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Lyra and The Doctor - Silver Inkwell

When Lyra Heartstrings meets the Doctor; Chaos and Adventure ensue naturally enough of course.

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Carnival of the Dead

Carnival of the Dead

The Tardis whirred down in Ponyville very softly and gently.

“Oh, I’m just so glad that I can finally get the chance and opportunity to see Bonnie again, that’s the nickname that I call her you know.”

“Well now I do know,” the Doctor said stepping outside of his Tardis, “So then, where’s this friend of yours exactly? She should be somewhere around here, right?”

“She should be, if she isn’t then I don’t know exactly where she would be.”

And with that said she went inside the sweet shop.

“Bonnie? Are you here right now?”

No reply. But there was a note on the kitchen counter and the bed on her pillow too as well. Out for lunch, please wait, if you’re Lyra though come to the local town fair and carnival, because we really need to talk, BB.

Next to the letter was a piece of paper flier that advertised the fair and carnival.

“I hate when she does this to me, come on Doctor, follow me.”

“But wait one moment, why should I? After all, I’m much older than you are.”

“Well do you now the way there then now, hmm?”

The Doctor sighed, “No, I don’t very well then, fine, alright, lead the way.”

She smiled, “Thank you,” and then lead the way there very slowly.

As they got closer the Doctor shuddered. “Cold?”

“No, I feel something, it’s like something's off, something’s different, I just know that it is, I just can’t see or know exactly what it is just yet.”

“Well come on, it’s just a carnival, nothing dangerous or deadly here, it’s completely peril free, you don’t have to worry over here anymore.”

“That’s exactly what I’m afraid of, things like this that attract very large crowds, well they also tend to distract them so alien life forms can do whatever they want with them, and sometimes it isn’t very pleasant at all, sometimes people, or rather ponies in this case, sometimes they aren’t ever seen again, never.”

“Oh, come on, it’s just a carnival, nothing interesting or exciting ever really happens here, not actually, not truly.”

“Oh, there’s a first time for everything, and you really shouldn’t have said that.”

And with that said they slowly wander around the whole entire area and place until they found Bonnie. “Bonnie!” Lyra shouted rushing over to her and then quickly hugged her, “It sure is nice to see you again.”

“Yeah, but is that any way to treat a friend of yours? You just decided to get up and walk out on me without any kind or sort of explanation, you left me for over three days now, and now I see you here with that stallion and you just decide to show up and what? Expect me to believe your explanation? I’m sorry Lyra, but I just don’t know if we can be friends anymore so long as he’s around us.”

“Lyra, I am not dating him, I still love you, like a whole lot, really I truly do, and if you’ll allow me I’ll explain and let me prove just how much I really love you…”

“Lyra, I wouldn’t believe you even if you told me that he’s an alien from a completely different world that’s already been destroyed, and also that he’s a time travelling pony in a small tiny little blue box.”

Lyra gasped in great shock and surprise, “How did you know? Because he kind of already is very much that now.”

“Yeah, sure thing, alright, fine, and I’m also a secret agent working for the Darkwood agency protecting the whole entire world from aliens,” she said scoffing as she tilted her chin upwards in a very rebellious defiance.
Lyra sighed and then suddenly kissed Bonnie.

“There, do you feel better yet?

“Just a small tiny little bit, but not that much really, but you’re still going to have to explain where you have been and what you’ve been up to.”

“Don’t worry, I will,” Lyra said, “But first do you want to have some fun with me here since it would be such a shame to leave early and talk instead, right?”

Bonnie sighed. “Yeah, I guess so, but I’m still demanding an explanation.”

“Yeah, I know, and I will too, just hold it off until later, okay then?”

“Fine, alright, very well let’s just go and enjoy the show now, shall we?”

“Yes, let’s,” she said as they slowly all walked together as the Doctor looked around the whole entire area with great fear in his eyes. “Doctor, just relax a bit.”

“I can’t, it’s my job not to ever to that, I have to keep you safe first.”

“What’s his deal exactly?” Bonnie said. “He’s just a bit… well… eccentric.”

“That’s one word to describe him, but you two have been gone for a while now.

And if you two weren’t dating then what were you doing exactly?”

“Oh, you know, traveling around through all of space and time, just the same old regular normal stuff and things, nothing out of the ordinary at all.”

“Yeah, sure thing, whatever, anyhow I’m just glad that you’re here now, it’s been very lonely just waiting for you to come back so that we could have some fun together. But I think that it might be time for me to finally share something very dark and secret with you, something that I’ve hidden for many long years now…”

“Well, what is it exactly?” Lyra said.

