you in this new form, this is now my permanent body and shape, but now it’s time for you to die.”

And with that said Zero turned towards the Doctor, “RUN!” he shouted as Zero shot out his first blast at him. He managed to dodge it and also finally could grasp his sonic screwdriver in his hoof as he pointed and aimed it at the cyberpony momentarily blinding and confusing it. “Ha! I did it! I finally managed to hold something with these damn hooves of mine! This is just wonderful and incredible!”

“Doctor, please save your rants and ramblings for another time!”

“Yes, sorry, I’m still working on my plan,” he said going around to the back of the cyberpony and continued to use his sonic screwdriver until he could finally manage to deactivate the cyberpony eventually. “Now then I think that every pony should be safe so long as the cyberponies don’t ever wake up again.”

“But wait Doctor, shouldn’t we destroy them instead?” Twilight said.

“Living minds are still trapped inside their exterior Twilight; do you really actually want to truly kill them? No, just find a very safe place to hide them until you can figure a way out to get their minds into a much safer place instead.”

“Alright, fine then, but where should we keep it then?”

“Right here is good, just make sure that no pony else ever finds this house again, we wouldn’t want them messing around with things that aren’t exactly theirs.”

“Very well then Doctor, is that all then?”

“For now, yes, but I have a feeling that we might be meeting again very soon enough, take good care, Twilight Sparkle, may you have very good luck, and don’t forget about me and try to do what you can to fix this project before you decide to finally destroy it instead, got that?”

“Yes, Doctor, but don’t you forget about me either.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” he said, and with that they left her to be all alone.

“Do you think that she will be alright?”

“Oh, she’ll be just fine, she’s a scientist and she has friends, life is very good for her right now and she doesn’t need me barging in and ruining it for her.”

Lyra suddenly slapped her forehead, “Oh gosh dammit! Speaking about friends I haven’t even bothered explaining where I have been to Bon Bon yet.”

“Don’t worry, this is a time machine, I can take you to sometime shortly after you left with me, anyhow, next stop, Ponyville back in the past!”

And with that said he pulled the lever and a few switches and then they were off and away to their next chaotic adventure.

Author's Note:

Next Chapter: Carnival of the Dead (It's a working title right now)

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