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"Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join this stallion and mare in holy matrimony..."

The most joyful words to any relationship, the start of their wedding. For Twilight it has been long overdue and with her being the last of her friends to tie the knot, it was not a matter of if but when. When the day arrives, Twilight gives her family and friends a shock by what she is marrying.

Inspired in part by Damaged's "Extra Cheesy" and "Totally Cheesy"

Chapters (2)
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Well...I read this and started laughing.

can i have what you were taking when you wrote this cause you must have been high as a mother fucking kite

I have no words. I am both completely entertained and extremely confused. :applejackconfused:


sleep exhaustion after work and this is the result

Tis' the best story I've ever read about a pony marrying a hunk (get it?) of cheese. I hope they have many happy cheesy babies together, and live in a big cheesy house.

I hereby ditch all of my previous headcanons for the Mane 6's relationships, and rearrange them as follows with their favourite dairy products: Applejack/Cheddar :ajsmug:. Rainbow Dash/Stilton :rainbowkiss:. Fluttershy/Brie :yay:. Rarity/Mozzarella :raritystarry:. Pinkie Pie/Cheese Sandwich, of course :twilightsmile: (duh!!)

Spike? Stinking Bishop, obviously :moustache: . He never can catch a break, amIright?

There are no words for what I read. Course...Not the strangest pairing ever contrived. It's certainly up there, though.

"Seems like you had a Gouda time."


Everypony, including Twilight, facehoofed in unison as the wedding drawer to a close.

Beat you to it :derpytongue2:

i hate to admit it, I still have to read the whole thing, but Cheese and Twilight are still a better shipping than many other I saw with her.

If I was dead, I'd die again.

If I was Kanye, I would've walked off a stage and offered somebody else the spotlight.

If I was sombra, I would've gotten decent screentime and backstory explanation with proper character development and evil motivation establishment.

That's how bonkers this is


Well you liked it enough to give it a favorite, thank you kindly

Absolutely stupid, and yet strangely endearing.

Huh, odd...

And later the cheesy guy became a Quesadilla leading up to family troubles in the end...

Twilight is still going to therapy to this day

Sooooo Cheeeeeeesey


squel please!!!!!!!!!!

What a cheesy story!

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