“I can’t tell you if he’s around, send him away somewhere else.”

“Oh, there’s no need for that.”

“And why would that be exactly even if he is your very best friend now?”

“He’s in a mood, if we stop moving right now he probably wouldn’t even notice until he went halfway around this whole entire area, just watch this.”

They suddenly stopped, went over to a booth, waited, and then saw the Doctor go on not even turning his back for a moment. “See? What did I tell you?”

“It seems like you were right, anyhow, the thing that I have to tell you, my secret…” Bonnie started to say before she was suddenly cut off by a very loud scream that came from nearby. “What do you think that is?”

Lyra shuddered with great fear, “So far from my experiences it’s nothing that would be really good, come on, let’s go find out who that is.”

And with that said they rushed towards the sound source of the scream.


The Doctor wandered on all alone completely oblivious that his two companions and friends had left him, he held out his sonic screwdriver trying to detect any anomalies. “No, this can’t be right, it says that there is something alive here at the carnival that’s not a pony or an alien instead, something different.”

And that’s when he heard the scream, don’t worry, he thought, I’m coming for you whoever you are, and I will save you, because that’s just what I do.

And with that in his mind he very quickly rushed towards the scream.

There was already a very large crowd of ponies gathered around the girl who had screamed and the Doctor and his companion friends arrived at exactly the same time to see the next sight before them. “Mommy, tell him to go away! I’m scared!”

“Darling, there’s nothing to be scared of, he’s just a clown honey, nothing more.”

“But mommy, he looks like a skeleton, a living skeleton.”

“Violet, don’t be so ridiculous and silly, every pony is staring at us.”

“But it’s true, just look at him!”

“Darling, we talked about this, you can’t let your imagination get away with you, it’s fine to let it go free and wild in your dreams, but not in real life, okay then?”

“I know what I’m seeing and it’s not my imagination!”

“Violet! Enough! Stop this right now or else!”

The girl remained silent and then the mother of the girl took her hoof and slowly walked away, “You’re making me look like a fool in front of every pony else…”

“I’m not lying mommy, I’m not…”

“I just wish that I could believe you…”

And with that said their conversation slowly faded away as they went out of sight.

“Everything’s alright and just fine folks, just a scared small little tiny girl it’s really nothing at all, please continue to enjoy the carnival some more now.”

And with that said suddenly every pony slowly left one by one, all except for the Doctor and his companion friends. “Is something wrong sir?” the worker pony said as the Doctor got closer to him closely examining and even sniffing him.

“Yes, I’m just curious, let’s see, you smell real enough,” he pushed the worker and pinched him, “Hey! That hurts you know!”

“You feel real enough,” and then the Doctor did something very strange and unusual, he licked the pony, “Uh sir, not to be rude, but that’s just so gross.”

“You even taste real enough, so that leaves me only very few options left, one, the little girl was lying and you’re actually real, two, she was just imagining things, three, she was telling the truth instead and something very wrong is happening here, something that even I can’t make any sense of just yet.”

“Sir, you are very officially weird and strange,”

“Yeah, I know that already, because I am different and very highly odd, but guess what, none of you can do a single thing about it at all either, ever.

Now then, let’s see, option three, if the little girl was indeed telling the truth then that must mean that there’s something hiding exactly just what you really truly are, and sense my sonic screwdriver can’t detect any foreign alien or advanced technology I’m going to go ahead and say that it’s some sort or kind of sustained spell that not only keeps you alive but also makes you look real too as well.”

“Sir, not to be rude again, but are you crazy?”

“Oh, you’ve even got a program to respond to other ponies, but I wonder if you’ll respond to the same thing exactly the same way over again each time, I guess that the only way I’ll ever actually know is if I do a test on you first.”

And with that said he went over to the group and discussed the plan.

First it was the Doctor that came over with a drink in his hooves.

“It sure is a very lovely day outside, don’t you think so?”

“If you say so.”

Then the Doctor slowly approached him and spilled his drink.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s perfectly alight and fine sir, I can just wash my shirt on my next break.”

And with that said the Doctor left.

Next up was Lyra now, and she did the exact same routine.

“It sure is a very lovely day outside, don’t you think so?”

“If you say so.”

She spilled her drink, “Oh, I’m so sorry.”

“It’s perfectly alight and fine sir, I can just wash my shirt on my next break.”

