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Dashite forever!


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No Scoots, don't ollie into the great beyond!
Grind, 180 pike loose foot, then trick flip in.

2nd Dashite, Rainbow DASH was the first...

7853540 Depends on how you look at it really. Scootaloo was the one who gave them the name Dashite and left the clouds to follow Rainbow, by that criteria she is the first.

This is a really good start. Also it never said for sure what happened to Rainbow Dash in the original. Up till now I was wiling to say Gilda got her in Canterlot, Dash's last message said she wasn't sure she could beat her. But I think this gives her a far better end, she saved her little sister. I really hoe you plan on writing more of this.

7853636 please please please tell me you are going to have twilight as part of the enclave!

Shit that's one hell of a way to get my attention.

7853673 Have you READ the original?

7853702 no not really i skimmed over it but could not find any mention of the enclave

7853704 ...well, go finish it! Not any mention of the Enclave my ass, that's the final story arc, among other things!

7853673 Sorry but I gotta follow canon for most characters, which means she is not.

7853640 Yeah, I'm glad people have liked it so far.

7853712 Fair point though i find the false alicorn trixe to be kind of close to frank so that's why i think that twilight would make a good member of the enclave

7853717 What about the institute i mean fallout equestria was written before fallout 4 so you could have a courser twilight

7853750 Well... maybe, but I actually don't have any plans for the Institute to be in my fics.


Twilight is explicitly part of the Goddess with no chances of being outside it. She could take over an alicorn and go play drones with them. After the relative midpoint of the original, Twilight is absolutely dead and moved on with her soul. Souls do not come back once they move on though, so short of saying I substitute your reality with my own ala Project Horizons, Twilight is entirely hard played out of the story 10 years and a month ago.

7853732 Twilight's PART of unity dude!

Scootaloo has to find her new place in Equestria without her friends and family.

Scoots... do Equestria at large a huge favor and hop into the nearest Pitt smelting pot you irredeemable sack of stupid:ajbemused:

Good job so far Ruin, keep it up:twilightsmile:

7853860 That seems a little extreme :applejackconfused:, yeah she did bad things but wouldn't this be a chance for her to atone for them?

Thanks though.


So many emotions at the same time..... i want to read more so badly!:fluttershbad::fluttershbad::fluttershbad:

7854184 Sorry that this is all that I have done at the moment, I'll be working on chapter 1.

I'll be honest the MOA is probably the worst place to have a cryogenic stasis pod as it would be one of the first places the enclave would search when looking for Rainbow Dash. And since the MOA was basically a front for subterfuge and counter intelligence against the Zebras RD would be smart enough to know this. She would definitely have put it somewhere more obscure or at least much better hidden especially if it was intended for her own use

7854203 Okay, I didn't think of that... I'll figure out some sort of explanation, maybe off the books storage facility or something that wouldn't come up on the Enclave's radar.

7853758 Now did she? We have no clue if Goddess was playing with necromancy to play with souls, and I am pretty sure that the only thing s Goddess was playing with were minds of ponies who got in her Unity.
So I don't see why Twilight is so hard gone like you describe it.

This is a good story so far, and with the likes, it will soon go on the very front page for a while.

However, ik it is a prologue, but the story should be slightly less fast-paced in the future so we could get some more development of characters and the steady pace of the plot.

7855605 Well this is just the prologue, I promise that the actual first arc will be a bit better paced.

7855658 When can we expect the next chapter?

7855970 I don't know honestly, I kinda do this all randomly.

So.... is Scootaloo going to meet anyone from Project: Horizons?:unsuresweetie:

7929030 No, I don't include it in my canon because of logistical issues and a continuity thing that makes it hard, sorry.

Well, that's pretty cool. Just a little bizarre that after her first encounter with the three pegasi before Cataclysm chases them off, that everypony after that somehow seem to realise she's the real Scootaloo and not a fanpony.

7941420 He's heard her voice from the recording in her PipBuck, its actually somewhat likely he'd recognize it.

With all the talk I've been hearing about this story elsewhere, I really think I have to check it out now.

Well, I finally got around to reading this story now I got a break in writing my own Fo:E story, and I can say all the good things I've been hearing about this weren't wrong. This story deserves all the praise it's getting! I really love it, I always kind of liked the whole pre-war characters living in the wasteland thing in Fo:E stories, but having it as Scoots is awesome because she's awesome!:scootangel:

Can't wait to see more of this when the next chapter is released!:yay:

8052647 Glad you're liking it, and I'm actually working on chapter 3 now.

8052666 You're welcome, keep up the good work!:yay:

8052678 Thanks, I'm really glad people have been liking this fic, chapter 3 should be done today at the earliest.

Interesting as always:trixieshiftright:

Answers and questions... they never seem to end:trixieshiftleft:

8174985 Its from Fallout Equestria: Hidden Legacy.

8175393 Yeah, sorry, should've put that in an author's note, you're welcome.

Love it Ruin very very nice chapter.

I am a bit concerned about the lack of concern for scootaloo's attempted suicide. it didn't really contribute much to the chapter, especially with the main point being that scootaloo is strong.

8185063 Yeah... looking back that wasn't one of my better ideas for a scene, I've honestly never tried to write a scene like that before and I probably could've handled it better. I apologize, that wasn't a good idea and I may either re-write it or leave it in and address it better later.

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