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Wow ... I found this story at the right time, wish you luck on finishing it!

I remember reading some of this a few years ago. Did it involve Doctor Hooves, Twilights castle and the mirror? I’m only asking because FO:E was the first fic I read and I got into mlp through Equestria girls and saw a fallout fic with Sunset Shimmer as an awesome but weird combination.

9969884 Yeah... it did, but its undergoing a reboot and some of that is being cut. Though, Doctor Whooves is still in here yes.

Thought so but I wasn’t sure as it been so long since I read it. Looking forward to reading again.

9969888 Hope you like it. Really, most of the plot is going to stay the same, I just in retrospect am not a fan of the Equestria Girls plot point. Other than that, this is pretty much just me re-writing the story to make it better and clean it up. Back in the original version I was not as good a writer and I've improved since then.

Ahh, I'm finally getting around to re-reading this story, now that its being rewritten here.

Well, dear Ruby tempted fate, and by the laws of storytelling was punished for it.
But now that our heroine had her call to adventure, and one she couldn't refuse at that,
the story proper can begin.

To be honest I completely forgot that the Doctor was involved in this, and am just now realising,
that much of the story has been lost in my memory since my First reading of it.
Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to see Ruby's journey play out again.

9993258 Yeah, I felt no need to cut him. And admittedly it was kind of a given that she was leaving given she's the POV character otherwise the story would just be about her hanging out in the Stable... maybe I should've started it in third person, oh well. Hope you like it.

Great update! Glad to see more of this interesting story. Keep up the good work.:twilightsmile:

How come all 15 chapters are not on hear for?
Is the version I am looking at compleat? Is this a reboot? What is this?

Is the og one worth reading, or is there going to be major differences?

10564212 The plot is pretty much unchanged for the most part, this is mostly to clean it up a bit, make the story better, that kind of thing. A few details will be changed, and I'm still kind of deciding on some stuff, but its mostly going to be the same.

Hmm, I will mark it as tracking, might reread it, but I am going to read its go posting, trying to read scootaloos story, and I dont want this spoiled, but umm cant read her story cuz it will spoil this, and it seem to be taking you a minute to finish this.... also the amount of stuff you need to finish makes me worry.

Is there anywhere I can read the original version of this? I've been trying to read Survivor's Guilt but it really seems to require having read this one.

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