Last and finally was Bonnie naturally enough of course.

She got the same exact response at the others too as well.

“Okay then, our worker said the exact same thing with no variation whatsoever, now then this program must not be very complicated, it only gives basic answers and responses, otherwise it might have known to vary its responses slightly, after all, no regular normal ordinary pony says the exact same thing in the exact same way three times in a row, and he should have mentioned hearing our question before, or that his shirt had already been soaked in our drinks before instead.”

“But how are you so sure that that little girl was telling the truth, Doctor?”

“Oh, trust me, I’m not, but it’s my job and I just have to do it.”

“So then, what’s your last final conclusion then, Doctor?”

“I don’t have anything yet, I mean it could just be a robot with a holographic image projector, but I highly doubt that, I think that that little girl could be right, I think that every worker here at this carnival could already be dead by now.

I think that we could be walking inside a carnival full of the dead.

I think that whatever is going on here, it’s not going to be that good really.”

And with that said they all decided to go talk and eat somewhere else.

“Okay, so we think that they could all be dead, so what? What would be the big deal anyways? I mean they seem harmless enough to me.”

“Yeah, right now they are, but right now they’re also following their program, their master’s orders, but ask yourself this, what happens when a program gets too old, too corrupted, becomes infected with a virus, what then?”

“Are you saying that they could attack us at any moment then?”

“Yes, I am actually, because their programs, they seem very old to me, if it had been updated like a computer should be then it might respond differently to the environment around it, but it didn’t, it kept saying the same thing over again, they might be harmless right now, but trust me, something's going to go wrong and then they’ll snap, and then there will be consequences, they could hurt other ponies, they could kill the other ponies instead, blood, death, chaos, carnage, this is the danger and threat that we face from every peril and enemy that we face, and in its wake grief, sorrow, pain, and I really don’t want that.”

“So what do we do then this time?”

“I actually don’t know yet, they're suspended by magic, but unless I can find the pony responsible for it and tell them what’s up then I can’t really do anything to help, but if they start to attack in any way I won’t hesitate to stop them either.”

“Well I think I might know who that would be,”

“Who though exactly? Tell me exactly who right now please.”

“The owner of course, who else?”

“Ah, you’re completely right you know, I should have seen that point first though. I sure am lucky to have you along with me, anyhow enough of that.”

And with that said they slowly got up and moved towards the owner’s tent until they finally got there, but they saw a piece of paper in a note reading that he would be at the largest tent in the carnival doing the main show, or at the very least checking in and up on it. “Oh no, we have to go over there right now.”

And with that said they did so and they got their just in time for the show’s start, and they watched in silence as the acts went on desperately hoping and waiting for the chance and opportunity to talk with the owner, and it seemed that would have to wait until after the grand finale, the very last act of the show. The owner stood in the middle of the tent in front of the whole entire audience and crowd.

“Thank you very much, but please, hold your praise and applause until after the grand finale,” he said bowing as he tipped his hat very gently and lightly.

The crowd started to die down and stood very quiet. “Thank you, now then for my very last and final act I am going to be showing you something never before seen, ever, something that will live in your minds and memories forever, one that will haunt you for the rest of your life if you decide to continue watching.

But fair warning, this may be a bit scary for some of the younger audience members including very small tiny little children, so be advised that this might disturb them and maybe perhaps even you too as well. Anyhow, are you ready?”

The crowd shouted and roared and cheered. “I can’t hear you just yet!”

They grew louder, “Ah, that’s much better, now then, on to the finale and on with the show, enjoy your very last and final act of this carnival, because this will be the very last thing that any of you ever see again!”

And with that said he suddenly clapped his hooves together.

“Just wait my pony friends, the grand finale might take just a little bit longer than you might usually expect for you to finally really see it, but even when you do you still won’t truly understand why I am doing this for you.”

And with that said suddenly the ground started to rumble and shift.

“I am so sorry for all of you, but this must happen.”

Suddenly the ground split open to reveal skeleton ponies coming out of it.

“Now that’s more like it!” the Doctor shouted out very loudly, “That’s more like the action and adventure that I know, much better! But now the only question left is this, how am I ever going to save the day from peril and danger this time? Answer, I’m the Doctor, that’s just what I do naturally enough of course.”

And with that said he jumped down to the ground to face the skeleton ponies while the rest of the crowd tried to leave, but they were all trapped by the magic of the carnival owner. “No pony will leave here unless I want them to.”

“And I can’t let you get away with this, whatever you’re doing here right now.”

“And how are you going to stop me though exactly? You’re just one crazy insane pony with no friends and that stupid silly little tiny sonic screwdriver.”

“First of all, it’s not silly or stupid, secondly, I do have friends, and they’re here with me right now, Bonnie, Lyra, it’s time to come out right now please!”

And with that said they slowly did so. “So what? Not even your friends can help you out to attack and also defeat a whole entire army of the undead.

It just simply cannot be done.”

“Ooh, that’s one thing that you should never ever tell me, because impossible is my middle name, along with a few other adjectives and nouns too as well.”

And with that said he suddenly attacked the first skeleton pony.

“Okay, so here’s the plan, we take out the owner, without his magic the skeleton ponies surely collapse without any magic left to sustain them.”

“And what if we fail, what then exactly?”

“Ah, there’s just the problem, you have to stop thinking that you’ll lose or else you surely will, you always have to constantly think about winning instead.”

“Okay then, I’ll try to do that for you.”

And with that said they all went into action trying to get closer.

“It’s no use, there’s just too many of them to fight off!”

“Again, stop thinking the worst my dear, there’s always a positive side to anything and everything at all, ever. Besides, we don’t need to get close, we just have to get close enough to make sure that your magic will hit him Lyra!”

“Okay then, fine, alright!” she said casting a spell at the owner instantly sending him sprawling across the floor and made him unconscious then.

“Is he alright?” she said going over to his side.

“Oh yeah, he’ll be just fine, but for now I think that I’ll have to erase any and all mentions of the skeleton ponies from his mind, after all, we wouldn’t want him to be getting this same idea over again, now would we?”

“No, I guess not that much, not really, not truly.”

“Yeah, well what happens after you wipe and erase his memory then?”

“That’s where others start to come in, you, your friend Bonnie right over there.”

“Oh yes, that just reminds me of one more thing, Lyra, my name isn’t what you think it is, my real actual true name is Special Agent Sweetie Drops, I work for a top secret government agency known only as Darkwood, pleas just don’t ask about it otherwise I just might have to kill you, anyhow all that you need to know about it for right now is that it protects Equestria from dangerous alien artifacts, species and life forms that the Doctor otherwise could not ever do in the first place, or when he’s just too busy to pop in by and over to say hello first.

The Doctor may be protecting us, be we protect ponies and Equestria from him.”

“A very old but sill noble yet somehow silly and stupid sentiment.”

And with that said they looked up to see that the skeleton ponies were still there.

“Huh, I guess they’ll end when he dies, no other way around that.”

“Maybe you don’t have to get around that, maybe there’s another way instead.”

“Maybe, but would it be the better way?”

“I really honestly don’t know.”

“At the very least you’re still honest about it.”

“I’m sorry for not telling you this earlier Lyra, but we work in absolute secrecy, I just couldn’t tell you, not yet at least, but ever since I saw the Doctor I knew that I probably could tell you, I just had to make sure you were ready first, and guess what, now you finally are, and I’m so glad that I can finally get the chance and opportunity to tell you even though I have waited for so long by now.”

“Don’t worry, I forgive you, I just hope that you can understand that I’m just going along for the ride with the Doctor here saving the whole entire world.”

“Oh, don’t worry, I do, because so long as you’re with him I know that you’ll always be safe because he’ll always protect you no matter what else happens.”

“Well I just hope that we can see each other again soon enough.”

“Don’t worry, I’m sure that we will, but Darkwood will take care of this mess now, you just go along and have fun saving the whole entire world or whatever else you do, me, well I think I have a lot of explaining and paperwork to do now.”

“Well then, see you soon enough, Bonnie.”

Bonnie smiled, “I think the nickname is starting to grow on me now.”

And with that said Lyra smiled and then went off with the Doctor.

“So, where to next then now?”

“Well I was thinking that we could do a romantic dinner date in Paris.”

“Oh, is that in the human world?”

“Yes, it is, but I’m not sure if that would even turn you and me into humans.”

“Well it can’t hurt to try, can it?”

“No, I guess not.”

And with that said he pulled the lever and pressed some buttons and flipped some switches, “Hold on though, it might just be a very rough and bumpy ride now, and you just might want to get some rest instead.”

And with that said they were off to their next wild crazy chaotic adventure.

Author's Note:

Darkwood is basically Torchwood (if you haven't already guessed that).
Part of the Everfree Inc.


Next Chapter: (I Actually don't have a title... yet, so pleas stay tuned for more!!!)

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